Monday, April 11, 2011

The Path

We're almost ready for the expedition into the Path.

We're going to settle for sending a small team. Our new field commander Cyclops is gearing up to lead the military escort. We're not anticipating any major breakthroughs, but a preliminary expedition is necessary.

To ensure safety of the expedition team, due to our lack of reliable knowledge on the actual environment of the Path, they are being encased in what are basically home-built space-suits with a direct landline for the helmet-cams back to the main lab. We've been hard at work making sure we can get our team back if things get ugly. They're going in with a Hammer of Thor (or as one of the lab geeks calls it, 'the Banhammer') prototype, and a few laser carbines, just in case they get into a combat situation. Everyone's helmet-cams will be documenting everything for further review back at the HQ. We don't anticipate that they'll be in there for any more than an hour before heading back.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Trying to hold down the fort here with Cyclops breathing down my neck.

Will update with word of the expedition.



  1. Wel, you guys seem prepard enough. I'd probaly jsut charge into it without attemtpting to be set up frist. Good luck, I guess/.

  2. Specter, have you seen this? I'm especially concerned over the last leaked email.


  3. oooooh, i told you- that's not a good ideaaa... :/ but do what you want, i guess.

  4. Have fun in there boys. Remember, you chose to go by your own free will. You have no one to blame but yourselves for whatever happens. Good Luck.

  5. Please, don't disturb the place.

    Once you said me you don't believe in asking help to other 'un-human' beings. If the rest of your team thinks the same way survival is not guaranteed.

    If you don't have the permission or gift to go there, is almost like, .. Whatever, you wont change of mind, wont you?

  6. Irishman hasn't posted yet? Good. Expect him soon.

  7. A cloud was my mother, who floated above,
    The wind is my father, who blows in with love,
    My son is the cool stream, who weaves through the fen,
    My daughter's the harvest, who feeds all the men.

    My bed is a rainbow, the earth is my grave,
    Man is the one whom I torment and save.
    To get to the fourth round of Nocturne's game,
    You need simply tell me; what is my name?

    And before some smart guy interjects,
    I'm afraid that "Nocturne" isn't correct.
    To figure out this one, you'll have to think more,
    Once you have this, Scott gets number four.

    - Nocturne.

  8. Going with condensation mentioned above on this one.

  9. Rain-- Oh, Haku, you're on this.

  10. My, you people really work fast,
    But take a break 'cause I have to dash.
    I'll be back soon, Ray just needs a nap
    But before I go, let's recap;
    Answer the first; without the book.
    Answer the second; "of", if you look.
    Answer the third; "rain", as you see.
    I wonder what the next riddle will be?

  11. Good Luck in there. No telling what the fuck is in there...I'd hate to say it, but there could be something worse.