Thursday, April 21, 2011


We're running out of places to go and hide.

The relocation was successful. No assets were left behind, and everyone's situating themselves again.

We're going to try and get onto the Path again soon. Posting the footage analysis and transcript within the next hour or two. For security purposes, we cannot provide the actual footage. Central Command would be up in arms about it. I'm pushing my luck as it is by posting the transcripts. No word on our missing expedition members, and our sole expeditionary member that actually came back isn't showing any signs of discomfort, mental stress, nightmares, or anything. Pure and simple 'blank' whenever the Path comes up. He knows he went in, but can't remember what happened until he came out.

I've been feeling kind of paranoid ever since I was 'moved', but that goes without saying.

I need to start using my personal blog again for things not related to PTC business; this one's gotten plenty of traffic. Time to spread the eye-rending horror around.



  1. Relocation was NOT successful, because you LOST SCOTT.

    I know you guys have priorities to think about, but you'd think you'd at least NOTICE that one.

  2. Heheheh... it's not their fault, although I'd love to blame it on them. Let's just say they don't exactly remember what had happened.

  3. I believe I'm forgetting something... what is it... OH YES, that's it! Decoy, activate. Head towards their Science department, kill as many of their scientists as you can.

    Specter, enjoy having a so-called "Indoctrinated" in your new base.


  4. and by informing them of all this, you accomplish... what, exactly?