Sunday, September 4, 2011

I lack a snappy title for this blog post

The Indoctrinated that's been leaking all of those transcripts has shown us everything he's shown you guys. It doesn't add up. A lot of what he says in the posts he's put up don't point towards him working for the Slender Man, unless it was an intentional misdirection.

In the meantime, we've been talking to the Friend. And if what the Friend is telling us is right, then we've been getting played for fools this entire time, ever since the SMD was formed by Central Command. Central Command was played, we were played, Nightcrawler was played, and if he's telling the truth, Father Paranoia was played. I'm not inclined to believe him at face value, but there's something about him that just seems to make sense.

He can explain it better than I can, but there's a lot we didn't know until just recently.

Everything we've done up until this point has been absolutely useless.


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