Friday, July 15, 2011

Reality of the situation

Specter made a few calls. We dodged a bullet, but there's no telling how long that's gonna hold up.

We've been getting a lot of incentive from Central Command (Read: Threats to transfer our funding to other Divisions) to get off our duffs and actually make something happen. It's been especially boring for a while, around here. Most of us have been holed up in here on lookout during our work hours, or pointlessly bashing our heads against a metaphorical wall. Progress has been slow on all fronts, but we're making progress nonetheless.

It's kind of depressing since it's been so long since our last big breakthrough, and there's been close to no major changes in the situation ever since. We haven't really been messed with since the last attack by (what we think were) Indoctrinated that knew how to use guns. We've gotten stagnant. The PATCH has been helping with research and data compilation, but we've been near-totally isolated here in our little hideout, trying to come up with the magic bullet to win.

We have no idea what's going on in the wider Irregular community nowadays. Most of us are too busy to keep up to date on any of the runner-blogs circulating out there, which doesn't help matters in the least. And this Mr. Collector that's got B2 so pissed off is showing an attitude outside that of most of the Indoctrinated 'community', which indicates that (when combined with what little information we've got regarding that last attack) Indoctrinated are somehow 'evolving.' Getting more complex, smarter. That's definitely a bad sign.

The Slender Man hasn't been sighted by us in...shoot, I don't even know how long. Think it forgot about us? On a lot of levels, we've forgotten about it. We've been so wrapped up in researching the dimensional bleeding and how to stop it, keeping the cops/FBI off us, and putting out a few other fires over the last couple of months that we haven't really stopped to try and track down the thing. The reason we haven't given the Banhammer a shot is because it hasn't come looking for us, and we haven't gone looking for it. Kind of an odd ceasefire.

Anyways, that magic bullet might actually be coming around. If the PATCH can figure out how to stop the dimensional bleeding, there might be an angle we haven't considered before. Keeping the Slender Man from getting away like he normally does when he just disappears can allow us to finally pin the thing down. Even if it can't be killed, we might be able to keep it contained. That's all a theory, but we might be able to make it work out.

Of course, given our track record, something will go horribly wrong. Oh, well. Let's do it. FOR SCIENCE.

B2's slated to come back sometime tomorrow. I'm sure he'll tell us all about his trip. He never really explained what that was all about.



  1. I'm not sure if you already know but the people at White Elephants hit faceless with about 2.5 million amps. It. fucked. him. up. I don't know how much is needed to kill or how you can harness that much but look into it.


  2. Yeah, that was the whole point of the Hammer of Thor project. I call it the Banhammer.

    But, anyways, the entire idea was to create something we could use to kill it, based on the use of electricity. We'd have resorted to tasers, but if we're going to hit it with something, we'd prefer something we can re-use. Hence the Banhammer.


  3. I like a Water Based Taser Cannon for that kind of thing.

    Keep at it. You can do this. :D