Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After Action Report

Date: December 21st, 2010 - Winter Solstice
Time: Approx. 22:00, local time
Location: Near Indianapolis, exact location withheld for security purposes

Primary target, a creature dubbed 'the Slender Man' was designated Target Alpha for the purposes of this operation. Basroil Squad, led by Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' rendezvous'd with a small group of irregulars, the apparent leader of which was designated 'Zero.' The original plan was for irregular 'Zero' to serve as some kind of bait for Target Alpha, luring the target into a predetermined ambush zone in which the irregulars were to engage Target Alpha directly. Basroil Squad was primarily there for the purposes of neutralizing Indoctrinated forces that may have arrived to hinder the operation, while the irregulars moved in to engage Target Alpha.

By approx. 22:15, Basroil Squad had taken up positions near and around the intended ambush site. At 22:20, a squad of Indoctrinated, numbering six, entered clear view, armed with a combination of different weapons such as baseball bats and large sticks, kitchen knives, and switchblades. The squad of Indoctrinated were designated Target Beta-1 through Beta-6, and the irregulars held back while the Indoctrinated approached, to give Basroil Squad time to line up clear shots.

Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' gave the order for weapons free at 22:21, and Targets Beta-1 through Beta-6 were terminated without any return fire. Additional hostiles approached from the nearby woods two minutes later, numbering approximately twenty Indoctrinated, with Target Alpha close behind them. Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler' gave the clearance for weapons free upon visual contact with Target Alpha. The primary objective was to terminate or disperse any and all Indoctrinated supporting Target Alpha.

Indoctrinated forces suffered heavy losses in the resulting engagement, with Basroil Squad suffering zero casualties. Dead Indoctrinated from this second force totalled out to approximately eighteen, although exact numbers are impossible to ascertain, as there were more than a few dismembered limbs as a result of the incoming fire on their positions. Enemy stragglers were forced into a retreat into the nearby woods, and as of yet have not been re-engaged.

During the engagement with the Indoctrinated, Basroil Squad knowingly and willingly permitted the irregular 'Zero' to engage Target Alpha. Target Alpha effortlessly neutralized irregular 'Zero', and proceeded forward to engage another unidentified irregular.

The irregular stabbed Target Alpha with an unidentified weapon, likely some kind of pocketknife or switchblade due to the size, and all present combatants were [INFORMATION REDACTED BY ORDER OF P.T.C. CENTRAL COMMAND - CLASS TWO PARANORMAL PHENOMENON]

Shortly after the effects passed, it had been noted by Basroil 2 that a fog had settled in over the area. This was quickly confirmed by the rest of the squad, and by some of the irregulars. Basroil Squad then organized a withdrawal and extraction plan for all irregulars present, and disengaged from the area. Irregular 'Zero' and the unidentified irregular were not discovered in post-engagement recon, but several bodies were identified, including an enemy operative that had made an attempt on Squad Commander 'Nightcrawler's' life some time ago.

Target Alpha has not been sighted since the engagement, indicating that the subject may have been neutralized.

Recommend observation of the area for confirmation of the primary target's status, and transfer of Basroil Squad to a different division in the wake of this operation's success. Also recommend shutdown of the Slender Man Division, as the subject is either impossible to terminate permanently, or is effectively neutralized.

-End Report

So, there you have it. After our endless bickering with Central Command, they finally agreed to release this report to you irregulars. That little redacted bit is for a good reason, and that's all we'll say.

Mission successful.

We're gone.



  1. What's up, S?
    Something got you down?


  2. It's just kinda hard to think that, after all of this, Zero would be instantly killed by "Target Alpha" without a fight. Then again, Observe and Terminate has had, in the past, unreliable narrators...

  3. I'm glad to see that you got out okay though.

  4. Sometimes, you need to dress up the sacrificial lamb in flowing robes to keep the bloodthirsty crowd's attention off the assassin behind it.

    Good to hear you guys pulled through, NC and company.




  6. Code translation:

    I would like
    To congratulate you non assaur. It was a good idea that wi
    ll never work. I would like to remind y
    ou that there is another solstice. Keep running.


    He posted it on everyone's Solstice stories. I think he's trying to scare us or something. I dunno. Just thought you should know what it means.