Friday, August 12, 2011

Financial records aren't adding up

Goggles here.

There's been a few other developments regarding our investigation into Specter's abduction, but I'll be posting about those later today. Right now, me and B2 just noticed something.

We were looking through a couple of the SMD's budget reports. Me and B2 have been splitting the paperwork that the Head Executive would normally handle until we can find Specter, and we're noticing a lot of stuff that's not making sense. A lot of funds have been transferred from our general maintenance fund to the science department, all with Specter's 'consent and permission.' I didn't request any of these financial transfers, we didn't get the money for any of the supplies they say they're for, and we didn't get the supplies themselves. I wasn't even informed of any of this, and it says I made the request, and then Specter gave the green light. Some of these financial transfers have gone through within the last two weeks...which isn't possible, because he hasn't been here the last two weeks. B2's noticed the same problem regarding military supplies. Funding for ammunition, training dummies, spare sets of NVGs and thermal goggles, etc. None of it was requested by him, and Specter apparently said it was alright, despite him not being here.

Someone's stealing our cash, so we've got the PATCH tracing where all the money's going. The transfers all appear to have happened at consistent, regular intervals, so we should be able to figure out who's doing this if we just trace where it goes during the next 'scheduled' transfer.

We'll be posting later tonight with further findings regarding our search for Specter. We think we've got the guy who knows where Specter is.



  1. Now this is going to sound insane, but it's entirely plausible that you could have a future version of Specter tossing paperwork one way or the other in the past in order to cause THIS in the present to use the money to prepare for something in the future that otherwise couldn't have been prepared for.

    Sounds completely bugnuts crazy. But with how the dimensional bleeding works, it's also plausible.

  2. LOL from the last time I spoke to someone from accountancy that's pretty much how we get our funding.
    The global economy has been entirely fictional since the mid 1970's so no harm no foul.

    Oh and how many time am I going to have to repeat this?

    There is no "Dimensional Bleeding". The multiverse is a continuous fabric formed behind the leading edge of the advancing probabilistic wave front. It's an 11 dimensional fabric, or it's forming into 11 dimensional superspace. I forget which.
    Anyway what you're noticing is the perfectly natural effect of closely related events interacting with each other across the continua. If there were hermetically sealed membranes between each continuum then things like magic would be impossible, a butterfly could flap its wings and cause a superstorm that would wipe out all life as we know it and a magnanimous twat with a quantum computer could rewrite reality to suite themselves.
    And we can't have that can we. I mean look at the trouble we had last time. Oh wait you can't; we fixed it in the edit.

    Meeting alternative versions of yourself is no less likely than the atoms of you coffee cup deciding not to interact with the atoms of your desk and your mug falling through and spilling coffee all over your notes. Or some eldritch entity from a liminal realm deciding to dress like an MiB and go on a stalking and killing spree.

  3. The problem I am dealing with, withn the dimensional mess I am diving in right about now, is that both of the ways the continuum works exist parallel to each other at the same moment without negating each other either! That shouldn't happen! Only one per dimension should work! The butterfly effect, Slendy and magic shouldn't be able to coexist in the same dimension, but they do nontheless!

    In other words, watching your attemps at fixing timespace before it becomes a total mess is funny for me because there is no way in hell that you will fix this in a timeframe of less than an aeon! Be happy, at least your reality will stabilize soon, if I succeed in unravelling the twenty-something dimensions that are threatening to merge with each other right now! If you are really lucky, I might be able to make sure you will never experience that kind of thing again!

    There will be a few leftover problems though, e.g. the two different ways reality divides magic and statistic will become one and tulpas will keep existing! In other words, magic, Slendy and the butterfly effect will coexist from then on! I hope you can live with crazy things happening on a daily basis because it is impossible to truly fix this bleeding without rewriting some of the laws reality is based on!

    Also, PlanetNiles, should you ever get to see this comment, dimensional bleeding can happen at any given moment because it only requiers for someone/-thing to break the walls between the dimensions! Especially dimensions close to each other in their history can get this problem easily! There is a higher pressure on their walls to keep them apart because they are so hard to differentiate!

    Normally this doesn't happen with more than three dimensions at once but Slendy's weakening of the walls of multiple dimensions at once done by more than ten versions of him in the same number of dimensions, the solstice event's similiar outcome (Slendy getting wonded) in more than ten other dimensions and the smultaneous warping of the dimensional walls by hurting Slendy during the solstice happening in at least two dimensions at once simply were too much!

    Like I said, all of this has become quite a mess! It is a miracle that you only have such a small amount of bleeding in your dimension! I hope it stays that way till I am finished with the biggest timey-wimey-ball of dimensions and finally got enough time to fix the smaller ones!

    Good luck! Even though you probably will never read this! At least some of you, if not all, will have died within the two years it will take for my comment to reach you!