Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Specter found

OK, Specter couldn't access his blog. Probably bad news, there.

At any rate, he's back safe and sound. What he found definitely implies something else was going on before he showed up.

He found the original Wyoming TV hijacking videos, from the Wyoming Incident, on infinite loop on a big-screen TV. The message he got said to meet the Friend at an address that turned out to be a small house in the suburban area of the city. No sign of Twiggy, no sign of any Indoctrinated, and no sign of anyone else there, except for the fact that there were a few things that had quite apparently been moved recently, and there was no sign of any dust in the house. None. The whole house was fully furnished, had a clean pool in the backyard, and generally looked like it was inhabited, with no sign of what happened to the people who lived there.

He went to the extent of asking the neighbors living near that house about it. They said nobody's lived there since (they think) sometime in 2007. Right around the time things in Wyoming started to go bad.

Specter immediately latched onto the idea of our Friend working for Father Paranoia. That raises a whole bunch of questions, though. I'm not sold on it. We're still not sure if our Friend is actually on our side, here, and if Father Paranoia's actually involved, then all hell could break loose at any given moment.

I don't like this.


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  1. and i thought kevins problems were you guys think the slenderman is father paranoia's agent?