Monday, November 1, 2010

Ask Nightcrawler

Well, it seems like I'll be here a while. The armory's well-stocked, so any more Indoctrinated that come my way, I can deal with. Internet connection is stable. Land lines and cell phones all work just fine. I am well-stocked, and set up. I'll probably be updating frequently, contrary to my original suspicion, if only to give myself something to do.

It has come to be my belief that, due to a simple lack of assistance, I have no other option than to coordinate my efforts with the Runners, if I am to make any meaningful contribution to dealing with the creature that we've made a mutual friend. I'm better at being 'Mission Control' than anything, but I am good at fighting. That won't do me any good when facing off against the creature itself, so to anyone observing this blog, don't go getting any ideas. We all saw what happened to Evan when he rushed it with a baseball bat. Gutsy, but useless.

But, Runners, I am going to tell you now, in no uncertain terms: I am not your friend. I am coordinating my efforts with you due to a simple lack of assistance and resources.

At any rate, I'm officially going to begin answering questions. What questions I can answer will be answered. The questions I cannot answer will be ignored. General responses will also be looked at and responded to if possible. On that note, we have a few commenters!

SuspendedSerenity: The creature has actually been tracking us for some time. It's what led to the creation of my organization. The Indoctrinated(or Husks as you call them) have actually been deployed against us in this capacity before. It knows we're after it, and we have been for a while. We could be totally wrong about its weakness, and it is simply humoring us by sending disposable minions at us, but I think we actually have it scared, on some level. This thing has to have some self-preservation instinct.

The countermeasures are something one of the science geeks we have on the payroll scratch-built: Electromagnetic radiation. Basically, just a powerful magnet running 24/7. The geek had a theory about it using magnetism to see, and so far it's seemed to be effective at keeping the creature away. It 'blinds' it, somehow, I think. I don't know all the technobabble behind it, but he thought it'd work, and so far it has. The creature eventually catches on and heads right for the 'blind spot' - Normally, this takes about a month, if we keep it running non-stop. The downside is, it's not portable, and it's not exactly cheap to power it. And if the power in your house dies, you won't be far behind. This is why the safehouses are normally so secure. We normally keep a watch out for Indoctrinated trying to break in and shut off the countermeasure, and so long as we move for a new safehouse right around the time the creature starts figuring things out, we're practically invulnerable. Leaving the boundary of the magnet just puts you in the thing's sights.

Of course, you'll also need to shield your gear - Computers, watches, alarm clocks, etc. We've taken appropriate measures for that. None of this is cheap, either. So, in other words, most of you won't be able to make it work out.

Chase: Again, I will be blunt. Do not mistake this for altruism. I need help; Without my kill-squads, I can't exactly go running around the continent looking for a bunch of runners that don't know the first thing about the Tulpa Effect. Any information you can give me is valuable - Specifically, locations. Any confirmed location of a runner is going to be extremely valuable to me.


  1. So it uses some form of electroreception. I wonder why no one has thought of this before in hindsight its perfectly obvious, the distortions and tearing on electrical equipment rather than a reaction to its wrongness is a response to a release of electro-magnetic waves; probably more focused on just surviving I guess. Thank you for the information, I'm not so naive as to believe this is anything more than practicality on your part it is on our end as well. At least now we have good start, if the Fighters know how it works even to a small degree they might find a way to counter it. I have a way in mind now but I need to know the exact variables for the magnet (magnetomotive force, field flux, flux density, reluctance, and permeability)before its anything more than a crazy idea.

  2. OK, so you're using electromagnetic waves to induce blindness. This gives you enough time to go out and complete your "mission". One question, about the tulpa effect. Assuming that is what's causing the "creature' as you call Him to appear, what happens to you after you're done? I mean, you must believe in him if you're fighting him.

    From, A friend.