Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting some results.

Relocation's complete. That's one small blessing.

We did as our mysterious informant asked. One guy we have no connection to, dead and buried. We've been looking into his history after we got his name. So far, nothing notable. By all appearances, he was a fairly random, off-the-street kind of guy. Worked as an accountant. In return for killing him, we've been given a lead on the location of a guy who might know where Specter is. A team's been dispatched already, and they've been ordered to take this man alive. As for our informant buddy, we're considering tracking him down, too. There's too many questions and not enough answers. If we can get everyone in the same room, we might be able to get the air cleared a bit, if only to get back to our main job. I don't doubt this whole mess is Slender Man-related. It's just a matter of when we come face to lack-of-face with it again.

Our team tracking Collector's made it to Shreveport. They've been settling in for the last week and are trying to track him down. Overall command of all operations within Shreveport has been handed off to the squad leader. He's officially in charge down there until this whole mess with Collector's done.

I just hope that none of this is some big mistake.

Goggles has taken to a pet project. Nice to see someone on-task, here.

Kind of wondering if I'm going nuts from not being out in the field for so long.


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