Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally some progress on all fronts

B2 took a team down to Florida right when he got back from Africa. The hotel manager was coerced to help us out through a combination of bribery and forged FBI badges. Specter was nowhere to be found, and the manager mentioned that there'd been no sign of the guest who rented the room for a couple of days. The manager mentioned there had been a guy looking for Specter, though. Asked for his cover name while in public (the one he rented a hotel room with). Grey shirt, brown hair. Fairly nondescript. The kind of guy you'd expect to miss walking down a street or in a crowd. B2 and his team searched the room top to bottom, didn't find any kind of hidden message or warning. The manager said there were no signs of a struggle in the room. Specter just up and disappeared. If anything like that happened, they would have called the police.

It wasn't long after that we got a call from a cell number one of the dead bodyguards had used. The guy in possession of the phone, whoever he is, wants a rendezvous. He didn't say why, but he rattled off a very interesting list of facts. Whoever it is has a fairly intricate knowledge of PTC operating procedure. We don't exactly pass out fliers with that information. Either it's someone in the PTC, or Specter's been captured and he's getting interrogated. And he's cracked. We've got to find him, and fast.

The rendezvous is to take place tomorrow. He's provided an address. We're not gonna say where or when, as he requested.

As for Mr. Collector, our team's still hot on his trail, regardless of his offer. This Mr. Reed fellow, however, is interesting. As important as finding Specter is, Collector needs to be dealt with, and Mr. Reed's a potential security risk. We've already dispatched two squads to Reed's address. They have orders to take him alive if possible, but if he's difficult, another one for the body count doesn't hurt.

Internal Affairs has been bugging the crap out of us to just get back to work and let them find Specter. They're being unreasonable about this. We haven't given two shits about their authority before, and we're not about to start now. Meanwhile, our relocation is almost finalized. Things are cleared up, and our previous safehouse is now recognized as a potential risk for future PTC Divisions to use until this matter with Collector is resolved.

I've also been getting back on topic, in terms of the science team's workload. We had a theory, relating to the Electric Theorem. Common circulating theory is that the Slender Man is easy to harm with electricity and magnetism. So, assuming dimensional manipulation can be done artificially (if at all), we might be able to dimensionally contain him to keep him from just getting away, get him inside a cage consisting entirely of highly-magnetic and conductive materials, run a massive current through it, and then get it to close in around him. The result should be a bit explosive.

That's assuming any of that works at all, let alone hurts him. We might be able to actually kill the bastard. We'd need to lure him into the cage, though. But again, just some theories we've been kicking around. We've also been debating 'lethal taser' rounds again.

The problem is that solid-projectiles seem to do nothing upon impact (presumably that's just without an electric current), and just don't connect if they do have an electric current. Confirmed video evidence of a blunt object and a car not hurting the Slender Man exist and are currently on the everymanHYBRID channel on Youtube. That was the whole reason we broke out the laser carbines to deal with this. And they were effective. Current theory to explain that here at the SMD involves the stuff that hits the Slender Man simply moving too fast and being something different from your average baseball bat. In the case of the laser carbines, a beam of coherent light. Nothing slower has ever been confirmed to harm it. You don't get faster than the speed of light. And the light's not actually solid, and even the laser carbines never really did anything but make it back off, which could be explained by any number of things.

That might change with the addition of a running current into the mix, but that still leaves the matter of the taser rounds just not connecting. I don't know, I'll keep kicking the idea around.

Anyways, we'll keep you posted.



  1. Have you considered a dual-phase particle beam? A neutral beam to create a temporary vacuum tunnel through the atmosphere followed almost instantly by a high energy electron beam. Of course the power requirements would be astronomical.

    The alternative would be to lure the entity into the Large Hadron Collider, although it is doubtful if my friends at CERN would be too pleased at the prospect.

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