Monday, February 14, 2011

Operation Firestarter After Action Report

Date: February 14th, 2011
Time: 02:05-02:43 Hours, local time
Location: Ireland, exact location withheld for security purposes

Mission objective was to apprehend or terminate known Slender Man supporter('Proxy', likely Indoctrinated) 'Redlight.' Task force assigned to Operation Firestarter consisted of Command Squad 'Basroil', as well as Nightstalker Squad and Demolisher Squad. Air support was to be provided by P.T.C. Gunships Archangel, Firewing, and Fatboy.

Operative squads were aboard gunships until op-time 02:15, at which point LZ Sigma was approached. LZ was clear, with no witnesses and no sign of hostile contact. The gunships took off, and circled the area from a high altitude to maintain a solid view of the surrounding perimeter and to keep ground teams informed of the situation. Gunships were issued strict orders not to engage unless ground teams were going to lose the target or were taking losses.

Ground teams advanced to GPS coordinates [REDACTED]. P.T.C. computer specialists had discovered Redlight had posted on the blog noted as belonging to the ex-Revenant Irregular 'Reach', from GPS coordinates [REDACTED]. Upon arrival, there was a small uninhabited shed, and a working laptop computer, seemingly of a customized design. The laptop was taken and held by B3 for further analysis. As of 02:23, there was no sign of the target.

Hostile contacts were engaged at 02:24. Below is a radio transcript from the time the engagement began to the extraction of ground teams by P.T.C. gunships. An audio clip would have been attached to this After-Action Report, but voices are to be with-held for security purposes.

B4: Alright, looks clear. Redlight's probably long gone, and left in a hurry. There's his computer. Someone grab that. We can use it.
Nightstalker 4: Shit! REVENAN- [static renders radio channel undecipherable from this point forward - Nightstalker 4 confirmed KIA in post-engagement recon]
Gunship Archangel: Uh, ground teams, be advised, we have Revenant contact, approaching your position. Uh, it's only one, over. Requesting clearance for weapons free.
Nightcrawler: Weapons free! Take him out!
Gunship Firewing: Roger that! Roger that! Guns, guns, guns!
Gunship Archangel: Solid lock, I repeat, solid lock. Dropping the hammer.

At this time, Gunships Firewing, and Archangel engaged the Revenant contact with 40mm fragmentation rounds, and followed the opening barrage with a series of high-caliber railgun rounds.

Nightcrawler: Confirmed kill, Revenant down.
B3: Didn't that shithead say that he had a lot of Revenants with him in the blog post?
Nightstalker 3: Yeah, he did. Fuck! Eyes open, people! There's gotta be more!
Gunship Fatboy: Cut the chatter, eyes open! Redlight's still in the area if there's Revenants!
Nightcrawler: Gunship Archangel, ascend and mark ground teams on thermal imaging, look for anybody not showing up on P.T.C. IFF. If anything shows up and it's not a Revenant, it has to be Redlight.
Gunship Archangel: Uh, roger, Nightcrawler, stand by.

-Break for approximately three(3) minutes-

Gunship Archangel: Nightcrawler, we have him on thermal. Two clicks east, and making a run for it. He may not realize we're still after him...Shit, Charlie Foxtrot, Charlie Foxtrot! Redlight is engaging a civilian vehicle on the road east of here! Attacking the driver, trying to hijack the car!
Nightcrawler: Road?! There wasn't anything in the briefing about a road!
Gunship Archangel: It was outside the speculated operations area. Intel must not have thought he'd get that far before we caught up. Two clicks is one hell of a distance to cover on foot.
Nightcrawler: Shoot the car!
Gunship Archangel: Uh, say again, Nightcrawler?
Nightcrawler: Blow up the car! I say again, destroy the car! It's our only shot!
Gunship Archangel: Uh, negative, Nightcrawler. P.T.C. ROE dictates no witnesses if at all avoidable. We've gotta let Redlight go this time. A car that's been blown up by a few high-powered railgun rounds would make international headlines.
Nightcrawler: Fuck the rules of engagement! Kill the bastard!
Gunship Archangel: That is a negative, Nightcrawler. Command, come in, this is Gunship Archangel. Operation Firestarter is being aborted. Retrieving ground teams now.

Ground teams were retrieved by 02:34 hours, and had left the designated operations area by 02:43. P.T.C. Slender Man Division will resume attempts to apprehend or kill Indoctrinated 'Redlight' at a later point. Operation Firestarter has, as of this moment, been declared a partial success. The laptop that was in Indoctrinated 'Redlight's' possession may prove useful.


  1. Well at least you guys took down a Revenant, and that laptop should hold some useful information. Next time bring Tom. If Redlight tries to run Tom can teleport grab him then bring him back.

  2. What's up with NC? Early on he seemed, well, gloomy, back he was out hunting runners that is. He was calm and seemed sorrowful.
    Now he's, well, much more aggressive. (Although I find it too bad, that you didn't blow the fucker up)

  3. Lucky bastard the only thing he has consistently not fucked up is escaping. Still a partial success presuming the laptop doesn't explode or something.
    May I suggest some counseling for Nightcrawler, the stress of...all this seems to be getting to him in a potentially terrible way for civilians.

    Better luck next time.

  4. You miscalculated, gentlemen. Redlight is a Revenant. Just not one I'm familiar with. That worries me somewhat.

  5. Im not surprised.

    I've been doing some thinking, and we might be looking at Redlight all wrong.

  6. It seems Redlight is not the only screw up. Keep up the "Good" work Gentlemen. Perhaps you should consider listening to Nightcrawler. He understands what needs to be done if you want to stand a chance against The Great Tall One.

  7. Oh hells yes. This makes my day at least *somewhat* better. A shame you didn't get Redlight, but hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do in order to maintain secrecy.

    @ Reach ...Say that again?

    He's a Revenant?

    ...holy hell, if such a thing is possible. But why is he still wearing the bandages? I thought Revenants could regenerate?