Friday, December 31, 2010

Thirty-Six Hours

I have been awake for THIRTY-SIX HOURS trying to help track some new Runners down off the internet, and...Well, let's just say it's not easy, since no real computer personnel were attached to our new task force.

The reason we're hunting down the Runners again hasn't been made especially clear. Nightcrawler says to 'contain the problem' and 'run damage control', and hasn't really elaborated as to what that means as far as the Slender Man Division is concerned.

Got a bad feeling about this.

Monday, December 27, 2010

New mission

We've been getting reports that Mr. Twiggy is not dead as we originally anticipated. Post-operation observation units have been pulled out of Indianapolis.
It didn't work.

We officially cannot touch the bastard.  The Slender Man division of the Paranormal Termination Consortium is being re-opened for business to run damage control, and make sure his influence doesn't spread any further. We now have standing orders to not support Irregulars in any further joint operations. We're handling this ourselves. New personnel and supplies are being attached to our task force, Nightcrawler got a nice fat promotion, and guess who's still on sniper detail with a cut paycheck, and no downtime?

Yep, me.

My job sucks.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

From the crew here at P.T.C., and Basroil Squad especially, Happy Holidays.

I personally wish you guys a Slender-free holiday season.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After Action Report

Date: December 21st, 2010 - Winter Solstice
Time: Approx. 22:00, local time
Location: Near Indianapolis, exact location withheld for security purposes

Primary target, a creature dubbed 'the Slender Man' was designated Target Alpha for the purposes of this operation. Basroil Squad, led by Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' rendezvous'd with a small group of irregulars, the apparent leader of which was designated 'Zero.' The original plan was for irregular 'Zero' to serve as some kind of bait for Target Alpha, luring the target into a predetermined ambush zone in which the irregulars were to engage Target Alpha directly. Basroil Squad was primarily there for the purposes of neutralizing Indoctrinated forces that may have arrived to hinder the operation, while the irregulars moved in to engage Target Alpha.

By approx. 22:15, Basroil Squad had taken up positions near and around the intended ambush site. At 22:20, a squad of Indoctrinated, numbering six, entered clear view, armed with a combination of different weapons such as baseball bats and large sticks, kitchen knives, and switchblades. The squad of Indoctrinated were designated Target Beta-1 through Beta-6, and the irregulars held back while the Indoctrinated approached, to give Basroil Squad time to line up clear shots.

Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' gave the order for weapons free at 22:21, and Targets Beta-1 through Beta-6 were terminated without any return fire. Additional hostiles approached from the nearby woods two minutes later, numbering approximately twenty Indoctrinated, with Target Alpha close behind them. Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' gave the clearance for weapons free upon visual contact with Target Alpha. The primary objective was to terminate or disperse any and all Indoctrinated supporting Target Alpha.

Indoctrinated forces suffered heavy losses in the resulting engagement, with Basroil Squad suffering zero casualties. Dead Indoctrinated from this second force totalled out to approximately eighteen, although exact numbers are impossible to ascertain, as there were more than a few dismembered limbs as a result of the incoming fire on their positions. Enemy stragglers were forced into a retreat into the nearby woods, and as of yet have not been re-engaged.

During the engagement with the Indoctrinated, Basroil Squad knowingly and willingly permitted the irregular 'Zero' to engage Target Alpha. Target Alpha effortlessly neutralized irregular 'Zero', and proceeded forward to engage another unidentified irregular.

The irregular stabbed Target Alpha with an unidentified weapon, likely some kind of pocketknife or switchblade due to the size, and all present combatants were [INFORMATION REDACTED BY ORDER OF P.T.C. CENTRAL COMMAND - CLASS TWO PARANORMAL PHENOMENON]

Shortly after the effects passed, it had been noted by Basroil 2 that a fog had settled in over the area. This was quickly confirmed by the rest of the squad, and by some of the irregulars. Basroil Squad then organized a withdrawal and extraction plan for all irregulars present, and disengaged from the area. Irregular 'Zero' and the unidentified irregular were not discovered in post-engagement recon, but several bodies were identified, including an enemy operative that had made an attempt on Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler's' life some time ago.

Target Alpha has not been sighted since the engagement, indicating that the subject may have been neutralized.

Recommend observation of the area for confirmation of the primary target's status, and transfer of Basroil Squad to a different division in the wake of this operation's success. Also recommend shutdown of the Slender Man Division, as the subject is either impossible to terminate permanently, or is effectively neutralized.

-End Report

So, there you have it. After our endless bickering with Central Command, they finally agreed to release this report to you irregulars. That little redacted bit is for a good reason, and that's all we'll say.

Mission successful.

We're gone.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oscar Mike

For anyone that wonders what Oscar Mike means, it means 'on the move.'

Which is exactly what we are right now.

We're going to rendezvous with Zero shortly. From there, we'll proceed with his little plan. I'm not supposed to say anything else, in case Indoctrinated are reading this and intend to use the plan against us.

The last you hear from us about the Slender Man will be when you're reading the after-action report.

Report from Specter - Transfer

Just got word from Specter. He's still pissed at us for kidnapping/torturing him. Not entirely unjustified. I bet Butch and his team are still pissed we shot them.

He's managed to net us a bit of leniency with the higher-ups. All we need to do is accept a salary cut, and a transfer to a division that's been designated High Risk recently. Far from all this Slender Man crap. Those bastards at Central Command have no fucking clue what we've been doing this entire time. Most of them are a bunch of guys in suits that got just a passing glance at something supernatural, and then got with their buddies to buy a bunch of machine guns and put a bunch of mercenaries on payroll to shoot the crap out of it. They're the least-qualified to say what's High Risk and Low Risk. But, they pay my pills and give me a good dental plan.

Hopefully, it's just werewolf duty in Alaska. Ain't so bad. At least you can shoot the damn things with conventional rifles, and from safety in a gunship. The transfer will only happen after this assignment's over with, though.

Yes, we kill werewolves too.


Never drive off-road at high speeds when the GPS says there's a road in front of you. You might almost hit another car.

Oh, and we made it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mounting up

We're heading out now. Specter's calmed down and is going to watch our apartment for us. While he's at it, he'll try to phone Central Command and get our slate cleared.

We'll probably be disciplined for shooting four guys and kidnapping our boss for torture, but still, better than getting the shit shot out of us by a death squad.

Indiana bound,


Uh, whoops.

OK, so, Specter's cracked under the pressure of the interrogation. He's telling the truth, so say our interrogation experts.

He's not guilty. Of anything. Someone else has been hacking our blog, and our little break-in at Central Command and subsequent shoot-out with the guards may or may not have actually terminated our employment with our organization, and resulted in the higher-ups ordering a few kill-teams after us as punishment and retaliation against 'rogue operatives.'




Well, B1 and Nightcrawler are interrogating Specter now. Saw some of what they were packing for the whole thing. Specter's not gonna be coming out of that one as a happy camper. He's claiming he doesn't know anything about what we're talking about.

They'll see if he's actually telling the truth.

Ouchies. Even through the gag, he's loud. Hope nobody comes looking.

Anyways, whether or not Specter actually did anything the blog says he did, we'll get some answers. As for the Solstice, we're bound for Indiana tonight. If we go off-road and go past the recommended speed for our vehicles, we should get there in record time. Our technician's inspecting the cars for the bugs they've got, and we've got the gear we need stashed in there. We'll move out in six hours, whether or not Specter's interrogation turns up anything.

Oh, and, no. We're not super-soldiers. Just awesome.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Got shot

I got hit. But we got him. Our medic, B4, patched me up.

We're heading back to the apartment now. Hopefully nobody will ask questions about the guy in the suit bound and gagged with duct tape.

Thankfully, nobody was killed, but we ended up shooting four guards non-lethally. As non-lethally as a firearm can be.

We've probably got kill-teams after us now.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Moving Out

We've got our cars and all of the necessary gear is stashed away safely or in the cars. We're piling in now.

We'll have some answers very soon regarding what the hell is up with Specter. It's going to involve a break-in at a building with security systems to rival Fort Knox and guards trained well enough to take down Delta Force operators, who possibly have standing orders to shoot my entire squad on sight.

We've got seven laser carbines, a mixture of various small arms, heavy weapons and hand grenades, a pair of stolen civilian cars and seven full military-grade combat suits.

I'll bet you're expecting some big, badass comment like 'those bastards don't stand a chance', so here it is.

We are so effing screwed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Good news/bad news moment, people.

Good News: We hit him. We actually got the bastard. He sort of just disappeared after we hit him, but there was no flash. No big, dramatic explosion, nothing. It was really sort of anticlimactic. But, we got confirmation the weapon hit him. Laser bursts from these weapons make a 'cracking' noise on firing, and then when the burst impacts, there's an explosion of sparks like you would see in a bad B-rated sci-fi movie.

Bad News: The weapon impacted on his torso, and he disappeared immediately afterwards, seemingly on his own initiative. I don't think it did any serious damage on it's own; This is the Slenderman we're talking about. It had to be a deterrant, not an injury. Also, we have no fucking idea where he is, now. This is what we call 'bad news' because you know what he can do when he's not in your line of sight.

So, you call it what you want, but, this is dangerous for us because we know he's still around. The entire squad is to remain confined to the apartment, and is to not so much as leave a room without taking two other men, and having a clear view of everything around them.

Yes, we're a little paranoid.

Will update if situation changes.

The landlord inquired about all the broken glass from the other night; Problem officially solved itself when he spontaneously decided to keep quiet after Nightcrawler and Basroil 1 threatened him with imminent death if he didn't shut up.

It's good to see the people we protect have a sense of self-preservation.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fuck it, I'ma firin' mah lazor

Yep, Twiggy's here. We expected him a bit sooner, to be honest, since we don't have a blinder anymore.

Going to go shoot my laser carbine at him. Will report results if I live.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010





Edit: OK, so, the other guys are running away now.

What the fuck was that about?

Nobody's hurt here, and I don't think we killed or injured anyone that was shooting at us. They had heavy concealment from the angle they were hitting us at. What's really fucked up is that they attacked us with automatic weapons (sound-suppressed, at least, so they weren't complete morons) a public location.

We're in a god-damned apartment. The landlord's going to ask questions about this. These people weren't subtle, no matter how sound-suppressed their guns were.

Damn it.

No we are not with the SCP Foundation

Easy mistake. SCP's a bunch of posers, though.

Just kidding, they're not real. If they were real, we'd all be fucked.


Monday, December 13, 2010

No hackin' in da club, gimme twenny dollaz

B2, here. We think we've finally managed to implement some decent anti-hacking procedures around this particular blog. If Specter takes a shot at hacking us again, we should be in the clear.

Now, a few things we need to check here. For one, we've never engaged any of Specter's other teams. No gunship was ever shot down. We never even had any idea Specter was after us. We never broke orders - This is a complete and total lie to somehow hinder us, or Specter really is losing it. We've got a crazy plan in mind to figure things out, but we'll be back in position by the Solstice. Guarantee it.

No, we won't tell you the crazy plan, because Specter's obviously watching the blog. All we'll say is, since Specter's probably bugged our cars, we're going to have to commit at least two acts of Grand Theft Auto to make this happen.

Also, EmptyEyes? Whoever saved you wasn't us. We've been holed up and keeping watch for the last couple of weeks. We never headed your way, at all. We've never even known exactly where you are.

Also, beat New Vegas again. Took the Wildcard ending this time. Yes-Man puts out a SKYNET vibe. Compared to the Mr. House and Caesar's Legion Endings, I'd say all three equally suck. NCR probably sucks too, overall, but at least it's not 'lulz raep and pillige' or 'lulz tax or die fer ERRYWUN' like the Legion and House endings. And I've already covered The Little SKYNET Who Could. So, go NCR. W00t.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


B2 here, just read everything Specter and 'Nightcrawler' have posted on here since we went dark.

What the hell just happened?!

Specter, what the fuck are you talking about? 'Killed runners?' We didn't even meet anyone on Thanksgiving. What the hell is this?

Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, after going through all of my underworld and legitimate contacts, I couldn't find a single PMC that would be worth the money I'd spend sending them after Nightcrawler. Either they'd get massacred or...actually, there's no other outcome. Most of these people are jokes, and the rest aren't going to compare to someone who's worked for my division. And Nightcrawler's team slaughtered eighteen people who've worked for my division, not counting the gunship crew.

I'm contacting the Feds and giving them Nightcrawler's location. This is officially someone else's problem.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


You have no idea how much I want to just curse loudly at the computer screen and break my hand slamming it down on my desk in blind rage.

Nightcrawler has wiped out all of the teams I've got. He has shot down the only gunship I have available. He is MOCKING ME. And the worst part is that, now that I have no more operatives on-hand, I need to actually go out and recruit more. Sadly, I don't have time to train every new piece of meat, and couldn't do so myself since I'm not a soldier anyways.

My only option is go to the private sector. It's a good thing I still have a budget to work with.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Nice try

I have to say, Specter, the gunship was an unpleasant surprise.

Oh, and, lose the toupee. Really.


Son of a bitch

Well, we found them, and the result wasn't pretty. Two teams killed before they realized what was going on, third team managed to call for air support before Nightcrawler and Basroil Squad picked them off.

Then Nightcrawler and his damned goons shot down the gunship.

We've already run information-suppression, clean-up, and damage-control. Situation will look like it never happened.

I need to re-think my strategy, here. Nightcrawler's not as inept as his after-action reports from fighting this Slender Man thing had led me to believe.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

No sign

Nothing from the search teams regarding Nightcrawler. Looks like the creature near Lusk has remained dormant.

Pulling search teams out.

Redeploying to another location, we have a potential lead. Nightcrawler's e-mail account has been hacked.

We'll keep the location a little secret. Some of you may know what it is, considering you're the ones who gave it to him.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grid search

We've laid out a grid-like system around the area of Lusk, Wyoming. It makes sense for Nightcrawler to enter a restricted area like Lusk after something the scale of the Wyoming Incident. The entire area is effectively the playground for a supernatural entity that's a bit higher than the Slender Man on the pecking order. With the fact that it's gone dormant for the time being, it may serve as a sort of deterrent for the Slender Man, or perhaps it will amplify the effects of the creature's pursuit. This is the first chance we've had to determine what kind of effect the area around Lusk would have on another paranormal creature, and frankly, I don't care to find out what would happen. Either way, Nightcrawler would be taking a risk entering the area, and so are we.

More kill-teams are deploying into the area around Lusk to search the region in a grid pattern. Nightcrawler may not be there, but the search is worth a shot.