Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Box

The Box is the PTC's top-secret storage facility of prisoners, artifacts and objects that have been placed under Class 7 Seal. Anything connected to any case that has been deemed noteworthy and risky goes to The Box.
It's where PTC Internal Affairs stashed Redlight's laptop, and took Nightcrawler. Think of a maximum security prison, where the guards are permitted to simply kill anyone or destroy anything that tries to leave. Class 7 Seal is considered extremely classified, even by PTC standards. Nothing leaves The Box once it goes in. Only some people have ever even heard about it, and most of those don't know where it is. The ones who know where it is aren't allowed in, except for the people who run the show at Central Command.

Nightcrawler broke out last night at 9:45 PM, killing seventeen guards on his way out, and possibly setting some contained creatures or organisms loose, and by all accounts he had some help getting out.

Everyone watch yourselves. I don't doubt Nightcrawler's on the war-path, and he's got friends, whoever they are. They didn't match Indoctrinated tactics by the looks of the footage. These guys were trained and armed. We'll see if we're permitted to post a report of what happened during the breakout. Won't get word for another day. Everyone at Central Command is up in arms about it, and has their hands full implementing new security protocols for The Box already.



  1. The Reintegration Tablet just put this in one of its latest posts:

    "Warning: Power failure possible. Aged power lines and insulation may fail."

    Hope you guys can get clearance soon, sounds like it's not going to last too long.

  2. Input acknowledged. Response: Power failure due to unstable conditions has been fortified against. The possibility of power failure is now unlikely. Any shutdown due to power failure is only very temporary.

    Addendum: The PTC has received clearance from the Reintegration Tablet to inform Central Command of its discovery. Addendum: the Reintegration Tablet is entering Standby for the night. Responses may or may not come.

  3. "Nightcrawler" threat assessment: Highly dangerous. "Nightcrawler" sanity assessment: Outwardly unstable. Inwardly sane.

    Warning: Hostile presence detected. Proceed with caution.

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