Sunday, May 22, 2011

Specter's angry

Specter is kind of pissed right now. I asked him about public response to the PATCH announcement about twenty minutes ago. He says he really didn't want to talk about it. So, I pressed him on the matter, and he decided to yell at me before calming down.

Apparently, one of you guys knows his name, or something, and posted it in the comments section over on his blog. He's not happy to hear that. That's the sort of thing the PTC keeps seriously under wraps. There's a reason we use all these whacked-out aliases. If the Runners know the names of PTC executives or the command staff, then it's a serious security breach, because none of you know how to keep your mouths shut. At least, that's how Specter's putting it.

The fact that any of you know about Conference 1452 is bad news in and of itself. I didn't know about it until Specter told me a very short, concise version of what happened once he cooled off.

Guys, you probably think this is a small thing to raise hell over, considering how open we've been with you as it is, but Specter's freak out was actually pretty legitimate. We can't have that information circulating in the blogosphere. We've got enough PTC secrecy blown as it is. The fact that the names of our command staff are still a secret is part of how we're able to operate at all anymore. The Feds are watching this blog, and they do want to shut us down once and for all.

Keep that in mind.

Don't say anymore than is necessary from now on.



  1. Sounds like things are getting worse by the day.

    Look at it like this: You've got a guy who keeps looking for his "Friend." If you can contact him, and get him to give you all kinds of private information, you might just get somewhere.

  2. Good thing I'm terrible with names... ~Rose