Friday, December 31, 2010

Thirty-Six Hours

I have been awake for THIRTY-SIX HOURS trying to help track some new Runners down off the internet, and...Well, let's just say it's not easy, since no real computer personnel were attached to our new task force.

The reason we're hunting down the Runners again hasn't been made especially clear. Nightcrawler says to 'contain the problem' and 'run damage control', and hasn't really elaborated as to what that means as far as the Slender Man Division is concerned.

Got a bad feeling about this.

Monday, December 27, 2010

New mission

We've been getting reports that Mr. Twiggy is not dead as we originally anticipated. Post-operation observation units have been pulled out of Indianapolis.
It didn't work.

We officially cannot touch the bastard.  The Slender Man division of the Paranormal Termination Consortium is being re-opened for business to run damage control, and make sure his influence doesn't spread any further. We now have standing orders to not support Irregulars in any further joint operations. We're handling this ourselves. New personnel and supplies are being attached to our task force, Nightcrawler got a nice fat promotion, and guess who's still on sniper detail with a cut paycheck, and no downtime?

Yep, me.

My job sucks.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

From the crew here at P.T.C., and Basroil Squad especially, Happy Holidays.

I personally wish you guys a Slender-free holiday season.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After Action Report

Date: December 21st, 2010 - Winter Solstice
Time: Approx. 22:00, local time
Location: Near Indianapolis, exact location withheld for security purposes

Primary target, a creature dubbed 'the Slender Man' was designated Target Alpha for the purposes of this operation. Basroil Squad, led by Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' rendezvous'd with a small group of irregulars, the apparent leader of which was designated 'Zero.' The original plan was for irregular 'Zero' to serve as some kind of bait for Target Alpha, luring the target into a predetermined ambush zone in which the irregulars were to engage Target Alpha directly. Basroil Squad was primarily there for the purposes of neutralizing Indoctrinated forces that may have arrived to hinder the operation, while the irregulars moved in to engage Target Alpha.

By approx. 22:15, Basroil Squad had taken up positions near and around the intended ambush site. At 22:20, a squad of Indoctrinated, numbering six, entered clear view, armed with a combination of different weapons such as baseball bats and large sticks, kitchen knives, and switchblades. The squad of Indoctrinated were designated Target Beta-1 through Beta-6, and the irregulars held back while the Indoctrinated approached, to give Basroil Squad time to line up clear shots.

Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' gave the order for weapons free at 22:21, and Targets Beta-1 through Beta-6 were terminated without any return fire. Additional hostiles approached from the nearby woods two minutes later, numbering approximately twenty Indoctrinated, with Target Alpha close behind them. Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' gave the clearance for weapons free upon visual contact with Target Alpha. The primary objective was to terminate or disperse any and all Indoctrinated supporting Target Alpha.

Indoctrinated forces suffered heavy losses in the resulting engagement, with Basroil Squad suffering zero casualties. Dead Indoctrinated from this second force totalled out to approximately eighteen, although exact numbers are impossible to ascertain, as there were more than a few dismembered limbs as a result of the incoming fire on their positions. Enemy stragglers were forced into a retreat into the nearby woods, and as of yet have not been re-engaged.

During the engagement with the Indoctrinated, Basroil Squad knowingly and willingly permitted the irregular 'Zero' to engage Target Alpha. Target Alpha effortlessly neutralized irregular 'Zero', and proceeded forward to engage another unidentified irregular.

The irregular stabbed Target Alpha with an unidentified weapon, likely some kind of pocketknife or switchblade due to the size, and all present combatants were [INFORMATION REDACTED BY ORDER OF P.T.C. CENTRAL COMMAND - CLASS TWO PARANORMAL PHENOMENON]

Shortly after the effects passed, it had been noted by Basroil 2 that a fog had settled in over the area. This was quickly confirmed by the rest of the squad, and by some of the irregulars. Basroil Squad then organized a withdrawal and extraction plan for all irregulars present, and disengaged from the area. Irregular 'Zero' and the unidentified irregular were not discovered in post-engagement recon, but several bodies were identified, including an enemy operative that had made an attempt on Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler's' life some time ago.

Target Alpha has not been sighted since the engagement, indicating that the subject may have been neutralized.

Recommend observation of the area for confirmation of the primary target's status, and transfer of Basroil Squad to a different division in the wake of this operation's success. Also recommend shutdown of the Slender Man Division, as the subject is either impossible to terminate permanently, or is effectively neutralized.

-End Report

So, there you have it. After our endless bickering with Central Command, they finally agreed to release this report to you irregulars. That little redacted bit is for a good reason, and that's all we'll say.

Mission successful.

We're gone.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oscar Mike

For anyone that wonders what Oscar Mike means, it means 'on the move.'

Which is exactly what we are right now.

We're going to rendezvous with Zero shortly. From there, we'll proceed with his little plan. I'm not supposed to say anything else, in case Indoctrinated are reading this and intend to use the plan against us.

The last you hear from us about the Slender Man will be when you're reading the after-action report.

Report from Specter - Transfer

Just got word from Specter. He's still pissed at us for kidnapping/torturing him. Not entirely unjustified. I bet Butch and his team are still pissed we shot them.

He's managed to net us a bit of leniency with the higher-ups. All we need to do is accept a salary cut, and a transfer to a division that's been designated High Risk recently. Far from all this Slender Man crap. Those bastards at Central Command have no fucking clue what we've been doing this entire time. Most of them are a bunch of guys in suits that got just a passing glance at something supernatural, and then got with their buddies to buy a bunch of machine guns and put a bunch of mercenaries on payroll to shoot the crap out of it. They're the least-qualified to say what's High Risk and Low Risk. But, they pay my pills and give me a good dental plan.

Hopefully, it's just werewolf duty in Alaska. Ain't so bad. At least you can shoot the damn things with conventional rifles, and from safety in a gunship. The transfer will only happen after this assignment's over with, though.

Yes, we kill werewolves too.


Never drive off-road at high speeds when the GPS says there's a road in front of you. You might almost hit another car.

Oh, and we made it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mounting up

We're heading out now. Specter's calmed down and is going to watch our apartment for us. While he's at it, he'll try to phone Central Command and get our slate cleared.

We'll probably be disciplined for shooting four guys and kidnapping our boss for torture, but still, better than getting the shit shot out of us by a death squad.

Indiana bound,


Uh, whoops.

OK, so, Specter's cracked under the pressure of the interrogation. He's telling the truth, so say our interrogation experts.

He's not guilty. Of anything. Someone else has been hacking our blog, and our little break-in at Central Command and subsequent shoot-out with the guards may or may not have actually terminated our employment with our organization, and resulted in the higher-ups ordering a few kill-teams after us as punishment and retaliation against 'rogue operatives.'




Well, B1 and Nightcrawler are interrogating Specter now. Saw some of what they were packing for the whole thing. Specter's not gonna be coming out of that one as a happy camper. He's claiming he doesn't know anything about what we're talking about.

They'll see if he's actually telling the truth.

Ouchies. Even through the gag, he's loud. Hope nobody comes looking.

Anyways, whether or not Specter actually did anything the blog says he did, we'll get some answers. As for the Solstice, we're bound for Indiana tonight. If we go off-road and go past the recommended speed for our vehicles, we should get there in record time. Our technician's inspecting the cars for the bugs they've got, and we've got the gear we need stashed in there. We'll move out in six hours, whether or not Specter's interrogation turns up anything.

Oh, and, no. We're not super-soldiers. Just awesome.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Got shot

I got hit. But we got him. Our medic, B4, patched me up.

We're heading back to the apartment now. Hopefully nobody will ask questions about the guy in the suit bound and gagged with duct tape.

Thankfully, nobody was killed, but we ended up shooting four guards non-lethally. As non-lethally as a firearm can be.

We've probably got kill-teams after us now.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Moving Out

We've got our cars and all of the necessary gear is stashed away safely or in the cars. We're piling in now.

We'll have some answers very soon regarding what the hell is up with Specter. It's going to involve a break-in at a building with security systems to rival Fort Knox and guards trained well enough to take down Delta Force operators, who possibly have standing orders to shoot my entire squad on sight.

We've got seven laser carbines, a mixture of various small arms, heavy weapons and hand grenades, a pair of stolen civilian cars and seven full military-grade combat suits.

I'll bet you're expecting some big, badass comment like 'those bastards don't stand a chance', so here it is.

We are so effing screwed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Good news/bad news moment, people.

Good News: We hit him. We actually got the bastard. He sort of just disappeared after we hit him, but there was no flash. No big, dramatic explosion, nothing. It was really sort of anticlimactic. But, we got confirmation the weapon hit him. Laser bursts from these weapons make a 'cracking' noise on firing, and then when the burst impacts, there's an explosion of sparks like you would see in a bad B-rated sci-fi movie.

Bad News: The weapon impacted on his torso, and he disappeared immediately afterwards, seemingly on his own initiative. I don't think it did any serious damage on it's own; This is the Slenderman we're talking about. It had to be a deterrant, not an injury. Also, we have no fucking idea where he is, now. This is what we call 'bad news' because you know what he can do when he's not in your line of sight.

So, you call it what you want, but, this is dangerous for us because we know he's still around. The entire squad is to remain confined to the apartment, and is to not so much as leave a room without taking two other men, and having a clear view of everything around them.

Yes, we're a little paranoid.

Will update if situation changes.

The landlord inquired about all the broken glass from the other night; Problem officially solved itself when he spontaneously decided to keep quiet after Nightcrawler and Basroil 1 threatened him with imminent death if he didn't shut up.

It's good to see the people we protect have a sense of self-preservation.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fuck it, I'ma firin' mah lazor

Yep, Twiggy's here. We expected him a bit sooner, to be honest, since we don't have a blinder anymore.

Going to go shoot my laser carbine at him. Will report results if I live.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010





Edit: OK, so, the other guys are running away now.

What the fuck was that about?

Nobody's hurt here, and I don't think we killed or injured anyone that was shooting at us. They had heavy concealment from the angle they were hitting us at. What's really fucked up is that they attacked us with automatic weapons (sound-suppressed, at least, so they weren't complete morons) a public location.

We're in a god-damned apartment. The landlord's going to ask questions about this. These people weren't subtle, no matter how sound-suppressed their guns were.

Damn it.

No we are not with the SCP Foundation

Easy mistake. SCP's a bunch of posers, though.

Just kidding, they're not real. If they were real, we'd all be fucked.


Monday, December 13, 2010

No hackin' in da club, gimme twenny dollaz

B2, here. We think we've finally managed to implement some decent anti-hacking procedures around this particular blog. If Specter takes a shot at hacking us again, we should be in the clear.

Now, a few things we need to check here. For one, we've never engaged any of Specter's other teams. No gunship was ever shot down. We never even had any idea Specter was after us. We never broke orders - This is a complete and total lie to somehow hinder us, or Specter really is losing it. We've got a crazy plan in mind to figure things out, but we'll be back in position by the Solstice. Guarantee it.

No, we won't tell you the crazy plan, because Specter's obviously watching the blog. All we'll say is, since Specter's probably bugged our cars, we're going to have to commit at least two acts of Grand Theft Auto to make this happen.

Also, EmptyEyes? Whoever saved you wasn't us. We've been holed up and keeping watch for the last couple of weeks. We never headed your way, at all. We've never even known exactly where you are.

Also, beat New Vegas again. Took the Wildcard ending this time. Yes-Man puts out a SKYNET vibe. Compared to the Mr. House and Caesar's Legion Endings, I'd say all three equally suck. NCR probably sucks too, overall, but at least it's not 'lulz raep and pillige' or 'lulz tax or die fer ERRYWUN' like the Legion and House endings. And I've already covered The Little SKYNET Who Could. So, go NCR. W00t.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


B2 here, just read everything Specter and 'Nightcrawler' have posted on here since we went dark.

What the hell just happened?!

Specter, what the fuck are you talking about? 'Killed runners?' We didn't even meet anyone on Thanksgiving. What the hell is this?

Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, after going through all of my underworld and legitimate contacts, I couldn't find a single PMC that would be worth the money I'd spend sending them after Nightcrawler. Either they'd get massacred or...actually, there's no other outcome. Most of these people are jokes, and the rest aren't going to compare to someone who's worked for my division. And Nightcrawler's team slaughtered eighteen people who've worked for my division, not counting the gunship crew.

I'm contacting the Feds and giving them Nightcrawler's location. This is officially someone else's problem.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


You have no idea how much I want to just curse loudly at the computer screen and break my hand slamming it down on my desk in blind rage.

Nightcrawler has wiped out all of the teams I've got. He has shot down the only gunship I have available. He is MOCKING ME. And the worst part is that, now that I have no more operatives on-hand, I need to actually go out and recruit more. Sadly, I don't have time to train every new piece of meat, and couldn't do so myself since I'm not a soldier anyways.

My only option is go to the private sector. It's a good thing I still have a budget to work with.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Nice try

I have to say, Specter, the gunship was an unpleasant surprise.

Oh, and, lose the toupee. Really.


Son of a bitch

Well, we found them, and the result wasn't pretty. Two teams killed before they realized what was going on, third team managed to call for air support before Nightcrawler and Basroil Squad picked them off.

Then Nightcrawler and his damned goons shot down the gunship.

We've already run information-suppression, clean-up, and damage-control. Situation will look like it never happened.

I need to re-think my strategy, here. Nightcrawler's not as inept as his after-action reports from fighting this Slender Man thing had led me to believe.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

No sign

Nothing from the search teams regarding Nightcrawler. Looks like the creature near Lusk has remained dormant.

Pulling search teams out.

Redeploying to another location, we have a potential lead. Nightcrawler's e-mail account has been hacked.

We'll keep the location a little secret. Some of you may know what it is, considering you're the ones who gave it to him.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grid search

We've laid out a grid-like system around the area of Lusk, Wyoming. It makes sense for Nightcrawler to enter a restricted area like Lusk after something the scale of the Wyoming Incident. The entire area is effectively the playground for a supernatural entity that's a bit higher than the Slender Man on the pecking order. With the fact that it's gone dormant for the time being, it may serve as a sort of deterrent for the Slender Man, or perhaps it will amplify the effects of the creature's pursuit. This is the first chance we've had to determine what kind of effect the area around Lusk would have on another paranormal creature, and frankly, I don't care to find out what would happen. Either way, Nightcrawler would be taking a risk entering the area, and so are we.

More kill-teams are deploying into the area around Lusk to search the region in a grid pattern. Nightcrawler may not be there, but the search is worth a shot.


Monday, November 29, 2010


Nightcrawler's team has managed to evade my kill-squads, for now. I understand some of you have had correspondence with Nightcrawler in the past. Let me tell you, Nightcrawler is a traitor to your cause, and more importantly, my cause. I'm sure you'd like to get a little payback.

If any of you have an idea of where he may be heading, I can redeploy my teams to take him down. He may be heading for a location you advised him about. It would make sense for Nightcrawler to deny heading for one location and then go there anyways.

Some of you have asked about what Nightcrawler's done, so I'll tell you. On the night of Thanksgiving, they were approached by what we suspect to be a trio of Runners, who wanted a ride. They shot and killed them when they realized who they were dealing with and just left the bodies by the side of the road. There were specific mentions of the Slender Man by one of the new passengers, whom we believe to have been in the process of being 'Indoctrinated', or hollowed, or whatever it is you people call it.

We know this because we've bugged every car and military vehicle our organization uses for the sake of keeping tabs on officers, soldiers, and their intentions. He's deliberately gone against orders, and I will not tolerate him going against them.

The Slender Man division of our organization is being shut down. We don't have the time or resources to deal with the matter. Besides, judging from what you people have been saying, the situation is well under control. Normally, my superiors wouldn't leave such a sensitive matter to irregulars, but, most of my men have all been killed, gone rogue, or been reassigned by this point, so I might as well finish things off and call it a day.

Again, if any of you may think you know where they are going, please, tell me.

I will exact revenge for you.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Tracking You

Nightcrawler, your actions on the night of Thanksgiving have officially gone over the line.

You are being tracked now. You knew this would happen if you continued to disobey orders. Personnel shortages be damned, I will not have you doing this anymore. You have consistently proven to be an inept commander, and now, in light of you and Basroil Squad actively going rogue and disobeying orders, I have no other option.

Three kill-teams are after you now. You should be honored I'm bothering with any more than one. You've gone from a minor nuisance for me to an actual threat to the organization as a whole. You are directly acting against my orders, and I will not have it.

I want this to be known to you, Nightcrawler. You cannot run. You cannot hide. You cannot dodge those who have eyes and ears everywhere.

I've given them an order to take you alive. I want you to answer for this. Basroil Squad's lives are forfeit.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

See you guys.

B2 here. Basroil squad and Nightcrawler have stopped at a Starbucks. We're in civvie clothes right now, so we're incognito.

Well, except for the fact that everyone's packing a concealed 9mm.

Yes, for the record, we change in the cars. In shifts.

It's not fun.

Anyways, no sign of Twiggy since last night. Everyone's giving us odd looks because we've got someone watching every possible direction and entrance to the shop. We intend to move out after I'm done with the blogging, but, we've got our destination, and we're heading that way.

So, while I have the opportunity to say it: We are not to make any attempt to contact any of you until the Solstice. We're going to ground until then. After that, we'll head for (insert location here, not allowed to actually say because there's a big chance we're being watched by the Feds).

No idea what he means by the Solstice, but he says there's something in the works. His call, not mine.

So, for one solid month, we are to not make any contact with irregulars(you guys), Specter, and if we can avoid it, the Indoctrinated, Agents, and Special Agent Twig.

See you all later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He's here

Nightcrawler here.

Basroil squad is keeping their distance from the target. We've blocked all of the doors, and everyone is keeping him in their fields of view to ensure he can't pull anything. He's blocking our way to the cars.

We have yet to open fire. No sign of Agents or Indoctrinated.

We'll make a run for the cars as soon as possible. I'm heading down to the basement now to grab any heavy weapons I can. Heavy machine guns, RPGs, anything.

Keep this in mind. I don't like you people. You've been running from, or fighting, this thing for too long. None of you are trustworthy.

And that makes it worse for me because I can't count on anyone else.

Going for the weapons now. Basroil's watching, he's standing still. Like he's taunting us.


Clever bastard. This safehouse's blinder is broken too. We're officially in trouble.



Monday, November 22, 2010


The blinder at the second safehouse is broken! We found Indoctrinated hiding inside! It's a trap!

We're on the move already! We're not sticking around for Twiggy to find us. We got the carbines, though, so this trip wasn't a complete waste. Doubling back to the other safehouse. No time to lose.


Sunday, November 21, 2010


Seriously, Specter, you're killing me here.

Anyways, good to hear about the laser carbines.

Also, uh, slight complication on our end guys. Mr. Twiggy has shown up ahead of schedule. Right out front of the safehouse. Mr. Mohawk was spotted as well, only, he looked like he was gearing up to take a shot at him from some distance away. We're bugging out and heading for the other safehouse right now. Everything's packed. Specter, if you're reading this, organize to have the carbines dropped at the other safehouse, not our current location. It's not safe here.

B2 out.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Misunderstandings, and driving a point home

Specter here.

It seems that Nightcrawler's previous actions are still rubbing the victims of this 'Slender Man' the wrong way. Some of you seem to be under the impression that he is going to continue to target 'runners.' Now, I'm his boss, and we've spoken at length about this - Nightcrawler is not to target the Runners any further. The Tulpa Effect theory is something that has been investigated extensively, and we're not even sure if this is the case.

Nightcrawler has officially been ordered to coordinate with and support you people, not engage. Those of you who are still distrustful of Nightcrawler and his remaining teams, I can't blame you. I also cannot personally take charge of the operation to ensure your trust because my hands are full dealing with a far more important concern. Rest assured, we're as much on your side as we possibly can be.

Anyways, to reiterate, Nightcrawler has been ordered to stop being a, quote-unquote, 'team-killing fucktard.' Whether or not he'll be able to restrain himself is another matter. If he continues to be a problem, Basroil Squad has been given full clearance to terminate him and Basroil One will be taking charge of the operation.

Oh, and Basroil? Those laser carbines you guys wanted lined up are almost ready. Hope they help. This is your last requisition order that we will be filling until we see results on your end.

Now, once again, I will ask you all to stop bothering me. Solve this problem yourselves, or die. One way or the other, we can't afford to send you any reinforcements, replacement scientists, or extra money. You're on your own until this job is done. To compensate for this, I am expecting you to coordinate and assist irregulars that have some experience with the Slender Man. So, those of you watching this blog? This is your time to shine. These are trained killers, so, point them at some of those 'husks' or 'Maskies', or whatever it is you people deal with.

Oh, and, no, they're not allowed to give you any of their lasers.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Sorry for the silence on our end

Things have been a little hectic here. I was going to update on the 17th, but some stuff came up. Here's a bullet-point list to explain what's happened so far:
  • Four indoctrinated with clubs and knives tried to break in the other night. We managed to kill them all, buried the bodies in shallow graves out back. We're not exactly in the suburbs, here, so nobody should find them easily.
  • A member of my team was injured. B5 is resting up after our medic shot him up with morphine and made sure everything was alright. He'll be back on his feet in a matter of days.
  • Beat Fallout: New Vegas, got the NCR ending(FUCK YEAH, NCR).
  •  Also, Nightcrawler has been telling me not to update until just last night; Specter's orders, apparently.

Nightcrawler's at his wit's end. The Indoctrinated have been sent against us like this before, but usually we deal with individuals trying to capture a member of our little group that's been seperated from the rest of us, or trying to kill off a runner before we could get to them. A group of four is the largest we've dealt with at any one time in at least six months.

Also, we spotted someone poking around at a distance, with a rifle. Red jacket, mohawk, about six feet, had a set of binoculars. Ran off after a while.

Not Indoctrinated. Not Indoctrinated at all.

Hunter Squad still hasn't reported in, and the blinder's effectiveness will wear off in another week or so. We're mostly packed ahead of schedule, and everyone's back on alert after the attack two nights ago.

As for Lusk, well, Nightcrawler's not talking. After the Wyoming Incident, I can see why Specter would order him back. Took us ages to keep the whole thing under control three years ago; Had to kidnap a bunch of people, put hackers at work for days, impersonate a large group of people at once online, and a few haven't been taken off the 'undercover' job quite yet. It's tied down some resources indefinitely. Nightcrawler poking around Lusk, Wyoming wouldn't have been good. But, that's all in the past; we passed it off as a failed ARG, and it worked out for the most part.

Anyways, mohawk-guy hasn't been spotted a second time, but we're keeping our eyes open. A camera network's been laid out. Multiple overlapping fields of view with a real-time feed can't be avoided if he comes poking around again.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Seriously, Specter, I know you pretty much have clearance to do whatever you want, regarding our computer resources, but I would've given you the blog password if you'd just asked. You didn't need to go through the whole hacking thing.

Anyways, yeah, Basroil Two here. Last blog post was courtesy of Specter.

I'm not going to answer any more questions about our organization; I'm in enough trouble already, it seems. All I can say is, we're not government. We are a privately-funded organization dedicated to dealing with crap. I won't specify what kind, since Specter's getting his undies in a bunch. And sometimes dealing with crap involves doing stuff that's technically illegal. Like, say, murdering people to keep things quiet.

So, of course, drawing government attention is a stupid move. We do have government contacts, though. They have no idea who they are, but I suspect they know about them already.

Nightcrawler is...understandably upset. Just got a phone call from him this morning. He's pulling out of Lusk as per his orders and heading back now. Things are mostly quiet on our end, but the fact that Nightcrawler was attacked is still a concern. Especially for the higher-ups. First time a human has organized an attack on any of our field commanders without a seeming supernatural influence.


Specter here

Yes, Basroil Two, I hacked your precious little blog. Cry me a river.

Nightcrawler, you're officially becoming a damned nuisance. No, we will not allocate additional personnel. No, we will not allocate additional funds. No, we will not allocate additional equipment. No, we will not interfere with your operations, since this is entirely your call. But, damn it, do not go thinking you're the only one saving the world.

You are a low-priority division. How many times do I need to drill that into your head? We've got other problems to deal with. Your little Slender Man unit isn't going to be getting additional support because we have other problems. Stop trying to act like the god-damned Messiah - You are an ex-Marine assigned to the Slender Man division of our organization because we need someone with combat training and squad command experience on the job. 

Let's recap. You have completely lost track of most of your combat units, or outright gotten them killed. You have been actively recruiting without permission FROM A COLLECTION OF VICTIMS OF THE CREATURE YOU ARE FIGHTING. Your science teams are gone. You have no business leading this unit, and by making this blog in some desperate attempt to rally your remaining teams(a wholly inefficient method, I might add), you have damaged our organization's secrecy - Something we desperately need intact to function - and possibly brought the whole damned federal government down on our heads. And Basroil Squad isn't helping matters.

You know I sympathize with you, but I sympathized with the guys we had working that one incident with the TV hijacking in Wyoming three years ago. We eventually had to hack the site and SomethingAwful inconspicuously, and pass it all off as a failed ARG attempt/internet prank. I'm not doing that again. Too many people would notice, and we're not even sure if your Tulpa Effect theory actually works. You are killing people with no concrete reason to do so. THIS IS THE KIND OF ATTENTION WE DO NOT WANT. Coordinate with victims, but do not engage. And no more recruiting.

Stay the fuck away from Lusk, Wyoming, by the way. Get back on task as soon as you read this, and stop bothering me.


PS. - Basroil Two, for crap's sake, do not go for the Mr. House ending. It's depressing as all hell.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Why we need to help you

Basroil Two here. Greenlight and zerombr have been attempting to reach Nightcrawler, and I'm sorry to tell you, the big guy is still out looking around Lusk, Tennessee. Assuming something didn't happen to him, at least. Hunter Squad still hasn't checked in, so, they're still MIA.

On that note, you people have no idea who you're dealing with. Nightcrawler isn't about to change his mind unless we have confirmation that your methods will work. We've attacked the creature directly before; Lost an entire squad doing it. We've had to resort to killing Indoctrinated and Runners because they're the ones feeding him. Is there any guarantee your own plans will work? If the Tulpa Effect is actually working here, then killing the people who actually believe it exists will work in getting rid of it, right? It makes sense.

If there's another way, I want that guarantee. I want you to give me the full, detailed explanation of why it would work. Nobody in our chain of command will settle for anything less. Before we started killing Runners, we were focusing on getting the Runners to safety, convincing them to  join us, training them to fight, and right after we got what we thought were enough of them, we tried to take this thing down. And that didn't work.

There's a way to kill the creature, and I'm not convinced you know what it is. I'm looking through the blogs, and it's not making sense to me anymore. Start making sense.

We're about at the halfway point for the blinder to stop working; A little while longer and that thing will be all over us. We're gearing up to head out in approximately two weeks.

Also, we've received word from Specter. He's basically Nightcrawler's boss, and by extension, our boss. Went to ground himself about six months ago.

Nightcrawler, if you're reading this out in Lusk, he ain't happy.

-Basroil Two

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas, Rants, and Hangovers

OK, so, Mr. Designated Driver here. Whole team's been recovering from yesterday's party. And the hangovers. And actually started doing their jobs, thank you assholes.

Name's Dave, last name a secret for my team's own safety from government agents who may be tracking us, ex-Army sniper, served in Iraq before getting rotated out and getting bogged down in this mess. Callsign is 'Basroil Two.' The whole team describes me as the resident 'stick in the mud.' Alternatively, they just call me a fun-killing jackass, but, hey, someone has to be the bad guy. Normally, my squad leader's on the ball and keeping things rolling, but he kind of gave in to the urge to have a little fun while Nightcrawler's away.

Anyways, my team's clearing some shit up, and putting out orders for junk food to get delivered. Not sure if grocery deliveries will come out this way, but, hey, worth finding out, right? Nightcrawler's too practical to be healthy, I swear to whatever-the-hell. MREs, MREs everywhere.

So, yeah. Nobody else cares about this kind of crap, but, I'm sort of the resident geek too. Blogging's not exactly a passion of mine, but, y'know what, Nightcrawler told us to update this periodically to try and get in touch with Hunter Squad and let them know we're lookin' for them, and also told us to sort of dig around. The organization had to go to ground a while ago, and we're really out of the loop on all the big names out there. The ones on the move, and the ones gearing up for a fight. Been browsing all your blogs, and lemme tell you, OCD is a bitch.

Spelling errors, you assholes. Fucking fix 'em. Don't give us more reasons to come after you guys.

Sorry, I pretty much specialized in vocabulary/spelling in high school. Walking Dictionary Syndrome, basically. When this is all over, I'll write a friggin' autobiography. Writing's always been a passion of mine, and it's difficult to keep rough drafts of anything when Mr. Stick friggin' wipes your god-damned hard drive every time the blinder stops working because of whatever-the-hell he does when he's in contact with electronics.

Personally, I don't buy the egghead's electromagnetism theory, but I ain't chalking it up to 'raw weirdness.' It's something else, I think. But, Nightcrawler's trying to focus almost exclusively on what he believes, and on what the eggheads say.

So yeah, observing blogs, and then ranting/updating here. Check and check.

In other news, Nightcrawler knows how to keep morale up. Working X-Box 360, and a copy of Fallout: New Vegas. Fuck yeah.

Basroil Two signing off. Need to go kick my squadmate in the nuts and hijack his seat on the couch.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


What the fuck up, internet?

My boss Nightcrawler's out on his road trip lookin' for Lusk, so Basroil Squad's kicking back and relaxing while he's gone.

In other news, two of my squadmates are already drunk off their asses. I think I'll be joining them. We only need one guy to watch the camera feed, and have a volunteer. Sort of like a designated driver.

Later, internet! I'm off to get wasted for the next X hours!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Road Trip, and More Important News

Thanks to some of the information you Observers have given me, I think I have an idea of where I'm going.

I'm bound for Lusk, Tennessee. It's closer than Wyoming. I will investigate for as long as I can, and then move on to Lusk, Wyoming. Both towns warrant investigation. Unless this is just a wild goose chase meant to throw me off, I suspect that the piece of paper I recovered is referring to a town, and there are only two towns in America on record with the name 'Lusk', as SuspendedSerenity has noted. This will take some time. I will likely not be posting status updates for some time.

On another note, Basroil Squad has finally made contact, and is moving into my safehouse. They will be making their own status reports, and will try to get into contact with Hunter Squad during my absence.

Nightcrawler out.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I searched around the location where the attacker fired his weapon. Venturing beyond the radius of the blinder device was a risk with the creature and any potential Indoctrinated possibly in the area, but I encountered nothing of importance until I reached the site where the shooter attacked me.

I found something: A strip of paper with the word 'Lusk' written on it. They obviously left it there for me. Whoever did this wants me to come after them.

To any of you observers, I am aware you find my recent actions distasteful, but this is potentially related to the creature. If it is not, it still warrants investigation. I will halt my operation for the sake of looking into this. I may require assistance.

So, to the point: Lusk. What is it? A person? A thing? Some other creature?

Any information can be helpful.

Nightcrawler out.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What the hell?

I'm alive. Recovered from my injury. The attacker didn't exactly stick around, so I haven't been able to figure out who they were. But, the marksman took a shot through the window, which I had open to keep an eye out for the creature and any Indoctrinated that may have decided to try and make a pass at the safehouse.

This was something else. Indoctrinated don't use firearms. Melee weapons at most. Knives and clubs when they're actively making an attempt to harm someone.

This marksman was not Indoctrinated.

Something else is going on.

Basroil and Hunter squads, I know you're out there. Make contact at the first possible opportunity.

Friday, November 5, 2010


damn it

typing with one hand

shot me through the window

arms hurt

safe right now

might change in a minute

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Excuses and Reasoning

It isn't easy to kill a person. It's even harder to get your head back on straight after the damage is done. I can see some of you are outraged, and others are confused.

You all need to understand, I do this because it is necessary. Your belief fuels it. Your fear of it, the pain you feel when it finally takes you, the control you grant it when you become Indoctrinated, all of it gives it power. It fuels it.

By killing you, I hope to deprive it of its power. I intend to weaken it to the point where we can assault it directly. Or maybe it will simply wink out of existence. Either way, what I'm doing is a blessing to those that this creature pursues. What this thing does, it draws the pain out. It drives someone insane. It takes your mind and makes you a puppet. None of this is acceptable. It is unforgivable.

I'm trying to deny it that pleasure, and that sustenance. By doing both, I intend to make it feel the same fear it makes us feel.

The hunter will become the hunted, and the dawn will finally break. One way or another, this is going to end.

It has to.

Got him

The job's done.

One less runner to deal with.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Found a runner

We'll cut right to the chase, I've got somewhere to be.

SuspendedSerenity: Now, keep in mind, the device is only theorized to disrupt the creature's vision this way. There could be something we're missing entirely.

It's a real 'black box' scenario. We know what it does and how to use it, but we don't know exactly how it works or how to make another one. He may have left notes, but those will probably be at the other safehouse, and I can't guarantee whether or not I'll understand what I'm looking at. Let's just say I failed my High School Physics class at one point. When I leave to set myself up at the other safehouse, I'll look around. No guarantees, though.

I know that's not enough for you to go on, but he built it a specific way and told us to never mess with it after he figured out what worked, and most of my organization never bothered to work out the science behind it themselves. In other words, I've got nothing for you right now.

Sorry I can't be more help, but my mind is in another time and place(figuratively) at the moment.

coreypt002: What do you think? I know about it, and I believe in it. My options are limited, so I will go with the obvious solution. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the good of others, but only after anyone else who knows about it is gone.  and too many believe running is the answer, so as much as I hate it, it's a necessary evil.

Now, I have a lead on a runner in my area. I'm heading out. Twenty years old, seems to have been on the move for a while. Easy pickings.

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ask Nightcrawler

Well, it seems like I'll be here a while. The armory's well-stocked, so any more Indoctrinated that come my way, I can deal with. Internet connection is stable. Land lines and cell phones all work just fine. I am well-stocked, and set up. I'll probably be updating frequently, contrary to my original suspicion, if only to give myself something to do.

It has come to be my belief that, due to a simple lack of assistance, I have no other option than to coordinate my efforts with the Runners, if I am to make any meaningful contribution to dealing with the creature that we've made a mutual friend. I'm better at being 'Mission Control' than anything, but I am good at fighting. That won't do me any good when facing off against the creature itself, so to anyone observing this blog, don't go getting any ideas. We all saw what happened to Evan when he rushed it with a baseball bat. Gutsy, but useless.

But, Runners, I am going to tell you now, in no uncertain terms: I am not your friend. I am coordinating my efforts with you due to a simple lack of assistance and resources.

At any rate, I'm officially going to begin answering questions. What questions I can answer will be answered. The questions I cannot answer will be ignored. General responses will also be looked at and responded to if possible. On that note, we have a few commenters!

SuspendedSerenity: The creature has actually been tracking us for some time. It's what led to the creation of my organization. The Indoctrinated(or Husks as you call them) have actually been deployed against us in this capacity before. It knows we're after it, and we have been for a while. We could be totally wrong about its weakness, and it is simply humoring us by sending disposable minions at us, but I think we actually have it scared, on some level. This thing has to have some self-preservation instinct.

The countermeasures are something one of the science geeks we have on the payroll scratch-built: Electromagnetic radiation. Basically, just a powerful magnet running 24/7. The geek had a theory about it using magnetism to see, and so far it's seemed to be effective at keeping the creature away. It 'blinds' it, somehow, I think. I don't know all the technobabble behind it, but he thought it'd work, and so far it has. The creature eventually catches on and heads right for the 'blind spot' - Normally, this takes about a month, if we keep it running non-stop. The downside is, it's not portable, and it's not exactly cheap to power it. And if the power in your house dies, you won't be far behind. This is why the safehouses are normally so secure. We normally keep a watch out for Indoctrinated trying to break in and shut off the countermeasure, and so long as we move for a new safehouse right around the time the creature starts figuring things out, we're practically invulnerable. Leaving the boundary of the magnet just puts you in the thing's sights.

Of course, you'll also need to shield your gear - Computers, watches, alarm clocks, etc. We've taken appropriate measures for that. None of this is cheap, either. So, in other words, most of you won't be able to make it work out.

Chase: Again, I will be blunt. Do not mistake this for altruism. I need help; Without my kill-squads, I can't exactly go running around the continent looking for a bunch of runners that don't know the first thing about the Tulpa Effect. Any information you can give me is valuable - Specifically, locations. Any confirmed location of a runner is going to be extremely valuable to me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Being an ex-Marine has some perks

Nightcrawler here. Hurt.

I was on my way to the safehouse, and got attacked by two Indoctrinated with knives. One looked to be no older than sixteen. Had to kill them and keep moving, but one got a good cut on me with the knife. Cops are all over the place, now. Never let it be said that military training isn't useful in situations like this.

In the safehouse now, and it's secure. I know that thing won't be after me personally anytime soon. I've got sufficient countermeasures in place to keep it away for at least a month. The Indoctrinated may attempt to break in, and since it's just a house we've kept aside (won't go disclosing the location here in case federal agents are observing the blog - We all saw what happened to Mr. Strahm), the Indoctrinated stand a good chance at doing so. But between the countermeasures and its already-expansive target list, it'll be too busy to come after me.

For now, I'm safe. Which means I can begin laying the groundwork for the next phase of my operation. Basroil and Hunter squads are out of the picture. Either dead or cut off from me. Either way, I'm on my own.

I'm so glad that the basement has a small armory stashed away, here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Done packing

On the move now. Stopped at a Starbucks. I've got a laptop, a bunch of supplies, a fairly good amount of cash stored away in my bank account for just such an event, and a handgun. I know the gun won't be useful for getting that thing off my tail, but if it sends any Indoctrinated my way, I can take care of them. Just need to hope the cops don't take me in for it. The creature's proven to be very resourceful when it comes to 'removing' certain obstacles.

Hunter and Basroil squads, if you're reading this, I'm heading for the other safehouse. It's not safe here anymore. Will give status reports as situation changes.

Report in ASAP.

Friday, October 29, 2010



Still no word from Basroil and Hunter Squads, and this thing is after me now. Just got a glimpse of it out the window, hiding behind a tree.

I've got a few countermeasures in place to hold it off, but not for long. Packing already.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, I've discovered what happened to Cypher Squad in the time since my last post. The creature butchered them. I refuse to call it by its given name; Due to the Tulpa Effect and numerous other personal reasons, not the least of which being I don't think it deserves the word 'Man' in its title, calling the creature by its name is taboo in my organization.

I managed to get the police down there to 'properly' investigate the matter, but I know it won't do any good. This thing is indestructible when attacked head-on - The EverymanHYBRID crew showed us that. Best of luck to those poor bastards. They'll need it.

I, on the other hand, have other matters to attend to. Cypher Squad is gone, meaning I've lost a potential kill-squad. This is just what I need. Basroil Squad, Hunter Squad, if you are reading this, please, check in immediately.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Damn it.

I've been rendered completely incapable of communication with Hunter Squad or Basroil Squad. This isn't good. I've been away for far too long, and now I'm effectively on my own unless something happens, or they see fit to contact me themselves.

As such, this blog will continue to see use until such a time as more private methods of communication have been rendered useful for my purposes again. Situation reports will be irregular due to obvious reasons.

Also, I may spontaneously decide to fit in some information regarding my day, as these blogs are commonly intended. If the mood strikes me, you may get to hear about my workplace, or perhaps my favorite color.

I wish Basroil and Hunter Squads would check in. Still no word on Cypher Squad.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I need to know what the situation is. I've been out of the loop for too long.

Cypher Squad has not responded since my disappearance, and I've gone out of my way to contact the blogs relating to this creature. There has to be a way to take it down. The target hasn't been eliminated yet, which leads me to believe it may very well be indestructible, but the fact remains that good people are dying. A single option is slowly becoming clear. If this creature exists solely because of human belief, then maybe removing that little factor will remove the creature.

I am not proposing propaganda. Basroil Squad, if you're reading this, you know what I mean.