Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, Nightcrawler done fucking goofed.

We had him. We fucking had B2. Or at least one of him. We HAD HIM. There were no signs of any more of B2's copies, or anything, but we had at least one of him.

Then Nightcrawler KILLS HIM.

We have no idea what kind of impact this will have on 'other' B2s, but we know that any chances of an answer at this moment have been destroyed.

I'm reporting this to Central Command, and demanding a new field commander. Nightcrawler's gone against orders too many times.

The task force is returning to base now.

I am not happy.



  1. -headdesk- goddammit!

    that said, Specter, have you looked at your personal blog lately?

  2. Yes. Have you? And can you see what's there? It's rather...well, devastatingly important really. As in, "Things have gone from bad to a million billion times worse" importance. ^^;;; Please tell me you saw what was said there?

  3. That is quite a disturbing event. Was it in defense or cold blood?

  4. I will pray for B2's soul then, wherever in earth or not...

  5. hehehehe, i like nightcrawler.