Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shoddy Intelligence

Alright, so, tonight's had a bit of a debate going on between some commenters and myself in the comments section of the last post.

I just got off the line with Central Command. They're unwilling to send additional squads or anymore science personnel to accelerate our research or help with our current objectives. Whatever those are.

We've been running practically blind for...however long. I don't even remember. It's been too crazy lately, and days are starting to merge together. I'm running on seventeen cups of coffee and I'm practically falling apart from exhaustion. Reliable intelligence is sporadic, and I simply don't have enough people on staff to take a valuable individual, plop them in a computer chair, and say 'read all of these blogs and take notes.' We're understaffed because of the Revenant attack, and before that, casualties were trickling in by the hour because of our emphasis on search-and-destroy operations. And we can't pull some schmuck off the street for it, because PTC protocol specifically demands that we don't fucking do that.

Central Command's willing to make a rare exception, given our extreme situation, and the fact that we've proven to be worth the cost in money and lives by sending some valuable research into dimensional folding/teleportation we've sent their way. It can be repurposed for dealing with other paranormal activity later, and it's considered 'appropriate' to issue a bit of leeway to Divisions that perform well in such a capacity. In other words, they're going to let us break a few rules because we've been productive.

They're willing to let us work with Irregulars again. Intelligence-gathering, field operations, whatever. As long as we don't start handing out laser weapons like party favors, they're cool with it.

What I need from you guys is regular, up-to-date information so the Slender Man Division's Military Department doesn't run around blind. What I'd like you guys to do is decide what you want in return, and select a liaison from amongst your own ranks to compile and hand off all of this intelligence to us, and keep us updated on happenings regarding Irregulars.

If this sounds acceptable, select a liaison and we'll get back to you. I'd like to personally request that you select Reach for the job. He's frank, to-the-point, and in-the-know. Perfect for the position. But, I'll leave the actual selection up to you guys.



  1. proxies don't get a vote, dumbass.

  2. I personally vote Scott. (si vis pacem, para bellum) He's the most reliable when it comes to information-gathering up to this point and he has the most experience with it.

    Reach has more experience with fighting and revenants, but has more important things to do.

  3. Hmmm. A shame. Fine I vote Hakurei because she clearly has nothing better to do. And seems fairly intelligent as well, if rude.

  4. If I'm selected, I'll do the job as best I can, but I have to agree that Scott and Hakurei seem to get around the blogosphere a lot better than me.

    Also, I'm, uh, sorry about my little freakout yesterday. It's just hectic here and I'm still getting used to the whole "human with emotions" thing.

  5. I'd vote Scott, but he seems to be in some pretty big trouble right now, so, either he or Hakurei sounds good. ~Frap

  6. Vote for the Cataloger, right now he might need some guard against proxies...

  7. and who knows, right now he is being followed by a Revenant , maybe you can lure him to a trap, capture him, and try reach's ideas of forcing him to open the path.

  8. @Reach: I'm sorry too. We're all on edge right now. You probably understand where I'm coming from better then most.

  9. Right. I read through the comments several times. If you want to pick me, I'm willing; if not, I understand. Before you make a decision though, I'd like to let you know that I am being pursued by a Revenant, known as Michael Greene, and I have reason to believe he is working with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. So, yeah, they're probably watching my every move.

    At any rate, I'm willing to help you as much as I can. I have done some Research on some things which I think you might be interested in. The Table of contents to it can be found here.

    Good luck on picking someone.


    P.S. Here is the link to Si vis pacem, para bellum.

  10. I vote Scott. If he can't: Reach.

  11. i do have to agree that Scott is a very good choice. he's got a ton of information backlogged already, and he's got a very analytical mind, which is exactly what you guys need. he is also somewhat more approachable than Reach (no offense meant ^^U). it's easier to as him a question or pass on information.

    so yeah. i vote Scott.

    on another note, i'm open to suggestions on what questions to ask the riddle guy on Specter's Blog. dunno how much our mystery man actually knows, but i'm aiming to get as much out of the deal as i can.

  12. @HR:

    You earned it. I trust your judgment.

  13. I'm in Indianapolis. I don't know where your current H.Q. is, but if you ever want to meet me, that's where I am, and I'm down with it.

  14. I retract my vote for Reach being a runner-up. Take a look at "What You Are In The Dark" for why.
    Scott still gets my first place vote, though.

  15. Don't vote for me. My "knowledge" is compromised. Forty years of fake memories. Revenants are bullshit. It's all coming back now.