Friday, May 20, 2011

Operation Headhunter After Action Report

Date: May 18th, 2011
Time: 14:30-15:43 Hours, SMD HQ time
Location: Classified

Operation Headhunter's primary objective was an attempted elimination of Target Alpha in what is believed to be Target Alpha's primary base of operations, referred to in various intelligence reports and in the Irregular community as 'the Path of Black Leaves.' Secondary objectives included locating and rescuing surviving members of the previous expedition into the Path of Black Leaves, if any such individuals existed.

An all-volunteer unit was selected for Operation Headhunter. Rather than assign a specific squad, PTC operatives were selected from four different units and deployed as a single team into the Path of Black Leaves. This unit was designated Headhunter Squad for the purposes of the operation. Headhunters 1 through 5 were outfitted with light body armor and the newly-upgraded Type-5 Multi-Barreled Laser Carbines, while Headhunter 6 was given a suit of heavy body armor, and the Type-21 Electrified Melee Weapon (Designation: Hammer of Thor) prototype. The operation was intended to be a combat mission, as well as a field test of the new design.

All members of Headhunter Squad were given HelmetCams for the purposes of analysis of combat footage at SMD HQ. Upon entering the Path of Black Leaves, Headhunter Squad began a sweep of their immediate area. After no sign of hostile contact, Headhunter 1 took point. Navigation software loaded into the squad's helmets was ineffective in the Path of Black Leaves, with no clear direction that led north. This indicates severe magnetic interference, or some as-yet unknown effect stemming from Target Alpha's influence on his immediate environment. Opting to take a randomly-selected direction for an extended sweep, Headhunter Squad did not encounter any hostile contact for ten minutes. Video footage of the operation contains heavy audio and video distortion, as is normal when dealing with Target Alpha, or objects, persons, or areas related to Target Alpha.

No transcripts have been provided, but at 15:00 hours (SMD HQ time), Headhunter Squad confirmed contact with Target Alpha. Headhunters 1 through 5 opened fire, shooting to kill. Multiple head and torso shots were confirmed with laser carbines while Headhunter 6 attempted to flank and attack with the Hammer of Thor. Target Alpha engaged Headhunter 6 in close combat, managing to evade the Hammer of Thor (suspected to be highly dangerous to Target Alpha). Target Alpha succeeded in neutralizing Headhunter 6 while under direct fire from the rest of Headhunter Squad, and fell back quickly after throwing Headhunter 6 at the rest of the squad. The Hammer of Thor was damaged, and rendered useless for the rest of the operation as a result. It is presently undergoing repairs by the SMD's Science Department.

Headhunter Squad gave pursuit, and lost track of Target Alpha. Target Alpha re-engaged Headhunter Squad with a flanking maneuver, hitting them from the left and almost managing to pierce Headhunter 3's left arm. Headhunter 3 engaged Target Alpha directly in hand-to-hand combat, while the rest of the squad prepared to hit Target Alpha with concentrated fire. Throwing Headhunter 3 off, Target Alpha made a second attempt at what was believed to be a false retreat. Headhunter 1 called for the squad to disengage, and Headhunter Squad was back at SMD HQ within the hour.

Combat footage analysis indicates Target Alpha is not slow or sluggish when the situation is believed to require rapid movement, such as in the case of Target Alpha's hand-to-hand engagement with Headhunter 3. Target Alpha is also confirmed to have excellent upper-body strength, judging from how Target Alpha threw Headhunter 6 at the rest of the squad.

Operation Headhunter has been deemed a failure, due to a lack of any useful information being gleaned from the operation's footage analysis, and the failed primary and secondary objectives. Advise against further deployments into the Path of Black Leaves.
Suspected as much. Power failures when we tried to post this last night. Not sure if that's a bad sign, or if we're just being paranoid.



  1. those lasers may stun it. but not kill it, it is not a biological entity as us, 'damage' have a different definition for it.

  2. Do not proceed with this blasphemous fallacy. The one who hunts you and you in turn wish to hunt is not to be destroyed, but worshiped and appeased. It is of many names, and it is the one true Lord. Your attempts to slay it would be as those of a fly attempting to slay the mighty elephant, and as well intentioned as your cause may be, things as they are is what they are meant to be. To be hunted is to show your devotion, but unknowing devotion is empty. Embrace your hunted status, but do not attempt to fight back. Perhaps, if you aid in the downfall of this blasphemous resistance, you shall be rewarded as those you call "Husks" have been, but moreso. Join in this worship, or die in fear and hide from the truth.

  3. (Looking coldly at Madiwa) you know why I call SM Blasphemer...

  4. Oh, no. Another, unoriginal proxy trying to turn us over to Big Daddy. When that doesn't work, he'll start taking matters into his own hands and begin trying to slay the heretics in the name of Ol' Slendy.

    I don't know if I recall correctly, but I think I remember a fly in Africa carrying some deadly disease that affected animals. That includes elephants, by the way, Mudiwa.

  5. Serenity, your words bear more thought than I had expected from an unknowing worshiper of the Lordly Hunter. I see no reason to slay any runner, as that would defeat my purpose. That is to say, to kill them would be to deprive "slendy" of his hunts, which would itself be blasphemy.

    As to the diseased fly, well, there is always a chance that this foolishness will have some detrimental effect upon the Master of the Hunt. If I believed that it was entirely hopeless, I'd not bother trying to "turn" him. After the hunt this one has given the Lord, no matter what he does he will have served his purpose. Who knows, perhaps the chance to wound the hunter is his reward for being such satisfying prey.

  6. Sweet serenity, your words wound me. I am no proxy, I'm as human as any you call "Runner".

  7. All of that just reminded me of that short story, "The Most Dangerous Game". Seems fitting.

    'Cause, you know, the prey came out victorious.

  8. The prey, in this case, is not preforming an act of heroism, but rather attempting to bring about the end of the natural order.