Monday, April 25, 2011

Nightcrawler's nuts


I don't doubt you and the PTC are already looking for me. I also don't doubt that you thought you'd be able to keep me in that little cage in The Box that Internal Affairs had set aside for me.

You bastard. You're working for Him, aren't you? Only someone working for him would actively avoid the best and most effective method of destroying this creature. I am infallible, and when the best option presents itself, I will take it. You are nothing, and the PTC has shown their true colors. Everyone was working for Him from the very beginning. It makes perfect sense. The only logical explanation is that you've been lying, pretending to help everybody when the best option was to simply kill them and deny the creature His sustenance.

But you're too much of an asset for Him to expose publicly yet. So you'll play ball. By now you've heard of my attack on Central Command.

The data I stole was the main PTC record databank. Everything, decrypted and copied onto multiple sixteen-gigabyte flash drives. Lots of text and picture files, here. Every little science project we've done, every case of paranormal activity we've ever covered up, the circumstances surrounding our founding, dossiers on every member of every Division, witness, Irregular, and everyone who's ever funded our efforts, everyone we've ever killed to preserve humanity's innocence, every After-Action Report, scouting report, records of our moles in the FBI and CIA, and other intelligence agencies across the globe, full life histories of every executive and pencil-pusher in Central Command. Literally everything.

If you even try to come after me, I will leak all of it to the authorities, with evidence to support my claims. I've already made copies and acquired the necessary materials, and I've gotten it all into the proper hands to leak them to the authorities if anything should happen to me.

Don't try to follow me.

OK, so, Nightcrawler's become a bit unhinged. Needless to say, the PTC isn't one big Slender Man conspiracy. Too convoluted to work.

We'll have to let him go. The PTC isn't going to risk full exposure over one rogue operative who's lost his mind.

Damn it. Everyone watch yourselves.

On the plus side, someone buying dozens of sixteen-gigabyte flash drives would stimulate the computer hardware market. Someone buy stock in computer companies, you'll benefit from Nightcrawler suddenly going off-the-walls insane.



  1. Notification: If the stolen data becomes available to the public, the Reintegration Tablet may be able to hide or otherwise block it from unauthorized viewing. It is impossible to do it (in its private state) at the current time as the Reintegration Tablet's abilities are partially blocked.

  2. Wow. You might as well change your username to Specter. Nightcrawler is Waaaaay over the deep end.

  3. PTC's been a coverup for all this time?

  4. No, zerosage, they haven't. That's just Nightcrawler's insanity talking. You already know NC's always been a bit off.

  5. I misread what he said. Shooting runners in the head? That's...that's fucked up. I guess I need to kill this bastard. Anyone have any body armor I can borrow till this is over?