Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Morning Mayhem

Hey, everybody. I'm Goggles. I don't post here most of the time, but Basroil 2's out on what he called 'personal business' and kind of left me in charge of this little pet project of his and Specter's. I'm sure you're all positively anxious to hear how I'm doing. I mean, sure, B2's the big, badass sniper, and Specter runs the show, but let me put it this way: The scientists are the ones who make or break any PTC case, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, all bragging and attempts at blowing my own importance out of proportion aside, my morning's been rather hectic thus far. The PATCH has been kind of acting weird. It's doing a few things off to the side, anticipating orders, and has been compiling dimensional variation reports all night despite being told to power down to minimize risk of overheating. So, we're checking that out. Not sure how long it's been acting like this.

On the subject of Father Paranoia, we've been narrowing down whether or not this is the real deal, or just a guy fucking with us. For once, it's looking like the real deal, in which case, we can expect close cooperation with the Father Paranoia Division of the PTC. This is actually a bad thing. Joint PTC operations have no over-riding protocol for determining chain of command between the two Divisions. Both Divisions tend to retain overall authority over their own personnel, and that can lead to some infighting between the officers of both groups. It's happened before, and usually ends badly. At any rate, this Father Paranoia thing falls under their jurisdiction, but if the two cases are tied together, we're gonna need to work with them. Not looking forward to that. Nothing's worse than getting the science teams of two separate Divisions in the same room. We start off comparing notes, and it eventually degenerates into us stealing each-other's research. Sometimes at gunpoint.

Our dimensional bleeding problem's definitely not getting better, but we think we've managed to contain the damage and keep it from spreading. So we're making progress, for those of you still concerned with that.

Now, one thing we've had to deal with recently. Some cops have been coming around asking a few very specific questions we never want to hear, along the lines of 'Have you seen these people?' At least one of the people 'missing' is in our custody, and at least one other has been confirmed Indoctrinated and executed with a few others. Specter's talking about relocating, but we're running out of places to go. If the cops narrow down our hideout here, then we end up with very little else to work with. And we can't move the PATCH, so we need to stay here. We might have a problem on our hands, but Specter's got to have some ideas. He's gotten us this far. I can't see him letting us down this time.

I'll update sometime tomorrow. Got some test results out of the PATCH to look over. Then it's time for breakfast.



  1. You all seem about as organized as the, to use your terms, Indoctrinated. Perhaps with just a touch more organization and maybe a few less crazy people. Honestly, I remember when those who opposed the Master were at least somewhat competant, and not just because the 'Indoctrinated' were imbeciles, because they were not.



    In all seriousness though, it shouldn't be TOO hard to get around. drop some DNA evidence in the right place, shell out the right money for witnesses...this stuff SHOULD be workable for you. I hope.

    Good luck.

  3. Ok for some reason, I was under the impression that the PATCH and the Reintegration Tablet were the same thing. Where did I go wrong?