Sunday, May 15, 2011

the plan

Subject: SMD/Central Command Conference
Sender: PTC Central Command Transcript Office
To: PTC Transcript Record Databank
Date: 5/12/11, 13:15

Conference 1452 Audio Transcript

PTC General Marcus Karmac (Callsign: Orca)
PTC Head Executive Omar Carlyle (Callsign: Drumroll)
PTC Head Scientist Dale Elb (Callsign: Venom)
PTC Head of Internal Affairs [REDACTED] (Callsign: Knight)
SMD Head Executive Kyle Leonard (Callsign: 'Specter')

Specter: Gentlemen, I believe you know why I called this conference.
Orca: Leonard, our decision is final. Central Command absolutely will not permit the Slender Man Division to continue reverse-engineering this 'Reintegration Tablet' alone.
Specter: I am aware, and cannot permit you to take it into Central Command's custody. It is absolutely vital that the Tablet remain in the SMD's control. Information on the Slender Man could come from this device, and may finally permit the SMD to deal with the creature once and for all.
Venom: Leonard, with all due respect, your Division has shown multiple attempts at killing the creature, with a zero-percent success rate. Your scientists should be focused entirely on the elimination of the Slender Man. My science team here at Central Command can deal with the matter. You're in no position to deny us access to the Tablet.
Specter: So that's your plan? Take a valuable asset from the SMD? The SMD is becoming high-priority. You've all said as much. We're permitted certain assets denied to other Divisions. I believe that includes the Reintegration Tablet.
Knight: That may be, but you have proven to have a problem with dissent in the ranks, multiple times. We can't permit the Tablet to fall into rogue hands. Turn it over to our control, or we'll see to it that your Division receives no further support.
Specter: That isn't your jurisdiction, Knight.
Drumroll: It's my jurisdiction. Knight, further attempts to undermine my authority will not be tolerated. The SMD will receive additional support as the situation warrants. That is PTC policy, and will not change at the whim of Internal Affairs.
Knight: Do not presume to threaten me, Carlyle. I don't answer to you.


Specter: Knight's getting bolder.
Drumroll: He is. About this Tablet. I'm not sure leaving it in your hands is the safest option for the device. You have to understand, Kyle, this dimensional bleeding, it might not stop, and it seems to be centered on your Division. We can't risk losing the Tablet because we didn't move it sooner.
Specter: Omar, I'm telling you, this isn't going to be a problem. We're fixing the bleeding now.
Drumroll: How can you be so sure?
Specter: Just trust me, alright?
Venom: How can we? All you've done this entire time is present multiple failures, despite miscellaneous advances in scientific aspects of the paranormal. We've been putting your data to work, but your primary mission has shown minimal success. How do we know you haven't been squandering your resources to simply bleed us dry?
Specter: Bleed you dry? Are you insinuating that I'm Indoctrinated?
Venom: The proxies are a subversive group. You know that. You could be operating under the Slender Man's control on a purely subconcious level. And the constant use of that blog Arthur made, which you should have shut down, is a major breach of PTC policy in and of itself. We've given you a lot of leeway, and evidence has been piling up that you might not be operating within PTC policy any further.
Specter: Do NOT say that I've been compromised. I am NOT Indoctrinated.
Venom: I see. Leonard, I want this made very clear. We can do better with the Tablet than you can. By rights, you SHOULD pass it over to us.
Specter: And if I refuse, your little council will just use it as ammo against me, right? Get me reassigned, or locked up in The Box.
Orca: You're being paranoid, Leonard, and perhaps a bit obsessive. That's a dangerous sign.
Specter: My fears are well-founded.
Drumroll: Leonard, if it really means that much to you, we'll permit you to keep the Tablet. But absolutely ANYTHING related to the creation of the PATCH is to be handed off to Central Command as priority traffic.
Specter: Acceptable.
Drumroll: Are we done here?
Specter: No. There's still the matter of Arthur Nile.
Drumroll: Leonard, he got a lot of PTC intelligence into the wrong hands. We can't possibly track down all of his contacts. Nightcrawler is untouchable.
Specter: Is he really?
Drumroll: You're proposing a solution to Nightcrawler's rampage?
Venom: Don't entertain his ideas any further. Specter's proven time and again that he can't be permitted to-
Specter: Be very careful of the next words that you say, Elb. It would make things far more difficult for the both of us.
Venom: Is that a threat, Leonard?
Specter: Yes.
Venom: You're in no position to threaten me. I'm-
Specter: A beaker-slinger with an over-sized budget and a gun at his back.
Venom: You don't get to make demands, Specter.
Specter: Yes, I do. I've got the Tablet, and I'm the head of a high-priority Division. And we have a psychotic PTC agent on the loose. He's my mess, and I intend to deal with him. Nightcrawler will be killed. I'm proposing the first task we use the PATCH for is hunting down Nightcrawler and his contacts that he has passed classified PTC information to.
Venom: I see. The PATCH would be able to sift through meaningless data, calculate probability of who's got what information. Then...
Drumroll: We use that information to track down and kill all of Nightcrawler's contacts at the same time, before anyone can pass it along that we're after him.
Specter: Brilliant in its simplicity, isn't it? This is why I'm requesting additional scientists for my Division, to speed the reverse-engineering process of the Reintegration Tablet. We'll settle for the core systems. It should be more than sufficient for the shakedown run.
Venom: I'll send out a memo for volunteers.
Specter: Our business is concluded, gentlemen.


Venom: We can't permit Leonard to strong-arm us like this. We're the heads of Central Command.
Drumroll: Leonard's always been focused on what he thinks is the correct course of action. Thank God he didn't go insane like Nile.
Venom: Has he been compromised? Do we need to send in Internal Affairs?
Orca: Absolutely not! Knight will not take charge here. We took a risk permitting him to send in Cyclops.
Venom: What risk? We already told Specter as much just now. We suspect he's Indoctrinated, if only on a small level. This Slender Man creature has been conducting limited activity within a specific sphere of influence, and we've been throwing lives and money and time at the problem until it stops. It's not stopping. I'm recommending we shut down the Slender Man Division once and for all. It's gotten us valuable assets, but we need to cut expenses now.
Drumroll: That is my jurisdiction, Elb. I will deal with the matter as I see fit.
Venom: At least give it a thought, Carlyle.
Drumroll: I will, Elb. Everything is spiraling out of control, but we can get our hands on the steering wheel and pull the PTC back from the brink. The key lies in ensuring the Slender Man Division can generate enough gains for all of the losses it's brought us.
Venom: And Nightcrawler?
Drumroll: Leonard's absolutely right on that course of action. The plan proceeds.
Orca: I'd say this concludes our business, then?
Venom: Yes, I believe so. Marcus, meet down in the bar for drinks. I have an idea for a new standardized firearm to issue to the troops.



Drumroll: Stacy, bring me that map you drew for daddy. Oh, this thing's still on.



they are on the right path

my Friend will help them seal the veil

it won't stop the faceless one, but it will set things right


  1. I hope your friend is a strong enough person.

    We need to set things right.

    I know it'll work out, though.

  2. You guys aren't worried about this? At all? I mean, it's obvious Specter didn't post this. It's this guy looking for his friend, you know? Remember the last one? "falsehoods"? If I recall correctly, you were a lot more worried about that.

  3. Yeah, I sort of have to agree with Killjay. This guy has no knowledge of grammar. Therefore he must be evil! Also those PTC guys are assholes.


  4. What the hell...? Who submitted this? This is... this is wrong. There are no pros to having this in public viewing - all this does is give Nightcrawler a heads-up, discredit Specter, and give the PTC a blackeye in the eyes of runners for suggesting pulling the plug on the Slender Man division. Why is it Killjay who is the only one making sense out of the lot of you??

  5. Psh. One-time deal, Mitch. Don't expect it to happen again.

  6. Actually, I'm interested that "Knight"'s name got whited out, analogically speaking. Or inked out. I guess inked out is what it would be in the military.

  7. Maybe because we where more familiar with the messenger, or friend searcher there. try to read Specter previous posts, you will understand.