Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fuck it, I'ma firin' mah lazor

Yep, Twiggy's here. We expected him a bit sooner, to be honest, since we don't have a blinder anymore.

Going to go shoot my laser carbine at him. Will report results if I live.



  1. good luck, NC....seriously, come back alive

  2. Best of luck, guys, get out of there safe and sound. I feel like I need to buy you guys a round sometime.

  3. @B2, NC - against this enemy I can without the shadow of a doubt wish you luck.

    @SuspendedSerenity - continuing our discussion from the earlier entry: no, "Let's You and Him Fight" means that somebody, who views two forces as his enemies makes them fight each other, so that he won't have to. I think someone is doing exactly that to NC and Specter.