Monday, December 13, 2010

No hackin' in da club, gimme twenny dollaz

B2, here. We think we've finally managed to implement some decent anti-hacking procedures around this particular blog. If Specter takes a shot at hacking us again, we should be in the clear.

Now, a few things we need to check here. For one, we've never engaged any of Specter's other teams. No gunship was ever shot down. We never even had any idea Specter was after us. We never broke orders - This is a complete and total lie to somehow hinder us, or Specter really is losing it. We've got a crazy plan in mind to figure things out, but we'll be back in position by the Solstice. Guarantee it.

No, we won't tell you the crazy plan, because Specter's obviously watching the blog. All we'll say is, since Specter's probably bugged our cars, we're going to have to commit at least two acts of Grand Theft Auto to make this happen.

Also, EmptyEyes? Whoever saved you wasn't us. We've been holed up and keeping watch for the last couple of weeks. We never headed your way, at all. We've never even known exactly where you are.

Also, beat New Vegas again. Took the Wildcard ending this time. Yes-Man puts out a SKYNET vibe. Compared to the Mr. House and Caesar's Legion Endings, I'd say all three equally suck. NCR probably sucks too, overall, but at least it's not 'lulz raep and pillige' or 'lulz tax or die fer ERRYWUN' like the Legion and House endings. And I've already covered The Little SKYNET Who Could. So, go NCR. W00t.


  1. Hmm good to see you're still up and hanging out. Specter sounded odd the moment he started posting here, and the fact he said that he was 'covering up' a gunship crash, yet announcing it here...well plausibility was strained. I'm curious though. Do you guys work for SCP? I've heard a few things about them that seems in line with your work.

  2. Honestly, a gunship crash would've hit the next newsbreak the day it happened. It's not like covering up a Mafia execution. Explosions tend to draw a lot of attention.

    Also, Zero, I doubt Basroil is chumming it up with Abel and the gang--unless they ARE Abel and the gang, in which case I say we're in good hands so long as Abel doesn't get bored.

    @Basroil - Grats on NCR, mate. What stats/perks do you usually take?

  3. I don't know anything really about SCP, only just heard about the concept lately. Just thought I'd ask

    Also, good to hear from you, Fizz.

  4. @Zero - They've got a public-access website, it's worth a look if you're not easily disgusted with humanity.