Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Alright. So, my first official act as Field Commander of the SMD is sending an all-Military Department strike team into the Path of Black Leaves.

They've been deployed as of two hours ago. HelmetCam feeds have all cut out, but according to Specter and the nerds, they did that last time.

Best of luck to them. They're taking a shot at that slim bastard. If they're lucky, they'll find the other team, too. We're going to make sure to get a full after-action report from whatever fragments of information come out of the survivors and video footage.

Specter's also posted a heads-up about our soon-to-be computer buddy, the PATCH. Check his blog for any further details, like what PATCH stands for.

Off to go get drunk, now.



  1. You know how this is going to end.

    Whyyyyyy do you keep doing this?

    It does seem like the plan is to run your organization into the ground with Pyrrhic excursions.

  2. Because they are tempting the dammed, that is why.

  3. This is going to end badly.... ~Rose

  4. Hold your grandmother's Bible to your breast.
    Gonna put it to the test.
    You want it to be blessed.
    And in your heart,
    You know it to be true,
    You know what you gotta do.
    They all depend on you.
    And you already know.
    Yeah, you already know how this will end.

    There is no escape,
    From the slave-catchers' songs.
    For all of the loved ones gone.
    Forever's not so long.
    And in your soul,
    They poked a million holes.
    But you never lettem show.
    C'mon it's time to go.
    And you already know.
    Yeah, you already know how this will end.

  5. I have to say, Nocturne, Reach and aloneamongthewreck were very good poets!