Friday, March 25, 2011

Report Filed

Request for a new field commander sent in.

Nightcrawler's being detained until they can come and pick him up.

We're done with his crap.



  1. I give it two days before Nightcrawler is free and hunting down Runners again.

  2. do not restrain a soldier of god's work, else vengeance falls upon you.

    a warning.

  3. ^^;;; Not to be a bother, but you did see what showed up on your personal blog, right, Specter?

    I mean, this is bad. This is really, really bad.

  4. Specter, I strongly recommend that you read these comments on your personal blog. The information, coupled with AmalgamationSage's post on the subject, could have serious implications not just for the Slender Man Division, but for the entire P.T.C. itself.

    @ Everyone Else Specter's nonresponsiveness to this worries me. Granted, he could be busy with paperwork and with the recent events that had happened [my resue, the hunt for B2, Nightcrawler's killing of B2, etc]. However... if Specter does not respond to this comment, or the event in general, then my suspicions will be confirmed.

    It is entirely possible that Specter cannot see the posts dealing with this matter. This would explain why he hasn't been responding to us; he can't see the comments or posts on his personal blog, and the comments that we make when we mention the matter. Again, we'll have to wait and see until this has been confirmed, but if it is... it's not good.

  5. Sir, a post about zerosage will be coming up soon.


  6. @Morningstar

    I would give him four days. It wouldn't be wise to underestimate these children's capabilities...

    -The Liesmith