Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun with Dimensional Bleeding

Hey, gang. B2 here.

So, you're probably wondering if I'm completely nuts about 'the walls breaking.'

The answer's going to take a while, so grab a snack. Basically, the situation with Twiggy being able to pop around almost at will with his dimensional-folding thing is causing dimensional barriers to break down. He's mostly at fault on his own, but Zero's plan with the Solstice made it way worse.

I'm still not allowed to talk about the intricate details of what actually happened because the PTC's got a guy with a gun leveled at my head, but when Twiggy got stabbed, the idea is that time and space sort of warped worse than they already were. Things were already reaching that 'bleeding over into each-other' threshold, but the Solstice kicked it into overdrive.

That's what started the dimensional bleeding in earnest. This probably explains our encounters with Revenants shortly afterwards, and the Conduit we were dealing with during the teleportation experiments. The dimensional bleeding caused us to start interacting with people who weren't inherently from our reality. Reach may have confirmed Revenants don't exist, but that's the thing, they don't exist where Reach is. Conduits in that same reality are called into question, but confirmed to exist in other dimensions. Twiggy's ability is giving rise to some serious distortion in more than just footage on numerous levels of 'oh shit.'

The reason I know about this whole thing is because me and Basroil Squad were present at the site of the Solstice when Zero's plan went down. Nightcrawler was always totally batshit, but I was perfectly fine until dimensions started bleeding over. Information from two versions of me crossed over, and sort of broke my brain-meats over and over again. Then I saw myself, and shit sort of spiraled downward from there.

The reason I originally broke off from the PTC was because I needed to confirm what was going on for myself. Lost on two paths and all that. I was mostly twisted in the brain until one of the two Nightcrawlers we've got floating around out there killed one of me. That sort of fixed it. I still have full memories from both versions, but the two minds aren't interacting anymore. One B2, whole and solid.

The thing is that Twiggy's ability to do his crazy dimensional crap isn't going to be making anything easier for anybody but him. It seems to be worst for the PTC because, simply put, we've been fiddling with the technical aspect of the whole thing and trying to replicate it this entire time, and actually pulled it off with the Path of Black Leaves expedition. Shit's getting worse, and it isn't going to stop unless we put our heads together and start coming up with a way to fix the problem instead of actually killing Twiggy. That won't fix the dimensional bleeding, which should be our number one priority right now.

That's enough out of me, I'm off to play Portal 2 on the Reintegration Tablet.


Thursday, April 28, 2011





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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Full house again

First, the additional support (ie. replacements) from Central Command showed up slightly ahead of schedule. That alone is pretty major, considering we've been short-handed for a while. Now we need to go through SMD orientation. I give it two days before we've suffered a 50% casualty rate, because nobody fucking pays attention during the orientation.

Second, Reintegration Tablet get. We'll start poking it with homeless people and nerds, and document what happens. You can never be too sure with anything new and unusual. We're not gonna break it open, yet. We need to see what it's capable of, and get Crowley's permission to do something a bit more stressful. I want to get whatever computer technology this thing uses for Central Command. If it was around in 1987, Crowley was way ahead of the pack as far back as twenty years ago. If all of the hardware down in the Tablet's facility in the Canary Islands was around before the turn of the century, we can only imagine what Crowley can do with up-to-date computer hardware. PTC Central Command wants proof that the Tablet isn't some kind of joke. We're going to ask him to help us replicate the Tablet.

Third, we found B2. Needless to say, we're already interviewing him to see what the hell's going on. We're expecting no real new information, but it's worth a shot to see if he knows something we don't by this point. Judging from his earlier comment, he does. Whether or not it's useful is another matter entirely.

Fourth, another message from Nightcrawler. I think he's going even more nuts than he already was. Here, take a gander.
That was literally the whole message.

So, yeah, my guess is Nightcrawler's out for blood, and we can't risk touching him. Everyone watch your backs. If he starts gunning for you, we won't be able to help you out.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clearing the playing field

Specter here.

In this order.

Might be getting our hands on the Tablet soon. Bonus for us.

Something like this isn't unheard of, but we have our hands full right now. It's on the to-do list.

No. No way. BS. I call complete and total BS. You are dead. Dead, dead, dead, Deady McDead. What.

Nightcrawler's gone to ground, no clue where he'd be, and the PTC won't risk pursuing him anytime soon. Now that that's out of the way, onto important things.

B2's sudden re-emergence, if this is B2, or Alternate B2, or B2 A, or something besides someone faking it, means we might be getting something resembling valuable intelligence regarding our own problems with the dimensional bleeding. Speaking of which, any more hidden posts here? Or on my personal blog? Obviously I can't see them.

Also, due to the sudden appearance of the Tablet and the possible advantages any kind of template or construction method may provide to the PTC's efforts elsewhere, we finally got more help. The new members of the science team and additional soldiers will be moving in sometime within the next week, on the condition we study and mess with the Tablet a bit. This is all in spite of (or perhaps because of) the fact that Nightcrawler's gone totally nuts. He's kind of our fault. He went loony on our watch, but with the whole 'Prophet' thing, I can't tell if he got sick of the job and is just kidding around, or actually believes himself to be a prophet of some kind.

No sign of Slender Man since I saw him on-base a little while ago.

We're looking into the Path of Black Leaves again. The rest of the expedition team might still be in there. Not sure if it's such a good idea, but it's our best lead for anything we're doing these days. We're just running around blind half the time, and I need to fix that. The SMD needs to turn this around. It's about results, and we don't have a lot to show for all of our efforts since September of last year.

B2, if you're alive, sit tight. We'll find you. You have a lot of explaining to do.

I need a drink. It's been a rough few months.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey, Guys?

Yeah, it's been a while.

Nightcrawler's kind of going into a mental state the PTC's fond of calling 'totally batfuck insane', and I'm not very comfortable working for a guy who's calling himself the 'Prophet of Life and Safety' right after shooting the fifth Indoctrinated we've caught this week in the head. Plus he's been looking at me funny today.

Can I come hang out with you guys again?


Nightcrawler's nuts


I don't doubt you and the PTC are already looking for me. I also don't doubt that you thought you'd be able to keep me in that little cage in The Box that Internal Affairs had set aside for me.

You bastard. You're working for Him, aren't you? Only someone working for him would actively avoid the best and most effective method of destroying this creature. I am infallible, and when the best option presents itself, I will take it. You are nothing, and the PTC has shown their true colors. Everyone was working for Him from the very beginning. It makes perfect sense. The only logical explanation is that you've been lying, pretending to help everybody when the best option was to simply kill them and deny the creature His sustenance.

But you're too much of an asset for Him to expose publicly yet. So you'll play ball. By now you've heard of my attack on Central Command.

The data I stole was the main PTC record databank. Everything, decrypted and copied onto multiple sixteen-gigabyte flash drives. Lots of text and picture files, here. Every little science project we've done, every case of paranormal activity we've ever covered up, the circumstances surrounding our founding, dossiers on every member of every Division, witness, Irregular, and everyone who's ever funded our efforts, everyone we've ever killed to preserve humanity's innocence, every After-Action Report, scouting report, records of our moles in the FBI and CIA, and other intelligence agencies across the globe, full life histories of every executive and pencil-pusher in Central Command. Literally everything.

If you even try to come after me, I will leak all of it to the authorities, with evidence to support my claims. I've already made copies and acquired the necessary materials, and I've gotten it all into the proper hands to leak them to the authorities if anything should happen to me.

Don't try to follow me.

OK, so, Nightcrawler's become a bit unhinged. Needless to say, the PTC isn't one big Slender Man conspiracy. Too convoluted to work.

We'll have to let him go. The PTC isn't going to risk full exposure over one rogue operative who's lost his mind.

Damn it. Everyone watch yourselves.

On the plus side, someone buying dozens of sixteen-gigabyte flash drives would stimulate the computer hardware market. Someone buy stock in computer companies, you'll benefit from Nightcrawler suddenly going off-the-walls insane.



Won't be able to post any reports from The Box. Central Command vetoed that right off the bat.

We've got bigger problems. Nightcrawler and company made a run at Central Command, and made off with a metric fuck-ton of data.

Will report further sometime later today, need to go and handle some other work as per emergency situations.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Box

The Box is the PTC's top-secret storage facility of prisoners, artifacts and objects that have been placed under Class 7 Seal. Anything connected to any case that has been deemed noteworthy and risky goes to The Box.
It's where PTC Internal Affairs stashed Redlight's laptop, and took Nightcrawler. Think of a maximum security prison, where the guards are permitted to simply kill anyone or destroy anything that tries to leave. Class 7 Seal is considered extremely classified, even by PTC standards. Nothing leaves The Box once it goes in. Only some people have ever even heard about it, and most of those don't know where it is. The ones who know where it is aren't allowed in, except for the people who run the show at Central Command.

Nightcrawler broke out last night at 9:45 PM, killing seventeen guards on his way out, and possibly setting some contained creatures or organisms loose, and by all accounts he had some help getting out.

Everyone watch yourselves. I don't doubt Nightcrawler's on the war-path, and he's got friends, whoever they are. They didn't match Indoctrinated tactics by the looks of the footage. These guys were trained and armed. We'll see if we're permitted to post a report of what happened during the breakout. Won't get word for another day. Everyone at Central Command is up in arms about it, and has their hands full implementing new security protocols for The Box already.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Basic Gist of the Report

Alright, I can remember enough of the important details from the report's hard-copy to at least fill you guys in on some things.

Cyclops is among those missing, but you knew that. One guy came back from the expedition with no memory, and seemed like he was in a hurry when he came back through.

Footage analysis had a lot of static and distortion as is normal when dealing with the Slender Man, but cleared up enough occasionally to allow us to actually see what the cameras we built into the helmets were looking at. The Path was...disturbing. I'll leave it at that.

The team wandered around for a while, keeping each-other in line of sight, and eventually found a guy. Looked like a civilian or Irregular, and he was wounded. They didn't stay long, because good ol' Slender Man decided to show up and the team wisely made a run for it.

As soon as the footage cleared up, our sole returnee...returner? Whatever, he was the guy who came back when everyone else didn't, and I don't want to use the word 'survivor.' He was alone, and found a tree with something carved into it. He didn't get a good look at it, and consequently we didn't get a good look, because something freaked him out and he ran from that tree.

He found two other guys from the team again, and was trying to get back into contact with us at SMD HQ. One of the other two guys asked where Cyclops went, and the other one was confused as to who Cyclops was. This confirms the Path has an adverse effect on human minds.

Most other details are either unimportant, or didn't seem important, so I didn't bother committing the whole thing to memory. With my workload, there's only so much one guy can be expected to remember.

So, the Path expedition has been deemed...interesting by my superiors. With the recent disappearance of the after-action report, I decided to point out that this isn't exactly normal. PTC protocol has no such policies in place to deal with something supernatural completely deleting data from our computers, and the only other option is someone inside the organization deleting the report.

Central Command's treading lightly, now. They might start taking us a bit more seriously from now on.


The report's gone

I've checked all of our databanks non-stop for the last three hours, and contacted Central Command to double-check their own records; any operations launched by any Division go to Central Command. It's completely gone. No sign of it ever having been logged, or that the expedition was launched at all.

Damn it. Someone really doesn't want us to show that report to you guys. Constant power failures every time I tried to post it, the hard-copy I had printed off has gone missing, and now this.

This is getting crazy, and it's pissing me off.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


OK, so, apparently, our Irregular Liaison is missing.

Why the hell am I the only one who's on the ball, here? After-Action Report's going to be delayed until tomorrow due to this little detail, and some technical issues that shorted out the power while I was transcribing the damn report.

Shut up, I'm not lazy.



We're running out of places to go and hide.

The relocation was successful. No assets were left behind, and everyone's situating themselves again.

We're going to try and get onto the Path again soon. Posting the footage analysis and transcript within the next hour or two. For security purposes, we cannot provide the actual footage. Central Command would be up in arms about it. I'm pushing my luck as it is by posting the transcripts. No word on our missing expedition members, and our sole expeditionary member that actually came back isn't showing any signs of discomfort, mental stress, nightmares, or anything. Pure and simple 'blank' whenever the Path comes up. He knows he went in, but can't remember what happened until he came out.

I've been feeling kind of paranoid ever since I was 'moved', but that goes without saying.

I need to start using my personal blog again for things not related to PTC business; this one's gotten plenty of traffic. Time to spread the eye-rending horror around.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Bad news

The science staff's been experiencing some serious computer issues, and we haven't been able to compile the report. That's part of why I haven't posted the Expedition footage analysis or after-action report yet.

But, we may have more serious issues. The Slender Man himself has been sighted on the base, by your's truly.

I was moved from the bed in my quarters last night, and relocated to the cafeteria. No witnesses, but it was noticeable by the base staff after the fact, and I haven't been able to recall anything from the last two days.

Bottom line, the SMD is relocating. Forgetting about the missing expedition members for right now. No time to worry about them.

Will report status after relocation. Scott, you're coming with us. Any SMD personnel reading this blog, be advised, we're leaving with all assets and personnel on-base by tomorrow. No exceptions. If we can't take it with us on the first trip, we're coming back for it. Everything we've got is too valuable.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, that was a disaster.

Summary: One guy came back, and there's no sign of the rest of the team. There doesn't seem to have been any significant disaster on their end, and the guy who came back can't remember anything past entering the Path.

We'll have a more fleshed-out report for you sometime tomorrow night.

Also, Scott, in the comments for the last post. What are you talking about? The link leads to this blog, but there's no post.

I'm not stupid enough to ignore this out of hand. Something's going on.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Path

We're almost ready for the expedition into the Path.

We're going to settle for sending a small team. Our new field commander Cyclops is gearing up to lead the military escort. We're not anticipating any major breakthroughs, but a preliminary expedition is necessary.

To ensure safety of the expedition team, due to our lack of reliable knowledge on the actual environment of the Path, they are being encased in what are basically home-built space-suits with a direct landline for the helmet-cams back to the main lab. We've been hard at work making sure we can get our team back if things get ugly. They're going in with a Hammer of Thor (or as one of the lab geeks calls it, 'the Banhammer') prototype, and a few laser carbines, just in case they get into a combat situation. Everyone's helmet-cams will be documenting everything for further review back at the HQ. We don't anticipate that they'll be in there for any more than an hour before heading back.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Trying to hold down the fort here with Cyclops breathing down my neck.

Will update with word of the expedition.


Friday, April 8, 2011


Subject: Computer
Sender: SMD Science Department
To: Slender Man Division Head Executive
Date: 4/5/11, 13:15


Redlight's laptop's been mostly cracked.

So far, just about everything's either information that's been made public through the Irregulars' activities, or information we have to keep from them. Scott's being kept in the dark about this one. Thanks for the heads-up about the Class 7 Seal. Since not even we're going to be seeing it again, everyone on the science team's been taking precautionary measures to make sure the data's preserved and stays in our hands, as per your orders. We're breaking protocol in a big way. I've taken the liberty of copying all of the files we've opened up onto a blank laptop we had lying around before handing over the original to Cyclops for safekeeping until PTC SpecOps arrive to handle it until they get into lock-up down at the Box. Hopefully, nobody at Central Command will find out.

About the data: I like what we're seeing. No sign of any connection to Father Paranoia on this one. Common Paranoia iconography is nonexistent, and subjective stuff's at a minimum. Redlight's supposed hive-mind status is a non-factor, just by looking at it.

Will continue sifting through the data to see if anything noteworthy comes up.


PS. I found out who that prick was that reprogrammed the vending machines to say 'Dispensing delicious neurotoxins!' It was Manny. Do what you want to him; I'd rather we don't have him executed. We're short on people as it is, and people with Manny's education don't grow on trees. He's a dolt, but he's a valuable dolt.
Subject: No more funerals!
Sender: Slender Man Division Head Executive
To: All Departments
Date: 4/5/11, 16:18

I've been hearing about a disturbing practice in the Military Department that's spread to the Science Department. The PTC has no official funeral proceedings or protocol, as you know.

So, why the hell have you people been laying corpses out in the gunship docking bay and throwing active hand grenades at them to the tune of Taps?!

I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, people! That's just fucked up!

No more PTC funerals!

Subject: Hammer of Thor deployments might not happen
Sender: SMD Science Department
To: Slender Man Division Head Executive
Date: 4/7/11, 20:21


Goggles wanted me to send this little heads-up along. The Banhammer (yes, I'm calling it the Banhammer, I don't care about your insistent terminology) is ready for deployment, but because of Cyclops, we might not get a chance. The guy absolutely refuses to let us test it on that one civilian we abducted just for this purpose. Now we're gonna have to kill him anyway! He's seen way too much!

The only other option is to detain the civvie for the time being and test the prototype in the field against the Slender Man himself, but I don't think we're gonna get the shot before our scheduled Path of Black Leaves expedition.


PS. I'm sorry about the vending machines, alright?
Subject: Expedition
Sender: SMD Science Department
To: Slender Man Division Head Executive
Date: 4/9/11, 04:03


We've narrowed down the list of potential candidates for the expedition down to twelve. As I stated, we want to go with a small, six-man team. We're deciding which unlucky 50% of our slack-jawed joes get to go and get torn apart in an alien dimension. Cyclops is going along, no matter what. We need a field commander for the operation's military escort.

Will keep you posted.


PS. Manny stepped up the vending machine joke instead of reprogramming them back to normal. Now they actually dispense gas from home-made stink-bombs. He's slated for the expedition no matter who else is going, so don't worry.
Subject: [No Subject]
Sender: SMD Military Department
To: Internal Affairs
Date: 4/9/11, 14:44

Confirmed. Specter's hiding details from Central Command regarding the Slender Man case.

Will update as investigation proceeds.


i thought you would like to read these

where is my friend

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mail Call, and Computer Issues

Subject: The Irregular situation is spiraling out of control
Sender: Central Command
To: Slender Man Division Head Executive
Date: X/XX/11, 23:12
As of twenty-four hours ago, PTC Intelligence at Central Command has noted that a detachment of FBI agents has been at work in areas you have recently operated in, including Indianapolis. This is an expected security risk. What is unwarranted is the helicopter wreck you left at [REDACTED] when you picked up your new Irregular Liaison. We've dealt with it.

What were you thinking, Specter? That kind of attention is going to completely destroy our activity in the first world. You are growing too close to the Irregular population surrounding the Slender Man situation. The larger number of Irregulars has resulted in the creation of a small, self-contained intelligence network, which, while a valuable resource, is not worth the public attention your Division has risked.

As of right now, you are not to go to such lengths to rescue Irregulars again. Help them if necessary, but nothing that can be traced back to the PTC. Irregulars are an expendable asset. PTC secrecy, assets, and personnel are not, and the PTC's interests are critical to future operations. We've sunk enough personnel and resources into this Division to warrant it being called a waste. Letting Nightcrawler run the show was a mistake, but you are turning out to be almost as bad with this wanton disregard for PTC protocol and operation. This isn't like you. Everything about your performance up until this point has been exemplary, and focused on the objective. It was commendable.

You aren't the one who's holding the leash, anymore. As of now, Cyclops is watching over you.

Further mistakes will not be tolerated.

-Central Command
Got this cheery message over a private forum the PTC has for use of relaying orders over our own computer network.

PTC Central Command ain't pleased with how I'm running the show and Cyclops, our new field commander, has been hard at work setting up shop here in SMD's HQ, getting used to what's left of our troops. I have to avoid slip-ups from now on.

Scott's been hard at work on the next Situation Report, so, nothing new on that front.

Hammer of Thor update: Working prototype's been produced. Further updates to follow sometime next week.

Also, remember Redlight's laptop? It's files are all password-protected, and we've figured out how to crack it. We've taken our cue from the good Doctor (or rather, followed PTC protocol and avoided connecting it to our computers out of proper paranoia) and decided to avoid connecting it to any other computers. Our efforts to hack a few of the files have been declared a success.

That's all for now. We're looking over the data right now, so we'll get back to you. A lot of the information is bound to be extremely out of date, but it might turn out to be useful. Priority is anything regarding the Path of Black Leaves. He has a surprising number of files for someone who's mostly focused on messing with Irregulars - If this is even his laptop.