Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I don't like Solitaire

OK, so, up early on Summer Solstice. 'A Friend' is back, and we're paying attention. He hasn't contacted us directly, so, either he didn't mean us when he said 'you', or he meant we'd be waiting a while.

Who likes Solitaire to pass the time? Because I don't.

On other matters:

Specter saw Dr. Zelphest's post, and we've been speaking about it at length. Pros and cons real quick.


1. He might be able to help his friend, which at this point, wouldn't be a bad idea. It's one runner, but, the Doc's helped us out, and this might be important enough to keep him useful to us. Might. Emphasis on that word. That may sound selfish, but, we've gotta stay focused on the bottom line.

2. We can't keep babysitting the Doc. We're not exactly shorthanded now, but we're still not swimming in manpower, and every squad we send to keep an eye on Dr. Zelphest as he wanders around the city we're hiding in right now is another one we could use elsewhere. Again, might sound selfish, but, the bottom line is more important.


1. For one, he knows where we're based right now, and with how many of our hideouts and bases have compromised in the last year, that's something we can't exactly risk getting out. Dr. Zelphest leaving the premises and not coming back would put that information in jeopardy by potentially allowing FBI or CIA elements to track us down by just capturing or arresting him, and then interrogating him to find out where we are. The guy cracks easily under serious interrogation efforts. I know that because I've done that. Lock him in a room and play Rick Astley songs, and he'll sing like a bird. (Yes, that's a joke, but it's fairly easy to see my point.) So, possible capture by non-Indoctrinated elements makes him a serious security risk, which leads to...

2. It goes against PTC protocol to let people go like this for the above reasons. Specter honestly doesn't care about this, but we just got the financiers back on our side and having a bit of a maverick attitude towards our own policies doesn't exactly show we mean business to the guys funding us. It's just something I'm concerned about.

So, we've spoken at length about it. He's helped us out, and he seems to be legit. No Indoctrinated influence we can see, he's helped us in the past, hasn't acted too weird, his laptop checks out. I think he's clean. He hasn't actually come to speak to us yet, but we have an answer for him if he comes to bother us about it here in person. We've got a car lined up and everything if he decides to leave.

In other news:

Been watching Crowley. This Reintegration thing is something we haven't actually explored, but I don't really care.

And finally:

This sick fuck is on my list.


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  1. Hope I'm not too far down on your list, would love to meet you sooner rather than later.