Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Subject: SMD/Central Command Conference
Sender: PTC Central Command Transcript Office
To: PTC Transcript Record Databank
Date: 7/20/11, 01:29
Conference 1793 Audio Transcript

PTC General Marcus Karmac (Callsign: Orca)
PTC Head Executive Omar Carlyle (Callsign: Drumroll)
SMD Head Executive Kyle Leonard (Callsign: Specter)
SMD Science Department Head Scientist Phillip Spinal (Callsign: Goggles)

Specter: Karmac, Carlyle.
Drumroll: Leonard, what is the meaning of this conference? It's one-thirty in the morning.
Specter: Oh, no reason. Just thought I'd call up, say hi, request permission to authorize the 'Imminent Exposure' protocol, and top it off with permission to engage the target of Imminent Exposure with heavy assets.
Orca: Wait, wait, wait. You want to authorize gunship deployments again? Against what?!
Drumroll: I know what this is about. Karmac, he's talking about this Collector business.
Orca: You want to kill some random psychopath with a gunship?!
Specter: Gunships. Plural.
Orca: Are you completely insane?!
Drumroll: And with the Imminent Exposure protocol active, no less. You're basically requesting permission to broadcast our existence to the world by way of excessive collateral damage.
Specter: Yeah, pretty much.
Drumroll: I don't know how you can make this call to Central Command and remain so calm about this while requesting authority to deploy heavy weapons! With a straight face! This is a joke, right?
Specter: Yes, Omar. I'm joking. I'm really calling to request authorization to deploy our tank. Can I have authority to deploy heavy assets, now?
Drumroll: I don't appreciate jokes, Leonard. Especially not when we're discussing such a matter as the Imminent Exposure protocol.
Goggles: Wait, we have a tank?
Specter: I'm not joking. Rockets, tanks, gunships. Give me something to green-light, here.
Drumroll: Absolutely not!
Specter: Why is it whenever I try to do my job, Central Command does everything in their power to tie down assets or flat-out keep me from deploying anything big enough?
Drumroll: Don't start up with that! We've given you plenty of leeway! That blog, the rampant gunship deployments, numerous casualties! Drafting of Irregular personnel! You're almost as bad as Nile!
Specter: Don't you dare go there, Omar. I'm not Nightcrawler. We've been over this.
Drumroll: You're going too far, this time!
Specter: I'm going to green-light it, with or without your permission.
Drumroll: I'm calling your bluff, Specter. You wouldn't dare do that.
Goggles: Could somebody rewind for a minute? What was that about a tank?
Specter: You're right. I wouldn't. Congratulations, you called my bluff.
Drumroll: What do you hope for this...temper tantrum to solve, Leonard?
Specter: A very bad problem.
Drumroll: Specter, you're not getting authorization to deploy heavy assets for the Imminent Exposure protocol. Kill him with nothing bigger than an automatic rifle. Do a drive-by if you feel it necessary. Nothing pointlessly public if at all possible.
Specter: Karmac, authorize it.
Orca: Of course I won't authorize it, Specter. I'm in full agreement with Carlyle. No good.
Specter: You won't authorize it, either?
Orca: Why should I? No point. It's one guy. Kill him, by all means. Just do it the usual way.
Specter: Is it such a bad thing to make sure the guy's dead?
Orca: Specter. Think about it. You're authorizing Imminent Exposure and requesting permission for tanks and gunships to make sure one person stays dead and buried when a brief engagement on foot would do just as well, with minimal exposure.
Drumroll: Specter, are you alright?
Specter: What do you mean?
Drumroll: You're sweating. A lot.
Specter: I...What are you talking about?
Goggles: Can we go back to the tank for just a minute?
Specter: Shit, you're right. I AM sweating. I need to go and get a drink or something. Excuse me.
Drumroll: Oh, sit down. As long as it doesn't afflict your ability to think rationally. Not that it's a skill you're known for, these days.
Specter: I'm not nuts, alright?
Drumroll: Specter, you eat, breathe, and drink this job, and specifically this case. Maybe it's time for a vacation.
Specter: No way! We're finally making some progress! We-
Drumroll: Do you trust your subordinates to properly do their jobs while you take a day off?
Specter: Of course not!
Goggles: Hey!
Drumroll: In which case, give me a moment here...and, there we go. All of your passwords and registry information will be rejected for the next two weeks. You won't be able to access any PTC databanks or darknet sites.
Specter: You're locking me out?!
Drumroll: Take a vacation, Leonard. For your own sake. You're twenty-nine years old. You have greying hair. Your Division has reached an odd sort of stability in the wake of a recent drop in activity that you can track. Your situation will not totally collapse if you take a vacation. I'd suggest Florida.
Specter: Unbelievable! I try to do my job, and you lock me out!
Drumroll: Listen to yourself! You're obsessed with this case! Take a break!
Specter: You listen to me, Carlyle-
Drumroll: Take a break, or I will have you discharged, shot, and left for dead in a dumpster.
Specter: You make a persuasive argument. I'll start packing immediately.




Goggles: Will somebody please confirm or deny the existence of the tank?!



soon he'll be isolated



  1. This is not good. I'm starting to not trust this friend guy. Goggles or whoever reads this first Specter needs to be warned someone is targeting him.

  2. Will, the person posting the transcripts isn't the Friend, s/he's someone else.

  3. Wait, what was that about the tank? Can we just stop for a minute and go back to the tank?

  4. And that, gentlemen, is what we call "tempting fate."

  5. why am i imagining RvB at this point...Maybe the people stalking me are fucking project freelancer!