Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Good news/bad news moment, people.

Good News: We hit him. We actually got the bastard. He sort of just disappeared after we hit him, but there was no flash. No big, dramatic explosion, nothing. It was really sort of anticlimactic. But, we got confirmation the weapon hit him. Laser bursts from these weapons make a 'cracking' noise on firing, and then when the burst impacts, there's an explosion of sparks like you would see in a bad B-rated sci-fi movie.

Bad News: The weapon impacted on his torso, and he disappeared immediately afterwards, seemingly on his own initiative. I don't think it did any serious damage on it's own; This is the Slenderman we're talking about. It had to be a deterrant, not an injury. Also, we have no fucking idea where he is, now. This is what we call 'bad news' because you know what he can do when he's not in your line of sight.

So, you call it what you want, but, this is dangerous for us because we know he's still around. The entire squad is to remain confined to the apartment, and is to not so much as leave a room without taking two other men, and having a clear view of everything around them.

Yes, we're a little paranoid.

Will update if situation changes.

The landlord inquired about all the broken glass from the other night; Problem officially solved itself when he spontaneously decided to keep quiet after Nightcrawler and Basroil 1 threatened him with imminent death if he didn't shut up.

It's good to see the people we protect have a sense of self-preservation.



  1. your post, one would say he's Chuck Norris

    Good to see it hit him, but yeah I doubt it's more than a deterrent. Personally I think something more in the way of electrical damage'll him more permanently, but sort of short of lightning guns over here.

    glad to see you made it

  2. Well, at least we know he's not incorporeal. That's got to count for something--maybe if, during attacks, he gets injured he'll call off the attack until he recovers.

    As to WHERE he is, well, he's chumming it up with the pidgeons outside my hotel room window. I'm packing up, preparing to hop a bus to somewhere a little further east and find another place to crash. Any suggestions?

  3. He's over here in the Northeast. Talking to Fallen

  4. You guys might want to read some of the research I was able to get on him. Might help you guys come up with a better way of fighting him. Good luck and stay safe.

  5. Looks like Slendy is interested in you guys, I over heard the words 'Basroil''Nightcrawler' and 'laser' when I was eavesdropping on Slendy and Fallen's conversation.~Rose

  6. To inject some much-needed levity: Able vs 682 vs Slendy. Place your bets now!

  7. Fizz I'd have to bet Slendy. Not because I like him, but because able can be killed, and I think Slendy would get a kick out of being able to kill the same person multiple times. I think Slendy and 682 would talk about the different ways they kill people and then take turns with Slendy killing Able...