Sunday, January 23, 2011


Specter, here. I'm here to clear some things up. Some of you are concerned the Slender Man Division of the Paranormal Termination Consortium is out to get you. Short answer: No. Long answer: No, you fucking idiots. We're all on the same team here.

Nonetheless, it is quite clear that Nightcrawler's unit requires additional oversight. He has managed to keep his clearly-homicidal tendencies contained for now. No Runners have died, yet. As a matter of fact, they've simply been tracking them down and giving them a safe place to stay under heavy guard. They have engaged Indoctrinated recently, and killed at least one 'Revenant.' Our first encounter with one resulted in the death of a P.T.C. soldier, so we know how to deal with them and avoid such incidents in the future.

Now, as for this incident with B2.

The bastard is insane. Before his disappearance, he was spouting something about how he was 'lost on two paths.' He's also taken his equipment, so if nothing else, we need to track him down and take it back. Normally, we have great mental health coverage for our soldiers. And for good reason. But, B2 will most certainly not be getting any such treatment. He's beyond help. Best thing we can do is kill him, for his own good.

If you see anyone toting around a high-powered sniper rifle, wearing a gas mask, or wearing a military combat suit, please avoid him at all costs.



  1. Of course, thank you for this information. I know that whenever I see gun-toting, gas-mask wearing guys, I /always/ go up to them and offer cookies.


  2. The only question I have is... is this the true Specter, or the "Specter" who set the White Rook up for a fall?

  3. Roger that. I'll keep my eyes open.

    The Destroyer

  4. That's good to know; at least I, and the rest of us, don't have to worry about the Black Ops showing up at our doorsteps.

    That's a shame about B2, he was a pretty cool guy. I think, however, that once you've found him you should interrogate him. With respect, Specter, you were manipulated once; who's to say this isn't the case again?

  5. I think I have B2 under my care right now.... ~Rose

  6. Luckily big guy with gas masks and assault rifles aren't allowed at my school.