Thursday, March 17, 2011


The last week's been rather intensive for the science team. We've made a few breakthroughs and gotten some good results, from what they're saying. We're officially done with Tom, by the way. He's opted to head out, and we've permitted him to leave. We got what we needed out of him.

We can't talk about everything that's been done, but suffice it to say we've got a few leads on how to deal with B2.

We think we've figured out what's up with all of the 'what the fuckery' on this blog and in all of the PTC's activities regarding the Slender Man. Dimensional bleeding, as has been suggested by some of the commenters. The Slender Man has been confirmed to be the source of that dimensional bleeding. We took Tom to the site of the Winter Solstice engagement outside Indianapolis, to test a few things regarding the redacted information in the After-Action Report.

Results were...disturbing. Basically, the Slender Man's constant pursuit of individual prey over long distances is causing breakdowns in dimensional walls.

We can't tell you everything about what happened, but it was, quote, 'fucked up.' We haven't figured out a way to cage the Slender Man in, as we originally expected, but we've gained some valuable insight into how it moves so quickly. As suspected, it's not teleportation. More like 'dimensional folding.' It goes to another dimension, walks around there for a little while, then leaves that dimension, and comes back in our dimension in another location.

The result is that we've got a basic framework to work with.

We're going to start working on a way to get to where the Slender Man goes when he decides to go for a multidimensional stroll.



  1. Be careful. The "path of black leaves" that everyone mentions as being his home locale is most certainly not safe for humans under normal conditions, at least it isn't according to information the bloggers have picked up.

    That said, Congratulations! Glad to hear that you've found all this. Good luck! :D

  2. Christ, I could have told you how he gets around. Don't you read shit? Robert and I must have talked about it at least six or seven times between us. He called it "The Path of Black Leaves" and the name kinda grew on me.

    How you get to his lurking grounds is simple. A Revenant. Robert did it with Letterman, I don't see why you "scientists" couldn't do it.

  3. @Reach: Oh, please. We SHOOT Revenants. Plus, we need to figure out everything we can from a non-Robert perspective, thank you. Insults were unnecessary, Mr. Reach.

  4. Just because Robert's a few altar boys short of a priest's wet dream doesn't mean everything he says or does is bullshit. If you need evidence that hijacking a Revenant in transit works, then the fact that I'm posting here should suffice, since Robert used Letterman to save me from one of Redlight's death traps, which is something you should probably remember since you lot showed up to mop up the mess he left.

    The Path of Black Leaves is your ticket, whether you choose to use Robert's pretty name or some pseudoscientific bullshit. Here's my advice; grab a Revenant, tell him to open up a door to the Other Side or else you'll kill him, then go over to the Other Side and fucking kill him anyway. It's a perfect win-win. Wam, bam, thank you ma'am, as Zeke once said.

    As for insults being unnecessary, it took you guys weeks, months, even years, to figure out how Slender Man gets around while a fruitcake like Robert figures it out in a few days? I hardly need to insult ye, Specter, ye do a fine job of it yerselves just by being ye.

  5. @Reach: Hey, YOU try figuring out how this crap works. I'm not the one on the science team figuring this crap out. I just keep the nerds on-task. I'm still scratching my head on this one, myself. But the bottom line here is that we've been running ourselves ragged trying to contain the damage done by Twiggy and his pals and, unlike when Nightcrawler was running the show, we've been trying to save some people from Mr. Indoctrinated, and Ms. Superhuman Abomination.

    Trust me, Reach. The insults were hardly necessary. It's been hectic for us, so you can cut us a bit of slack; Most of our intelligence has been outdated the instant we get it, simply because of the way the Slender Man operates, compounded by all the bloggers running around out there with little to no help. Being able to get something to Dr. Cairo without interruption was a miracle in and of itself. There's a lot going on here we don't tell you guys.

    I actually haven't read any other blogs for the last two weeks because paperwork is backing up from here to doomsday, and I haven't been sleeping well. That may not sound as bad as what some people out there deal with, but given the Slender Man Division's recent 'almost totally wiped out' situation, any reprieve we can find these days is critical. This breakthrough with the Path of Black Leaves is a big one, for us, at least.

    So, one fighter to another? Cool your jets, bro.

  6. In the PTC's defense, they're kind of not allowed to take high risks on hunches and leaps of faith. There are funds to consider, not to mention trust issues and the scientific method and all that.

    That said, I do kind of agree with Reach. You guys might save yourselves a hell of a lot of time/money/effort just by doing some research on the blogs. No need to look down on the "irregulars", gents. We do our share of the work too.

  7. Institutions tend to prefer work performed by people who work directly for them, and have been trained by them for that purpose. It creates a unity of information gathering technique, a clear chain of command, and helps keep everyone on the same page. We're a bunch of bloggers out in the sticks, who could be anyone with any area of expertise. Ex: I say I'm a potentially insane mystic who hunts supernatural entities. Can you believe me when I say that? Probably not without proof that I can't give you.

    Based on that logic alone, I totally understand where the PTC is coming from.

    However, increased cooperation between the organization and the bloggers could net the PTC information that they never would have considered previously. We represent an intelligence gathering asset that, though not specifically trained for that purpose, could prove extremely useful in future operations.

    That said though, it's their organization. Their decision on how to run their show. Getting angry instead of trying to help the process isn't going to help here, especially while they're hurting like this.

  8. PTC has it's methods.

    Shouting "Robert is correct fucktards why aren't you watching my every move and trusting every word I say like godspel" helps no one.

    Besides, any/everyone could be lying or crazy at any time. I for one like to know they can back their work up.

    In sum, everyone chill the fuck out.

  9. hehehehe, yeah you should have just asked brother or robbie. why didn't you do that? :/

    aaanyway, i guess that's all i say cause' apparently you guys don't like me posting here...or something like that, i remember you said so once.

    stay paranoid! c:

  10. You know what happens in the time it takes to test every theory? People die. We don't have the time to quantify and classify everything that comes along. Sure, not every theory is going to pan out and sure, people are going to get hurt, but people are going to get hurt anyway, they may as well get hurt doing something.

    Slice, the next time you try to intervene in an argument, be clued in about what the fucking argument is about. The PTC don't need to be watching my every move to know about what happened on Coumshingaun, they came in to clean up afterwards.

    Christ, child, it's not like I'm just spewing bullshit and throwing a shitfit when they don't believe me, the very fact that I'm alive and typing this in Maryland is evidence. And it's not just my word either, Ava, Robert, Thage, Cathy and Tony have all seen me alive in America.

    Being too cautious is just as damning as being too trusting. Once in a while, you need to just put your trust in someone else. Sometimes, you just have to roll the dice.

  11. Just got off the line with Central Command.

    Blog post with details to follow.

  12. We have to roll the dice.

    An agency? They can't afford to.

    I trust you people. I've listened to your theories, tested as many as I could myself.

    But they can't afford to.

    Yes, they all have evidence, but I don't have firect proof that any of that happened.

    Or that it works the way you say it did.

    Or that you didn't die back then and you are something else.

  13. Do you guys do a lot of asking around? Because I thought the dimensional folding bit was common knowledge. Hell, crazy scientists used to be a dime a dozen back in the day, and it's not like people haven't been Moved before. I am literally shocked you guys hadn't figured this out already.

    Hell, even half-crazed Taken get that 'He Walks the Ways by bending the Worlds', and they're not exactly all there.

    The bit about having to travel further to catch Heretics and thus causing it to occur without His direct influence is news, though. Fucking terrify news.