Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, B1 and Nightcrawler are interrogating Specter now. Saw some of what they were packing for the whole thing. Specter's not gonna be coming out of that one as a happy camper. He's claiming he doesn't know anything about what we're talking about.

They'll see if he's actually telling the truth.

Ouchies. Even through the gag, he's loud. Hope nobody comes looking.

Anyways, whether or not Specter actually did anything the blog says he did, we'll get some answers. As for the Solstice, we're bound for Indiana tonight. If we go off-road and go past the recommended speed for our vehicles, we should get there in record time. Our technician's inspecting the cars for the bugs they've got, and we've got the gear we need stashed in there. We'll move out in six hours, whether or not Specter's interrogation turns up anything.

Oh, and, no. We're not super-soldiers. Just awesome.

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