Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am The Friend - 1/2

They have me in custody, and are holding a weapon to my head. So it's time to come forward and tell you all in plain terms what I know, and why I have played this (now rather pointless) head game thus far.

I am the one the PTC calls 'The Friend.'

I serve Father Paranoia, and I've been trying to help.

My aid has been behind the scenes, and it is becoming irrelevant very quickly. I've been working to mitigate the Slender Man's work, but that has been rendered pointless thus far. The PTC's been a danger to it. Everything that has been going on for the last year has slowed it down, but no matter how much they've been struggling or whatever damage to the Slender Man's agents they've been inflicting, the Slender Man itself is untouchable. The cancer can be treated, resisted and endured, but not cured.

The PTC have been killing what you call proxies. That much is true. It has hindered the Slender Man's efforts for a time. They have been interfering in that which is truly and honestly beyond them. And the Slender Man has foreseen their actions as being a long-term annoyance, if not a danger, to the point of warranting the creature's personal attention. This is why the Slender Man has been acting against them in turn. The PTC has been treating this as a war, and rightfully so.

This does not change the fact that it is a war they cannot win.
Now, I am certain that this begs the question of why I'm telling you this and how I know it.

I'll tell you.

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