Tuesday, June 7, 2011


SMD Command Staff Conference 15 Audio Transcript

SMD Head Executive Kyle Leonard (Callsign: Specter)
SMD Military Department Field Commander Anthony Wilson (Callsign: Basroil 2)
SMD Science Department Head Scientist Phillip Spinal (Callsign: Goggles)

Specter: OK, we're running out of options, here. Who could have possibly known how and where to organize this last raid?
Basroil 2: I'm telling you, Kyle, the only options were FBI or Internal Affairs. Knight's been liable to fly off the handle eventually. Us fixing a security hole that was his jurisdiction to handle? I wouldn't let that shit fly.
Goggles: The FBI's been quiet for the most part. Could be CIA, or foreign intelligence. We're not exactly contained to the USA.
Specter: [Audible sigh] Alright, from the top. Fisk's boys have been leaving us alone, and Knight's been known to outright threaten the rest of the staff at Central Command before. My god, are we looking at an internal conflict?
Goggles: We can't deal with that. Not in our situation.
Basroil 2: If Knight's actively working against the Slender Man Division now, then it means the PTC's in even deeper shit. Our funding's been coming out of every other Division that fails to get their jobs done. And they can't get their jobs done because we keep getting funding allocated to us. Twiggy's not the only supernatural gribbly out there, we all know that. If this keeps up-
Specter: Wilson, I've seen the reports myself. The PTC's dropping into the red. Half the different defense contractors that finance us have pulled their support entirely. The possibility of us being compromised by supernatural influence, combined with increased government attention after that helicopter crash when we picked up Scott, further combined with this 'dimensional bleeding' phenomenon that seems focused on our most critical Division since the Wyoming Incident makes us a liability more than an asset. They'd be better off cutting the entire PTC loose and starting from scratch.
Basroil 2: I'm not letting that happen.
Specter: Agreed. We need to sort out who's doing what. We'll have another conference sometime this week. Look over reports, deal with problems on-base since the attack, and start laying the groundwork for the SMD to break off from the PTC altogether.
Goggles: Break off? Damn. I didn't think we'd go that far.
Specter: If the PTC ends up going under because of what's going on, we need to keep operating. Gotta have a back-up plan. Do it.
Basroil 2: Done and done.
Goggles: I'll talk to the science team.


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