Monday, March 28, 2011

Awake During the Day

First time in almost a week.

Not much to report since last night. There's been a few complaints of loud noises near the barracks past midnight last night, but security footage doesn't show anything important on the feed and none of the night patrols or janitors saw anything. That's probably a bad sign.

Will keep you updated if anything else comes up.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a Quiet Night

So, once again, I can't sleep. Figured I'd keep everybody posted as to what's going on.

Nightcrawler's been hauled off. PTC Internal Affairs will take it from here. He's officially no longer our problem.

On the subject of Scott's Electric Theorem, our science team's been hard at work figuring out how best to put it to use. A few requests have been put in with Central Command to send us some specialized 'lethal taser' rounds. We want to maximize battlefield efficiency, so we've been working on a more short-range solution to supplement the taser rounds: A close combat weapon that is essentially an electrified warhammer. The Slender Man is exactly what his name implies. That is to say, slender. So, a wide-headed weapon that's swung is a large arc is more likely to hit him in close combat, especially with a long enough handle; far easier to deal with him than if we were to resort to knives or swords or something. Rubber is wrapped around the handle for an easier grip, and to prevent the wielder from being electrified. We've dubbed our little prototype the 'Hammer of Thor.' Overly dramatic, I think, but still fitting.

We've been trying to figure out how to proceed without B2. Nightcrawler may have handicapped our efforts to enter the Path of Black Leaves safely, here. We can't guarantee good results during our expedition, but we have to try. Anyone 'in the know' regarding the Path itself (expected resistance, environment?) should come forward with relevant data.

AmalgamationSage, your request for information regarding our 'Friend's' most recent contact point cannot be granted at this point. He's somehow managed to encrypt everything to the point where our own computer specialists can barely make out what state he's in, this time. This last contact was based out of somewhere in Indiana. I'd suggest searching there, but 'Indiana' is a bit vague. That's a lot of ground to cover.

Scott, keep the SitReps coming. Hopefully, our next field commander will be coming in shortly. We can't be without a head in that Department too long. It's never pretty.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warnings, Approval, and Impracticality

Alright, so, I fell asleep earlier in the day than usual. Just trying to catch up on sleep. Woke up just now, and can't get back to sleep. Reading through the comments of the previous blog post, I can safely say 'yes, I can read my personal blog just fine.' The questions, the comments about 'the veil  being pulled back forever.' I want to act like this isn't anything important, but we're all too aware of what's always going on these days to just ignore a heads-up like this.

So, my thanks to 'A Friend.' Not entirely sure who he is or why he's helping us, but, he's there. We just need to be careful, for the same reasons - We're not entirely sure who he is, or why he's helping us. We have no idea what or who we're dealing with.

Anyways, Scott, read your recent intelligence report regarding Zero. I never met him - Nightcrawler and Basroil Squad had that little honor - But you've made it quite apparent he's a big player in this messed-up little chess game. Between that, the Electric Theorem (which was finally forwarded to the geeks down in the science labs), and your other intelligence reports, I think I made the right call having you brought here.

But, your Irregular Oversight Program would be impractical. Such a thing was originally attempted with the implementation of the SMD's 'Priority Individual' policy. We saw how well that one worked out. Between our recent losses to the debatably-existent Revenants and a shift in leadership among the Military Department, we won't be able to enact the Oversight Program anytime in the foreseeable future.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Report Filed

Request for a new field commander sent in.

Nightcrawler's being detained until they can come and pick him up.

We're done with his crap.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, Nightcrawler done fucking goofed.

We had him. We fucking had B2. Or at least one of him. We HAD HIM. There were no signs of any more of B2's copies, or anything, but we had at least one of him.

Then Nightcrawler KILLS HIM.

We have no idea what kind of impact this will have on 'other' B2s, but we know that any chances of an answer at this moment have been destroyed.

I'm reporting this to Central Command, and demanding a new field commander. Nightcrawler's gone against orders too many times.

The task force is returning to base now.

I am not happy.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Alright, according to consensus (As of this post, 25 out of 35 votes say 'Hunt for B2'), B2 is our target. The troops have been sent out. We're throwing everything at B2. If anything will get him, it's what we have left.

Primary objective is to take him alive.

The troops have had this made perfectly clear to them. Me and Scott will be staying behind with...well, nobody but the science team, other executives, and the janitorial staff. I'm taking a huge risk, leaving our little hideout undefended, but if it gets us B2 fast enough, we should be fine.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Expedition or Hunt?

Alright, so, I've put up a poll. I'll explain the purpose behind it.

Regardless of Reach's claims of insanity, we have confirmation that data we obtained through the assistance of a Conduit has helped us gain access to the Path of Black Leaves. We might be able to launch a preliminary scouting expedition into this little pocket dimension Slendy calls home for a test drive after the science team figures out how to actually get it working. They say it won't take too long. We've got data, so we're using it.

On another note, B2's been spotted recently. I want to try and bring him in again. Maybe, with the confirmation of dimensional weirdness on our end, he'll be cooperative. If he's not, we can still give it a shot. However, we don't have the numbers or the resources to try and launch the expedition at the same time. B2 can't get away if we throw everything we have at him. And if the expedition heads into the Path at the same time, they wouldn't have the numbers they'd need to take him in.

So, for the purposes of coordinating with Irregulars as I promised, I've put up a poll. Your recommendation is meaningful, here. We can go after B2, or we can launch a preliminary expedition into the Path. Anything more than that, and we wouldn't have the personnel we'd need to hold down the fort in case of trouble.


PS. To all PTC personnel who actually read this blog,

I made it fucking clear not to  mess with the new arrival. Failure to comply with this directive will be met with pay cuts, and reports back to Central Command about disorderly conduct. I made this abundantly clear during the announcements on the intercom just this morning before breakfast. I've had three reports from anonymous tipsters that people were gearing up to mess with Scott already.

And could someone please explain what Frank was planning to do with that jar of peanut butter?

Monday, March 21, 2011


Alright. We've got Scott safe here.
Needless to say, the guy's a little shaken up. We'll keep him safe from here on.

Scott, enjoy the set-up in your quarters. It's set aside from the troops and the science team. The internet connection might be a bit slow at times, but that's because everything's on an encrypted network to keep the Feds from finding us. And to filter anything we say so that nothing 'very' classified leaves our little box here in the middle of nowhere.

Sorry about having the troops bonk you over the head. Had to induce unconciousness on the way in, keep the location hidden. You understand.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Angora Chat

I've been observing the Angora chat and speaking directly with the EverymanHYBRID boys, as well as Mr. Strahm and Mr. Maxwell.

The result is a very interesting conversation.


Revenants, Liaison, and the Path of Black Leaves

Reach's memories falsified. Never saw this coming.

Reach, Revenants absolutely cannot be a load of crap. I washed off a co-worker's brain in the shower after that Revenant attack on our HQ. They can't be fake, because we've fought and killed them before, on numerous occasions. At least ten by this point, albeit with heavy losses. That's how we know they exist for certain. The casualties. You can't take a look at the mess those things made, and then declare that they don't exist. There has to be some degree of truth to your false memories. Or maybe it's just the dimensional bleeding at work on levels we never thought of before, in which case, the problem's getting worse.

On the matter of the SMD(Slender Man Division)'s Irregular Liaison, it seems Scott is a better choice than Reach, contrary to my original expectations. Scott, you're near Indianapolis. We'll send a couple of teams to pick you up and run interference in the event of an Indoctrinated attack. I want you in safe hands here at the SMD's new HQ. To solidify the deal, I've been authorized to give you a small stipend as payment for your services in this capacity, although I doubt you needed the encouragement. You are not to have access to the labs here, but will be able to advise our Science Department on specific matters regarding the Slender Man.

On the subject of the science team, we're looking at the data now, and it's been confirmed. We have a chance at entering the Path of Black Leaves without any kind of assistance from the Slender Man himself.

The implications are either very unpleasant, or a good sign. We'll keep you updated. Scott, our teams will link up with you soon. I expect to meet you in person shortly.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shoddy Intelligence

Alright, so, tonight's had a bit of a debate going on between some commenters and myself in the comments section of the last post.

I just got off the line with Central Command. They're unwilling to send additional squads or anymore science personnel to accelerate our research or help with our current objectives. Whatever those are.

We've been running practically blind for...however long. I don't even remember. It's been too crazy lately, and days are starting to merge together. I'm running on seventeen cups of coffee and I'm practically falling apart from exhaustion. Reliable intelligence is sporadic, and I simply don't have enough people on staff to take a valuable individual, plop them in a computer chair, and say 'read all of these blogs and take notes.' We're understaffed because of the Revenant attack, and before that, casualties were trickling in by the hour because of our emphasis on search-and-destroy operations. And we can't pull some schmuck off the street for it, because PTC protocol specifically demands that we don't fucking do that.

Central Command's willing to make a rare exception, given our extreme situation, and the fact that we've proven to be worth the cost in money and lives by sending some valuable research into dimensional folding/teleportation we've sent their way. It can be repurposed for dealing with other paranormal activity later, and it's considered 'appropriate' to issue a bit of leeway to Divisions that perform well in such a capacity. In other words, they're going to let us break a few rules because we've been productive.

They're willing to let us work with Irregulars again. Intelligence-gathering, field operations, whatever. As long as we don't start handing out laser weapons like party favors, they're cool with it.

What I need from you guys is regular, up-to-date information so the Slender Man Division's Military Department doesn't run around blind. What I'd like you guys to do is decide what you want in return, and select a liaison from amongst your own ranks to compile and hand off all of this intelligence to us, and keep us updated on happenings regarding Irregulars.

If this sounds acceptable, select a liaison and we'll get back to you. I'd like to personally request that you select Reach for the job. He's frank, to-the-point, and in-the-know. Perfect for the position. But, I'll leave the actual selection up to you guys.



The last week's been rather intensive for the science team. We've made a few breakthroughs and gotten some good results, from what they're saying. We're officially done with Tom, by the way. He's opted to head out, and we've permitted him to leave. We got what we needed out of him.

We can't talk about everything that's been done, but suffice it to say we've got a few leads on how to deal with B2.

We think we've figured out what's up with all of the 'what the fuckery' on this blog and in all of the PTC's activities regarding the Slender Man. Dimensional bleeding, as has been suggested by some of the commenters. The Slender Man has been confirmed to be the source of that dimensional bleeding. We took Tom to the site of the Winter Solstice engagement outside Indianapolis, to test a few things regarding the redacted information in the After-Action Report.

Results were...disturbing. Basically, the Slender Man's constant pursuit of individual prey over long distances is causing breakdowns in dimensional walls.

We can't tell you everything about what happened, but it was, quote, 'fucked up.' We haven't figured out a way to cage the Slender Man in, as we originally expected, but we've gained some valuable insight into how it moves so quickly. As suspected, it's not teleportation. More like 'dimensional folding.' It goes to another dimension, walks around there for a little while, then leaves that dimension, and comes back in our dimension in another location.

The result is that we've got a basic framework to work with.

We're going to start working on a way to get to where the Slender Man goes when he decides to go for a multidimensional stroll.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Answers for Kay's questions

Alright, so, Nightcrawler and I took a look at the questions Kay was asking. Kay, if you have evidence Zero is alive, forward it to us ASAP.

As for your answers, here we go.

1. Nightcrawler didn't have a clear line of sight. The Slender Man was blocking his view. What actually happened to Zero wasn't clear from Nightcrawler's position, but he heard him yell. Likely in pain. Didn't sound especially coherent, he says.

2. It's possible one of the other members of Basroil Squad had a clear line of sight to Zero when the Slender Man attacked him, but, they never said a word in the debriefing. Any possible answers died with them, or are with B2 as we speak.

3. The answer is that the report is not incorrect. Everything that wasn't redacted is in there.

4. He just posted it. Central Command confirms that the After-Action Report is on file. Basroil Squad received a copy of the file, and Nightcrawler says he gave B2 orders to post it.

5. He possibly had the opportunity to edit something, but he was only given a copy, not the actual report. Nothing in there is doctored at all.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Relocation complete, and answering questions

We've successfully relocated, and replacements from Central Command have arrived. There aren't as many as I'd hoped, but we're at least back up to a combat-effective force, again.

Also, here are some responses to some of the comments on the post I put up on the 6th.

Will: We're actually already checking that angle out. Something might be up on that front, so we're doing what we can. Anyone who thinks this process is fast or brief has no idea what they're talking about.

Kay: Well, I suppose Nightcrawler and I could answer some questions. We're not really sure what to tell you. Everything of importance in the After Action Report on the Solstice was either redacted, or put out there as it was, but as long as you're aware we can't answer everything, we'll be glad to give you some answers.

Sage: OK, not going to go on a rant here, but how could you possibly know anything about interdimensional theory or quantum physics? That's not the kind of experiment that's easy to run. Now, granted, quite a bit of it is easy to grasp, at least conceptually. But we still don't even have confirmation that's what's happening. It's like I said before: It takes some serious shit to make any kind of dimensional bleeding happen. This might qualify, and we don't even know what this is. Father Paranoia or the Slender Man may be at work, or it could be something else entirely.

Kay, feel free to shoot me your questions whenever. I'll get together with Nightcrawler. The rest of Basroil Squad was killed in the attack on Slender Man HQ, and B2 is still at large. That leaves Nightcrawler as the sole PTC witness of the events on the Solstice. Between that, and his overall position as unit commander during that particular operation, he's the best person to answer any questions, but I'll be here, too.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The P.I. Policy, Experiments, Questions and Relocation

Due to heavy losses, we can no longer execute the plan behind our P.I. policy. The Conduit 'Tom' is still in our custody. Never left. Not sure what (X) is talking about. Experiments are resuming. We are not beaten, yet.

On another note, our experiments with Tom were leading to some groundbreaking research regarding dimensional boundaries. It might lead to a solution to the 'multiple B2' problem. Then, we can bring B2 in to answer for everything he's done.

And, of course, at least a few of you have noticed this. Not exactly sure of anything, but I know the account's been accessed. Traced it to two separate internet cafes on opposite ends of the United States. Whoever's doing it is either one guy moving quickly, or multiple people, and they know the password. Once again, a case of not being hacked - Someone simply knows our password. No signs of the Slender Man's influence in these posts. Seems sort of like someone's pulling a HABIT, with the questions. Not sure what's going on with that, and frankly, I don't much care at the moment. Too much else to deal with.

Anyways, we're getting back on track. I have already called for replacements for the men we lost, from Central Command. We're moving the HQ somewhere else.


Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sorry for the delay in any updates.

On February 28th, Slender Man Division HQ was attacked. At least eight Revenants.

Casualties were extremely high. Nightcrawler is still in medical, most of Basroil and Nightstalker Squads were killed, and several other squads were completely wiped out. All eight Revenants were killed in the attack. Nobody in the Science Department was touched.

This wasn't meant to be a killing blow.

This was a warning.