Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Overall priority update

Alright, so, we've been going over our current priorities ever since we've managed to take care of a few of our problems in quick succession.

Priority 1: Killing the Slender Man.

Still no progress, and that's frustrating the hell out of me.

Priority 2: Fixing this dimensional bleeding crap.

There's been some word from the science team on this, actually. Now, according to them, there's been a lot more 'stability' or whatever, ever since the Reintegration Tablet flipped the fuck out. They have no idea why, they have no idea what's going on, and they all have some suspicion that it's just the calm before the storm.


Priority 3: Figuring out what's up with these hacker posts, and the transcript and communication leaks.

Still no luck with this, but, judging from how nobody's tried to bring it up lately, there hasn't been one in a while.

Priority 4: Figuring out the identity of 'A Friend.'

We have no idea where our Friend stands right now. The Wyoming Incident videos at that suburb may have been some attempt to try and tell us something, but if he's working for Father Paranoia, why is he tipping us off to some of the stuff he knows about? It makes no sense. Does he know anything he's not telling us?

Priority 5: Killing Indoctrinated.

This sick fuck's still on my list. No, I haven't forgotten him. But as soon as I can, one bullet, between the eyes. Boom, headshot.

Priority 6: Clearing up whether or not Father Paranoia is involved in any of this at all.


Priority 7: Figuring out what's going on with this attack by PTC Internal Affairs.

We're still unsure of whether this was an Indoctrinated attack, or actually was PTC Internal Affairs. If it was Internal Affairs, we've got a problem. If it was Indoctrinated, then see Priority 5.

Priority 8: Ensuring the safety of the Reintegration Tablet.

Not a whole lot of point, now. We got what we wanted out of the Tablet, and it's pretty much become useless ever since the Summer Solstice. We've been leaving the matter alone. Crowley's been on the move, lately, but we can't afford to track his movements. We're spread too thin elsewhere as it is. It's out of our hands.

Priority 9: Ensuring the safety of Dr. Cairo Zelphest.

The situation on Dr. Zelphest's end is now out of our hands, too. Best of luck to him.

 Priority 10: Working out the kinks in the PATCH.

We've got this fixed, for the most part, and the PATCH is now hard at work helping the science team track and compile dimensional distortion and changes so as to make it easier to figure out how to fix it. We might actually make some progress in the near future.

Priority 11: Trying to convince the PTC's financiers to provide additional funding.


This brings us to a series of revised objectives.

1. Kill the Slender Man. Top priority, nothing less. But, that's kind of a 'take shots when the opportunity presents itself' thing rather than 'search and destroy.' Because we haven't seen hide-or-lack-of-hair of Twiggy for ages, and we can't go looking for him, except in the Path of Black Leaves. And we all know how well that one worked out.

2. Fix the dimensional bleeding. With the PATCH upgraded and in a better position to help, we should make some progress.

3. Find out where this hacker guy who keeps leaking transcripts is, and keep him from leaking any further information. That shit's classified for a reason, and it's not making our job easier.

4. Find out where and when the Friend is going to be when he contacts us again. We need to find him and get some answers. Concrete, straightforward answers.

5. Kill that Mr. Collector piece of shit, and any of his Indoctrinated buddies.

6. Narrow down suspects for that last attack, and either clean house or return the favor depending on the culprit. If Internal Affairs did it, they're not talking. And I mean 'not talking.' No confirmation or denial at all. Specter's called out the Head of Internal Affairs on it during a live conference twice now, and he was completely ignored.

7. Narrow down our list of priorities so that we have something in the range of two or three, instead of six. Because this shit is getting ridiculous.



  1. I'm flattered that I'm that high up on your list of current priorities, but can the killing me bit wait until after my lady friend and I decide where we're going with our relationship? Thanks.

  2. Oh well. If you're going to be in Wyoming anytime soon, we could meet up for a cup of coffee before we jump right into the killing each other. Don't have to be entirely uncivil about it all.

  3. I'd like that.

    See, kid, the thing with you is that you're a completely senseless murderer who has to rob people on the side to get by, while I'm good enough to be on payroll.

    You work for the bad guy, you're bad at being bad, AND you have no style. Sure, you mix it up, but you don't make the act of killing an art. You it. That's sick. It's also boring. Put the two together, and it pisses me off. Normally, it'd just be business as usual, but honestly, I was pretty frustrated with the Slender Man thing to begin with.

    So, I'm just gonna take it out on you and your buddies.


  4. I think You're trying to offend me, sir. That's a mistake.

  5. Depends. Is it working? If it's working, then it's not a mistake.