Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Report from Specter - Transfer

Just got word from Specter. He's still pissed at us for kidnapping/torturing him. Not entirely unjustified. I bet Butch and his team are still pissed we shot them.

He's managed to net us a bit of leniency with the higher-ups. All we need to do is accept a salary cut, and a transfer to a division that's been designated High Risk recently. Far from all this Slender Man crap. Those bastards at Central Command have no fucking clue what we've been doing this entire time. Most of them are a bunch of guys in suits that got just a passing glance at something supernatural, and then got with their buddies to buy a bunch of machine guns and put a bunch of mercenaries on payroll to shoot the crap out of it. They're the least-qualified to say what's High Risk and Low Risk. But, they pay my pills and give me a good dental plan.

Hopefully, it's just werewolf duty in Alaska. Ain't so bad. At least you can shoot the damn things with conventional rifles, and from safety in a gunship. The transfer will only happen after this assignment's over with, though.

Yes, we kill werewolves too.


  1. Werewolf duty, huh? If you catch and shiny-skinned vampires, plug 'em between the eyes with no regrets, mate.

  2. You guys are like the real world version of the X-files! XD ~Rose