Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warnings, Approval, and Impracticality

Alright, so, I fell asleep earlier in the day than usual. Just trying to catch up on sleep. Woke up just now, and can't get back to sleep. Reading through the comments of the previous blog post, I can safely say 'yes, I can read my personal blog just fine.' The questions, the comments about 'the veil  being pulled back forever.' I want to act like this isn't anything important, but we're all too aware of what's always going on these days to just ignore a heads-up like this.

So, my thanks to 'A Friend.' Not entirely sure who he is or why he's helping us, but, he's there. We just need to be careful, for the same reasons - We're not entirely sure who he is, or why he's helping us. We have no idea what or who we're dealing with.

Anyways, Scott, read your recent intelligence report regarding Zero. I never met him - Nightcrawler and Basroil Squad had that little honor - But you've made it quite apparent he's a big player in this messed-up little chess game. Between that, the Electric Theorem (which was finally forwarded to the geeks down in the science labs), and your other intelligence reports, I think I made the right call having you brought here.

But, your Irregular Oversight Program would be impractical. Such a thing was originally attempted with the implementation of the SMD's 'Priority Individual' policy. We saw how well that one worked out. Between our recent losses to the debatably-existent Revenants and a shift in leadership among the Military Department, we won't be able to enact the Oversight Program anytime in the foreseeable future.



  1. Oh, how I enjoy your childish view. Placing everything into neat little categories. And the paperwork! Such an asinine way to do it all.

    Well, it's true that it is one way to do things. You get to have your fingers in many pies. But it doesn't compare to the true thrill of the hunt...

    -The Liesmith

  2. Understood, sir. That was something that I didn't take into account.

  3. You mentioned that previous hacks occurred from internet cafes on opposite sides of the country. Where did "A Friend's" most recent location reside in? Would you be willing to E-mail me a general location for the hacks? This kind of's beyond nerve-wracking. I'd like to look into it in the next week or so, after I finish doing something beyond reckless to save somebody who needs it.

    How about it? Doesn't cost you anything, and you guys are pretty strapped for resources. The worst case scenario is that I explode and die in a fire somewhere, and then you at least know what to avoid. ~_^