Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Expedition or Hunt?

Alright, so, I've put up a poll. I'll explain the purpose behind it.

Regardless of Reach's claims of insanity, we have confirmation that data we obtained through the assistance of a Conduit has helped us gain access to the Path of Black Leaves. We might be able to launch a preliminary scouting expedition into this little pocket dimension Slendy calls home for a test drive after the science team figures out how to actually get it working. They say it won't take too long. We've got data, so we're using it.

On another note, B2's been spotted recently. I want to try and bring him in again. Maybe, with the confirmation of dimensional weirdness on our end, he'll be cooperative. If he's not, we can still give it a shot. However, we don't have the numbers or the resources to try and launch the expedition at the same time. B2 can't get away if we throw everything we have at him. And if the expedition heads into the Path at the same time, they wouldn't have the numbers they'd need to take him in.

So, for the purposes of coordinating with Irregulars as I promised, I've put up a poll. Your recommendation is meaningful, here. We can go after B2, or we can launch a preliminary expedition into the Path. Anything more than that, and we wouldn't have the personnel we'd need to hold down the fort in case of trouble.


PS. To all PTC personnel who actually read this blog,

I made it fucking clear not to  mess with the new arrival. Failure to comply with this directive will be met with pay cuts, and reports back to Central Command about disorderly conduct. I made this abundantly clear during the announcements on the intercom just this morning before breakfast. I've had three reports from anonymous tipsters that people were gearing up to mess with Scott already.

And could someone please explain what Frank was planning to do with that jar of peanut butter?


  1. oh god, Scott's getting hazed? come on, guys, show some maturity... >_<

    as for the poll, it seems to me that you can launch your expedition any time, but you have a window of opportunity to catch B2. so go for B2.

  2. Hey, I never said I was crazy, I had my memories tampered with.

    And, like I said over on my blog, Slender Man is a monster of the mind, it figures that the way to enter his realm would be through thought. My theory is that Tom uses the Path of Black Leaves as a bypass through space (and possibly time) and the reason Robert could exploit it was because, due to the idea I'd infected everyone with, he believed he could.

    In other news, I think an expedition is more pragmatic at the moment. B2 can wait.

  3. Well, shit.

    Which reminds me. Specter, I've still got my Glock on me. Do you want me to hold on to that, or do you want me to turn it over to you?

    As for the Path of the Black Leaves, I would not recommend an attempt to enter there just yet. When Robert went into the Path of the Black Leaves to rescue Reach, he came out severely injured and went crazy again.. Also, when Jeff and Cheska went through The Path, they were ambushed by the Revenants. Until a way can be found to shield the effects of the Path from travelers, I would not yet recommend an attempt to enter The Path.

    I'll vote for finding B2; it could explain other things that are going on, and perhaps give a solution to the problem that I had mentioned.


  4. There are places where Adan's children shouldn't step so frequently...

    Your are risking a lot in this. At this point you should already know how easy our minds can be deformed, and that just at our existence plane...

    I prefer the idea of searching help within the gifted, not to try to mimic them..

  5. You can physically enter his dimension? I think I understand the quantum folding aspect, but how do you plan to do it? Can the conduits just drag people in with them?

  6. i wouldn't go in there if i were you. :/

  7. I would suggest B2 taking priority. You have an entrance into the Path of Black Leaves. It will still be there a week from now. Meanwhile, B2 might be something you only get one chance in the near future to grab. More importantly, you've got a serious dimensional bleed problem, and finding him could give you the answer as to how it started/how to end it.

    Good luck guys. And remember: If he teams up with himself, strange tactics may prove effective. Nothing beats shutting down a guy with two minds using a Zen Koan. XD

  8. You're probably going to want B2 there when you walk the Forest Paths. Not that it's suicidal or anything, even if you are probably the best people equipped to travel them.

  9. B2, definetly. Information you get from him may be lifesaving on the Path.