Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I thought I was done with this blog

Goggles is busy in the labs right now, so I'm responsible for keeping everyone updated.

In light of B2 getting stuck in Africa, he's responsible for getting himself out. I don't doubt that he can, but he's stuck there until he can get back home on his own. We're too busy here, and I need everyone on hand.

Mr. Collector, on the other hand, has proven he's out for blood. His kill-count has spiked in the last week. If only for the sake of keeping this from making the news, and possibly exposing us and the Slender Man to the world (you know he's gonna prattle on about it if he's ever interviewed, and he'll try, I think) we probably need to take him down ahead of schedule. We're narrowing down his location, but we can't devote the PATCH to that right now. It's too busy assisting Goggles, and we want Goggles and the rest of the science team done with the dimensional restabilization equipment as soon as possible. So we're resorting to identifying where he's been, and using that to determine where he's going based on what he's said on his blog, combined with our usual methods of covert recon to confirm he's there once we narrow down a location. I'd rather use PATCH's pattern analysis, but the PATCH is tied down with the lab work, so our field agents are on their own.

We're not gonna say if he's hot or cold, but that incident with the school definitely means we need to get on it in earnest. One Indoctrinated running around with delusions of grandeur and 'fighting the good fight' by killing kids isn't what we're normally supposed to really focus on, but the body count's entered the hundreds. The bigger this gets, the more we (and more importantly, the Slender Man) risk very public exposure if the police get him into custody. We can't let that happen, since there's no guarantee of our main target somehow bailing him out of trouble a second time, and if he gets interviewed, and ends up on mainstream media somehow, it'll cause more problems than we can deal with. If he gets caught and ends up staying in police custody, gets interviewed, and it gets aired to a large enough audience, then...well, there goes the neighborhood.

Onto another topic. There doesn't seem to have been any hacking attempts or transcript leaks lately, since you guys haven't brought it up for a while. Keep us posted about that, guys. If there's another transcript leak, we need to get that fixed as soon as we can. As for The Friend, there hasn't been any word from him. If he requests another meet-up, we're going to try and talk to him, face-to-face, and hopefully he'll oblige. The ball's in his court.

On that note, there's been no further leads regarding the attack on our hideout here. I'm not sure if we should completely drop that investigation, or try another angle.

There hasn't been much that's changed over the last month, so, that's a small blessing. Goggles is looking at it all wrong. 'Quiet and undisturbed' means 'stable.' That's all we can really hope for right now.


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