Sunday, October 31, 2010

Being an ex-Marine has some perks

Nightcrawler here. Hurt.

I was on my way to the safehouse, and got attacked by two Indoctrinated with knives. One looked to be no older than sixteen. Had to kill them and keep moving, but one got a good cut on me with the knife. Cops are all over the place, now. Never let it be said that military training isn't useful in situations like this.

In the safehouse now, and it's secure. I know that thing won't be after me personally anytime soon. I've got sufficient countermeasures in place to keep it away for at least a month. The Indoctrinated may attempt to break in, and since it's just a house we've kept aside (won't go disclosing the location here in case federal agents are observing the blog - We all saw what happened to Mr. Strahm), the Indoctrinated stand a good chance at doing so. But between the countermeasures and its already-expansive target list, it'll be too busy to come after me.

For now, I'm safe. Which means I can begin laying the groundwork for the next phase of my operation. Basroil and Hunter squads are out of the picture. Either dead or cut off from me. Either way, I'm on my own.

I'm so glad that the basement has a small armory stashed away, here.


  1. I wonder if it sees you as a threat? Direct confrontation to this degree is usually kept for after a longer stalking period in particular it prefers to use the Husks for safer operations than a direct assault against a well-armed and trained soldier. I'm not implying it has any feelings towards the Husks but usually it uses them to threaten and further destabilize a target with aggression being limited almost wholly to non-fatal attacks against unarmed targets or those with a severe disadvantage. Something to ponder I suppose.

    These countermeasures you speak of; if you can be so certain of their effectiveness then I request a release of their details to the public, by which I mean this blog of course. As your hunter squads seemed to have been killed by it-again an unusually quick response on its part-I presume you will have to halt any plans you or your organization have for the Runners, and keeping its target list large is in your best interest as well.

  2. I think that it'd be good for the both of us to help each other out, at least, as much as we can. I'll try and find out more about Michiru, Joker, and anyone else that's involved with their "master" and let you know about what we can do to at least stop some of them.

    I appreciate all help, and I'm glad to have another comrade on my side. Thanks, I really appreciate the help.