Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am The Friend - 2/2

This will require a bit of an explanation.

There is reason by my master to believe that there are twenty paths mankind can take. Mankind nears a pivotal point in its history. This pivotal point comes approximately one year from now; You know it as the upcoming, infamous 2012 event. From there, numerous paths will open. More than one path is guaranteed to lead to the non-existence of all that has ever come to be.

This Slender Man's activities are pushing mankind onto one such path, and that is why I've been trying to assist the PTC in their endeavors without being noticed. I have failed.

My master's struggle is beyond the scope of what you are all facing, but this Slender Man has motives, methods, and a purpose that my master cannot discern. Its influence is harming my master's efforts, and yet it is not inherently opposed to us. The Slender Man simply is, and my master is intrigued by this.

My usefulness to the PTC has come to an end, aside from one last thing I can do.

I know where Specter is, but the PTC isn't bound to be happy when they find him. I've given them Specter's location and requested to go on my way. I am done here. They are discussing it in private.

Hopefully, they will be able to turn their little war around. I doubt they will, but they've been full of surprises in the past, haven't they?

-A Friend

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