Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Updates all around

Specter here.

First, it is with great relief that I am announcing I'll be returning to handling my own personal blog, leaving this one in the hands of B2. He'll be updating here from now on. Now I don't need to be the bearer of bad news when things go wrong.
Second, our tests with the Reintegration Tablet have been extensive these last few days. We've confirmed it can run software intended for Windows operating systems, as well as at least a few Mac programs. B2 won't let go of the damn thing, but that's more his crippling video game addiction than anything. The science team appreciates the test data either way. Other tests we have in mind involve taking it apart to see how it operates, and eventually seeing if we can't reverse-engineer it for more all-purpose uses than Reintegration, whatever that is. The Tablet and its creator, Nathaniel Crowley, have both proven very cooperative so far. If the Tablet can process supernatural activity, then it's very likely that anything based off of it will be able to do the same. That would be a massive boon to the PTC as a whole, and especially the SMD.

Third, on the matter of Dr. Cairo Zelphest's disappearance, we're still searching. We'll provide an update on the subject if we find anything at all. We can't devote everything to finding Dr. Zelphest, but we're doing what we can with what we've got. That's generally more than the likes of, say, Zeke Strahm, or the young men who operate the EverymanHYBRID channel on Youtube, but we're not omniscient. If we can't find him, then we simply can't find him. So, apologies in advance if that turns out to be a massive disappointment. I know some people out there appreciated what the Doctor did for the Irregular community, and if he turns out to have been Indoctrinated the entire time, we'll just line him up against the wall and shoot him. Target dummies for the troops to practice on are expensive, so he'll serve the PTC as a cost-cutting maneuver, if nothing else. We're also trying to track down Benefactor, and there's been no word on that so far.

Fourth, on the subject of the Path of Black Leaves, we've been making an effort to try and see if we can't somehow take another shot at an expedition into the Path to see if there's any way we can use it. The prospect of a reverse-engineered Reintegration Tablet is critically important in this capacity; it could make all of the necessary adjustments to our calculations to see if we can't solve this dimensional bleeding issue. We're not even sure if that's possible, but we need to try and see what we can do. Zero may not have intended for the Solstice to cause the problems it did, but it's something we need to fix, desperately. If this gets bad enough, there's no telling what will happen. Time can become a hellish nightmare with no beginning or end, but there's also the possibility that the sky will just turn pink and everyone can go about their merry day without any further issues. Two nights ago, just glancing at the clock on my nightstand, I can tell you that it actually stopped for no good reason, and didn't match up with the computer clock. I unplugged it, reset it, checked every other clock we had to see what the time was, and came to the conclusion that everyone's perception of time is off. Clocks all over our current base of operations are showing different times. Now, that's not exactly important on its own, but what really raised the red flag was that nobody was sharing the same perception of time. I've asked around. It's been getting worse whenever someone is alone, but the time discrepancies apparently haven't gone beyond an hour in difference between any two people. Everyone's been given orders to check in every ten minutes ('their' time) when they're alone, even if it's just by radio, and more people have been switched to the night shift. I've already been considering bumping the time between each check-in down to five minutes, just in case.

So, in short, B2's right. Fixing the dimensional bleeding is our top priority at the moment. This clock thing is already getting annoying, and it hasn't been a full week yet.

Anyways, that's all for now. The science team's gearing up for another round of tests regarding the Path, so I need to at least check in on that. Every time we do something, we probably risk the dimensional bleeding getting worse, so we need to wrap up the 'bend reality to our will' part and just skip to the 'fix what the Slender Man is doing to the fabric of our realm of existence' part.

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  1. Specter, as i stated before i am in possession of scans of a book that gives details on opening a stable Rift. it might be helpful. I can send it to you in a zip file if you or the science team want to take a look at it.