Saturday, February 26, 2011

In the immortal words of B2


Dr. Zelphest, thank you for your assistance. But, one detail.

That part at 2:55 in the video wasn't in the tape when we sent it to you.

So, I'm fairly certain you got the wrong tape, in which case the PTC's been compromised. Either that, or something else is going on.

We'll look into it further, but, I think I should explain my reasons for thinking the Slender Man and Father Paranoia are at all connected.

What Father Paranoia seems to do is possibly feed off of feelings of intense, constant, unnatural fear. We've never been able to really figure that out, since the PTC got involved towards the end of the whole Wyoming Incident situation. But, what does the Slender Man induce in victims?


And with this sudden change in the video, and all the attention focused on Lusk, Wyoming as far as the PTC's been concerned recently, I can't help but think my assumption of a connection between the Slender Man and Father Paranoia might have some truth to it.

Thanks again, Dr. Zelphest.

Regarding Nightcrawler, he hasn't shown any odd or unpredictable behavior, contrary to B2's claims in the last B2 blog post.

As a matter of fact, he recently asked for permission to go and visit Mr. Spender.

He should be arriving at the location Spender was headed for in his last blog post very soon. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Video

Got permission from Central Command to inspect it.

We've cut every frame out, inspected it extremely closely, and found no real Slender Man iconography.

Had it put on a miniDV tape. We're sending it to a self-proclaimed expert on the subject for further inspection.


Wyoming TV Hijacking

The PTC has done everything in their power to suppress knowledge of this new video. It seemed remarkably similar to the old Wyoming Incident videos, but there was definitely something 'off' about it. I don't doubt a few intrepid TV-watchers decided to record the video for later use, but nobody seems to have posted it up on Youtube or something yet. That can be considered a plus.

The PTC was sure to get it recorded when it was broadcasted, though. The Father Paranoia Division's going over it with a fine tooth comb now. The thing is, this may be a hoax intended to replicate the beginning of the Wyoming Incident - Which many assume to be a failed ARG. If this is some sick bastard's idea of a joke, I'm not laughing.

It's out of my jurisdiction unless I can convince Central Command that the Slender Man and Father Paranoia might have some sort of connection. If I can, I'll have my own people inspect it. If we don't turn up anything, I might convince them to let me hand it off to someone that is more personally familiar with Slender Man icons and related imagery. This new video may contain something of relevance.

If it doesn't, then it'll put my mind at ease and we can all get back to work.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Father Paranoia


The Father Paranoia Division of the PTC is back up and running, despite my constant demands for them to not re-open the Division.

I am still assigned to the Slender Man Division, but this news is going to hit Basroil Squad hard for several reasons.

We figured that everything relating to the Wyoming Incident would be out of the picture for good, but, last night in Lusk, Wyoming, another television hijacking took place. Just like during the initial Wyoming Incident. Things are coming full circle.

The reason I'm bothering to mention any of this?

I think the Slender Man and Father Paranoia may be connected.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shootout at a Warehouse? What?!

OK, so, after reading that, I simply have one thing to say.





Seriously, Specter, what the shit? We changed the god-damned password! Again.

Oh, and FYI, Nightcrawler's gone totally batshit. Took off in the middle of the night with most of our equipment, after rambling about how Lusk was important and we should hide out there.

Also, I know you didn't want to bring up the Wyoming Incident again, Specter, but, Black Eyed Kid sighting.

Thought you'd like to know that. It's waking up again.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Executive Decisions

After much discussion, the individuals in charge at Central Command have permitted the PTC's Slender Man Division to begin enacting a policy of protection of Priority Individuals(P.I.s), from Indoctrinated, Revenants, and the Slender Man. The survival of these Priority Individuals is now a PTC Slender Man Division primary objective.

Priority Individuals are any individuals who fit one of the categories, listed below in numerical order.
  1. Those whom have been noted for former association with the Slender Man.
  2. Those whom have been noted for close association with those whom are formerly associated with the Slender Man.
  3. Those whom have been identified as possessing critical battlefield or operational intelligence regarding the Slender Man or the positioning of the Slender Man's deployed forces.
  4. Those whom have been noted for recent engagements with forces in the employ of FBI Agent Fisk.
  5. Those whom have been identified as Conduits.
  6. Those whom have been noted for close association with Conduits.
A list of Priority Individuals will be compiled and posted before Friday, 6:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


We'll leave Robert's rescue up to the Irregulars.

According to our now-improved intelligence, (X) doesn't even have Robert. I've been busy, and haven't kept up to date on such details, and now the P.T.C. is paying for it. This is why I should watch the news more often. (X) has gotten annoying and diverted our attention for a bit, and caused the P.T.C. to waste a bit of money and time.

On that note, P.T.C. needs to cut back on gunship deployments. There's been a few too many recently.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Results. Also, No.

OK, so, I promised you some test results regarding teleportation. Results are pretty hard to explain to anyone lacking quantum physics-oriented education, but, basically, Tom's teleportation power isn't actually teleportation at all. Teleportation is done by way of, quote, 'an extremely powerful, localized quantum burst that creates an extremely small, temporary wormhole focused on the location of the teleporting individual or object.'

Tom's 'teleportation' power is used by 'folding space using quantum energy in a very specific form, shape, and pattern that results in the user being able to move through that space and come out at a different location nigh-instantaneously.'

The thing is that the second method, Tom's power, is done by way of actually entering another universe by folding space, and then coming back in our universe, again, by folding space.

Tom is literally leaving our reality to teleport. It might not even be for very long, and he might not realize he's doing so, but he isn't staying in this world when he does his thing.

So, we need to approach this from a totally different angle. Teleportation is very specific, and Tom ain't doing it.

We'll get back to you on this. Tests are re-opened. We're going to figure out where Tom goes. It might be important, for other divisions, if nothing else.


PS. (X), the P.T.C. breaks every rule of every game you play, ever, constantly. We don't play by the rules. P.T.C. policy won't let us.

So, gunships deployed, about twenty minutes ago. They'll probably have arrived by the time you read this. If not, you still probably won't get away in time.

If you're still alive tomorrow, feel free to keep trolling this blog. You'll have earned that right after surviving a barrage of railgun rounds and 40mm frag-shells. But, ground teams have been ordered to get Robert out alive. If they can't, his death is perfectly acceptable.


The experiments have concluded for now.

We'll be posting the results after everything's finished compiling. So sayeth the nerds, anyways. We'll try to put it in laymen's terms.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Hey, Indoctrinated! Protip!

Don't go posting comments on blogs that belong to people who aren't scared of your boss.

We have fought the Slender Man directly. We can't kill him. Yet. But he seems pretty scared whenever we hit the bastard with a laser.

Plus, we've killed about forty of your buddies, I figure that helps.

Either way, I'll let you guys live for now, because it's sad that three of you have come out of the woodwork just to post on this blog and potentially give away your location to people that are trying to kill you.

The Slender Man clearly isn't being too picky about who he recruits.

Also, Cerberus, I have no idea what those anagrams spell out, but let me just say, I doubt you meant to say 'hey bear start' or 'violated peep elf.'


Thursday, February 17, 2011

And then there's THIS asshole

This guy's a poser. Honestly. But, he's got combat training, and encountered the Slender Man, plus we need some padding in the ranks to make up for recent losses to Revenants. Cleared it with Central Command, he's in.

Gonna have to kill his friend, but, eh.


Debriefing and Updates

Finished getting a post-mission interview and debriefing in with every soldier involved in the siege at the warehouse in Indianapolis. After viewing helmet-cam footage from every single soldier's helmet, it's become clear how B2 was able to fight his way out.

He wasn't fighting alone. Or, rather, he was.

According to the mission clocks on the helmet-cam footage, several instances of B2 engaging the squads involved in the siege occurred at different locations in or near the warehouse, occasionally at the same time, and other times at points where he wouldn't have been able to make it to that location from the site of an earlier skirmish quickly enough to be spotted there.

In other words, a second case of 'multiple B2s', or some serious time discrepancies with the mission clocks. Considering the last time this kind of thing happened, I wouldn't be surprised if it was multiple B2s.

The 'alternate reality' theory (smart theory, by the way, to those of you who pointed out the possibility) has been proven to be more than just theory with other P.T.C. activities(classified, of course), but this isn't adding up. It takes some serious shit going down to make this kind of thing happen at all. I'd ask one of the scientists we have here to explain in detail, but they're busy and not being paid to give lectures to the internet about how a mercenary sniper can star in Quantum Leap and beat up three dozen other guys in a tag-team match with himself.

Speaking of our scientists, still no luck with the blinders. We're calling labor and funding off the blinder project and re-allocating it to something marginally more useful. Namely, Tom the Conduit and our teleportation experiments (proceeding just as planned and on-schedule, despite Tom's frequent cases of 'the munchies').

We're starting to narrow down how the Slender Man might move when he's not being observed. Or, rather, we think we are. Not 100% certain, so if we ever get confirmation, you guys will be the first to know.


PS. Donnie, I know you read this blog. Please stop tattling to Central Command in a bid for my job. They stopped caring weeks ago and you're just looking like an ass.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you fucking kidding me?

Well, the score is now...what? B2 - 5, P.T.C. - 0? Something along those lines. Our little siege at the warehouse in Indianapolis didn't go well.

Let me repeat that.

B2 single-handedly managed to fight his way past three-dozen soldiers of roughly-equal skill level and similar hardware, while totally surrounded.

He didn't even stop to kill any of them. Everyone survived, but they're in various states of injury, and all of them are wondering how in the hell they lost when they outnumbered him thirty-six to one. B2 clearly doesn't want to be brought in, alive or dead; Moreso than we want to bring him in.

We're backing off for now. B2, I know you're reading this, so I'll tell you this. You have one last chance to come clean and tell us what the hell you're up to. Trust me, if it's Slender Man related, we're all on the same side. It's not like we can do anything to you until most of our military department gets out of the hospital here, anyways.

On the subject of whatever else we're dealing with here at the P.T.C., we'll keep you people notified if there's anything we think you need to know.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How hard could it possibly be to kill one guy?!


Found B2

Old warehouse, in Indianapolis. The teams that weren't gunning for Redlight were all redirected to Indianapolis. B2 is still running around out there. They found him, and, well, now we're in the middle of some kind of weird-ass siege.

Except with a lot more of our guys getting hurt by way of high-powered sniper bullets, rather than B2 being starved out or convinced to give himself up. Thank God for our home-built body armor. The guys that are decent P.T.C. trooper material aren't cheap or easy to sift out from the rabble, and are harder than you might think to actually replace.

Anyways, about three-dozen of our guys have B2 trapped inside. Some of our contacts in Indianapolis are managing to keep the police away, and it's by sheer luck that civilians haven't stumbled on the firefight yet.

We'll keep you posted.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Operation Firestarter After Action Report

Date: February 14th, 2011
Time: 02:05-02:43 Hours, local time
Location: Ireland, exact location withheld for security purposes

Mission objective was to apprehend or terminate known Slender Man supporter('Proxy', likely Indoctrinated) 'Redlight.' Task force assigned to Operation Firestarter consisted of Command Squad 'Basroil', as well as Nightstalker Squad and Demolisher Squad. Air support was to be provided by P.T.C. Gunships Archangel, Firewing, and Fatboy.

Operative squads were aboard gunships until op-time 02:15, at which point LZ Sigma was approached. LZ was clear, with no witnesses and no sign of hostile contact. The gunships took off, and circled the area from a high altitude to maintain a solid view of the surrounding perimeter and to keep ground teams informed of the situation. Gunships were issued strict orders not to engage unless ground teams were going to lose the target or were taking losses.

Ground teams advanced to GPS coordinates [REDACTED]. P.T.C. computer specialists had discovered Redlight had posted on the blog noted as belonging to the ex-Revenant Irregular 'Reach', from GPS coordinates [REDACTED]. Upon arrival, there was a small uninhabited shed, and a working laptop computer, seemingly of a customized design. The laptop was taken and held by B3 for further analysis. As of 02:23, there was no sign of the target.

Hostile contacts were engaged at 02:24. Below is a radio transcript from the time the engagement began to the extraction of ground teams by P.T.C. gunships. An audio clip would have been attached to this After-Action Report, but voices are to be with-held for security purposes.

B4: Alright, looks clear. Redlight's probably long gone, and left in a hurry. There's his computer. Someone grab that. We can use it.
Nightstalker 4: Shit! REVENAN- [static renders radio channel undecipherable from this point forward - Nightstalker 4 confirmed KIA in post-engagement recon]
Gunship Archangel: Uh, ground teams, be advised, we have Revenant contact, approaching your position. Uh, it's only one, over. Requesting clearance for weapons free.
Nightcrawler: Weapons free! Take him out!
Gunship Firewing: Roger that! Roger that! Guns, guns, guns!
Gunship Archangel: Solid lock, I repeat, solid lock. Dropping the hammer.

At this time, Gunships Firewing, and Archangel engaged the Revenant contact with 40mm fragmentation rounds, and followed the opening barrage with a series of high-caliber railgun rounds.

Nightcrawler: Confirmed kill, Revenant down.
B3: Didn't that shithead say that he had a lot of Revenants with him in the blog post?
Nightstalker 3: Yeah, he did. Fuck! Eyes open, people! There's gotta be more!
Gunship Fatboy: Cut the chatter, eyes open! Redlight's still in the area if there's Revenants!
Nightcrawler: Gunship Archangel, ascend and mark ground teams on thermal imaging, look for anybody not showing up on P.T.C. IFF. If anything shows up and it's not a Revenant, it has to be Redlight.
Gunship Archangel: Uh, roger, Nightcrawler, stand by.

-Break for approximately three(3) minutes-

Gunship Archangel: Nightcrawler, we have him on thermal. Two clicks east, and making a run for it. He may not realize we're still after him...Shit, Charlie Foxtrot, Charlie Foxtrot! Redlight is engaging a civilian vehicle on the road east of here! Attacking the driver, trying to hijack the car!
Nightcrawler: Road?! There wasn't anything in the briefing about a road!
Gunship Archangel: It was outside the speculated operations area. Intel must not have thought he'd get that far before we caught up. Two clicks is one hell of a distance to cover on foot.
Nightcrawler: Shoot the car!
Gunship Archangel: Uh, say again, Nightcrawler?
Nightcrawler: Blow up the car! I say again, destroy the car! It's our only shot!
Gunship Archangel: Uh, negative, Nightcrawler. P.T.C. ROE dictates no witnesses if at all avoidable. We've gotta let Redlight go this time. A car that's been blown up by a few high-powered railgun rounds would make international headlines.
Nightcrawler: Fuck the rules of engagement! Kill the bastard!
Gunship Archangel: That is a negative, Nightcrawler. Command, come in, this is Gunship Archangel. Operation Firestarter is being aborted. Retrieving ground teams now.

Ground teams were retrieved by 02:34 hours, and had left the designated operations area by 02:43. P.T.C. Slender Man Division will resume attempts to apprehend or kill Indoctrinated 'Redlight' at a later point. Operation Firestarter has, as of this moment, been declared a partial success. The laptop that was in Indoctrinated 'Redlight's' possession may prove useful.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Test Results, and other stuff

OK, so, despite B2's two consecutive posts here, we were never hacked. B2's somehow posting here, despite us having changed the password and laid down anti-hacking countermeasures that were later improved. B2 is not with Basroil Squad as of this moment, as Basroil Squad is currently in our barracks. As a matter of fact, Basroil Squad just finished with a mission debriefing not twenty minutes ago.

A gunship wasn't ever even deployed before Basroil Squad kidnapped me. Or after, as a matter of fact. The authority to order the deployment of such assets usually rests with P.T.C. Central Command, so I can't go 'SHOOT DEM D00DZ' and wave a hand, and have an entire city block totally annihilated. We have several on hand here at the Slender Man Division, but only recently, after our reconstruction. We need to be sparing with them, and be careful to make sure they're not spotted whenever they're deployed. The P.T.C. is living in the age of cell phone cameras; Fuck-ups aren't tolerated.

We're not being hacked, and all of the information coming from B2 is disjointed, conflicting, and we have the same guy saying 'I didn't do anything, but I'm totally with guys that have been with me since Thanksgiving last year and haven't left my sight, even though my old boss (whom I'm stalking) says they're totally back at their main base of operations and not with me', and claiming 'TEH WALLZ R BRAKNG O NOEZ TEH WALLZ.'

No reports I have indicate that Nightcrawler even killed anyone on Thanksgiving. I certainly didn't post this.

In other words, my response to B2's recent actions can be summed up as such:




Needless to say, we're getting to the bottom of this. You know. Eventually.

Onto other things. Tom the Conduit has been more than helpful with recent tests, and has claimed to 'like our food.' Don't ask me. I have no idea why he likes the Marshmallow Surprise in the cafeteria. So far, so good. We might have some basic information on how the Slender Man moves quickly over long distances, and with this information, we may be able to contain him somehow.

On the subject of the blinders, we're dealing with a serious Black Box scenario, here. The science team can't honestly figure out how the last guy to build one got it to work. Nightcrawler described it as a powerful magnet running 24/7, but that's not really accurate. We've tried that. We haven't been able to figure out shit about how these things actually work. No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup indeed.

And, finally, onto the recent events surrounding Redlight and Reach.

Good show, Robert. Good show. If anyone seriously wants us to get rid of Redlight, say the word. Honestly, he seems to be a bit of an annoyance to you Irregulars, we're willing to help on that front.

And Redlight, if you're reading this, take warning. Nightcrawler's men have killed Revenants before. Any bodyguards you have with you will not protect you. Even before this, you were considered a target by P.T.C. personnel for your affiliation with our primary target.

We're keeping an eye on you now.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

What the shit?!

B2 here.

What the fuck has happened to this blog?!

We've been under the radar since fucking Thanksgiving, and there are posts from that point up until just yesterday.

Someone better explain some shit right fucking now. I didn't post a damn thing, let alone 'HAVE WILL SULK.' And Specter's got a blog, now? What the shit? What the shit? What the shit? WHAT THE SHIT?

Sincerely, B2


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hate my job.

Well, aside from finding out how my glasses got on my couch this morning, I've had a fairly eventful day.

To start with, Nightcrawler wanted to fly off the handle and wipe out everyone within a mile's radius of my house on the off-chance B2 is still in the area. 'By sheer chance of probability, we'd get him.' He intended to do this by way of gunships, and heavy weapons.

I've known Nightcrawler to be a bloodthirsty psychopath who thinks he's doing the right thing because he's a complete nutcase, but, out of common sense, I had to veto this plan of his.

Nightcrawler didn't take kindly to the suggestion that he and his men not massacre my entire neighborhood, and immediately started holding me at knifepoint, 'recommending' I change my course of action. Needless to say, I told him I'd think about it.

Oh, and the science nerds finished a line-by-line binary check of the computers. Absolutely nothing out of place. Top this off with our failed attempts to replicate the blinders created by an original member of the Slender Man Division's Science Department, and I've had a fairly eventful day.



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeing double

Alright, so, the teams in Indianapolis found B2. Didn't catch him, but they had a brief shootout, two men injured, nobody killed. He wasn't hit at all.

The teams still based in Lusk, Wyoming(awaiting transport to Indianapolis) also had contact with B2, one man injured critically. The identity of either individual attacker was unmistakeable, and both attackers slipped away. They were both B2, and both attacks happened within five minutes of each-other.

Of course, something's up.

Tom, the Conduit, has been picked up and transported to a classified location for testing and research. If everything works out, we'll have ourselves a few new clues as to how the Slender Man can move so quickly over long distances.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Got him!

Indianapolis. He's there, or near there.

Multiple teams dispatched. He's not getting away this time.


i went back

to the site of the Solstice.

the trees are all out of place.

this is zero's fault. it didn't work, but it did.

this isn't right. something is wrong about everything, now.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Sighting and engagement

Basroil Squad had contact with Target Alpha just twenty minutes ago. Location is classified.

Target Alpha approached uncharacteristically quickly from the edge of a forest Basroil Squad was investigating for signs of Indoctrinated activity. It was standing in plain sight, extending itself on all of its 'tentacle legs', and was moving far too quickly to be anything other than an outright attack.

Basroil Squad quickly returned fire while running for their vehicles, managing to cleanly score a series of hits on Target Alpha, in the upper torso and left arm. Target Alpha discontinued pursuit after multiple impacts with laser weapons, and fled for the forest.

It is quite clear that Target Alpha is growing increasingly aggressive for unknown reasons. High enemy casualty rates recently may be spurring Target Alpha to take action personally.

Will update if situation changes.


Another engagement, noticeable problem

Alright, Nightcrawler's men have engaged another pair of Indoctrinated last night, killed them both. No casualties.

Something else is going on, though. When one of the Indoctrinated was shot, there was a noticeable time-delay. Not in the flow of events, but in the actual killing. And I mean, he didn't get shot and not just fall over and die. I mean, he was hanging frozen in mid-air. Knocked back by the gunshot, off his feet, he literally froze in the air for a few seconds. To our knowledge, the Slender Man was not present.

It doesn't take a scientist to state this should not be happening. This violates some of the very basic and fundamental laws of physics. Has anyone seen the Slender Man perform such an act on creatures or life-forms other than himself? We know he can stand on tentacles sprouting from his back, but actual defiance of the flow of time, or gravity?

Irregulars, we're calling you in for help again. This can't be ignored. Does anyone have any idea what happened out there?

The squad sent to track B2 has failed, but they are resuming their sweep of Lusk. If the situation truly calls for it, we'll declassify the events surrounding Lusk, Wyoming, but we here at the P.T.C. are not in the habit of releasing classified files on comparatively-ancient history when it's over and done with.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Science Department, Revenant Engagement, Dr. Zelphest, and B2

Guys over in the Science Department have noticed something odd about their computers. All the data files were replaced today. No crazy symbols or morse code, though. The files were all replaced by precise, exact copies of the same data. No alterations or changes, but the same information. It's just that all of the files were replaced by copies of the same files.

Right down to the operating systems.

That kind of ground-up copy-and-replacement routine is hard to pull off with no apparent reason. Science Department is looking into it.

Onto other news. Nightcrawler's men engaged another Revenant last night. Killed it, losing four men in the process. This one was ready for us, apparently. That doesn't bode well. If the Slender Man is deploying more and more Revenants, it means the creature is seriously attempting to hinder our efforts to hinder his efforts.

And, onto more pleasant news. We have a particular target(just kidding) on our list of people to meet at the moment: A certain Dr. Cairo Zelphest. Dr. Zelphest, I want this on the record: We're watching you. Push comes to shove, the P.T.C. is ready to pull you out of the fire and put you back in the frying pan. Consider it professional courtesy.

As for B2, we've narrowed down his location to Lusk, Wyoming. A squad's been dispatched to capture and detain him already.

We'll keep you updated if there's anything we think you need to know.


My eyes behold it all

they're bleeding

they're both bleeding

and he's responsible


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something odd

Class 3 Paranormal Phenomenon was underway last night at Central Command.

In other words, 'messed-up shit that probably shouldn't be happening, but not as bad as some things that have happened before.' That's Class 3 for you.

On the night shift, one of the guards started flipping out, yelling at everyone about how it was 'not his home.' He eventually barricaded himself in one of the offices, and then shot himself.

The freak-out was similar(though obviously not the same) to what B2 went through shortly before his disappearance. We've classified this as a paranormal phenomenon because it's entirely possible the freak-outs are paranormal in nature.

One thing that is fairly different between B2 and the guard who shot himself was that the guard in question had always been stationed at Central Command. He'd never had any exposure to the Slender Man, and had never been deployed against other paranormal creatures in the past. His entire career with the P.T.C. had gone down at Central Command before his death.

So, whatever it is that's happening, it's not unique to the Slender Man Division.

This warrants further investigation. Nightcrawler has been ordered to keep watch of all of his men closely.