Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a Quiet Night

So, once again, I can't sleep. Figured I'd keep everybody posted as to what's going on.

Nightcrawler's been hauled off. PTC Internal Affairs will take it from here. He's officially no longer our problem.

On the subject of Scott's Electric Theorem, our science team's been hard at work figuring out how best to put it to use. A few requests have been put in with Central Command to send us some specialized 'lethal taser' rounds. We want to maximize battlefield efficiency, so we've been working on a more short-range solution to supplement the taser rounds: A close combat weapon that is essentially an electrified warhammer. The Slender Man is exactly what his name implies. That is to say, slender. So, a wide-headed weapon that's swung is a large arc is more likely to hit him in close combat, especially with a long enough handle; far easier to deal with him than if we were to resort to knives or swords or something. Rubber is wrapped around the handle for an easier grip, and to prevent the wielder from being electrified. We've dubbed our little prototype the 'Hammer of Thor.' Overly dramatic, I think, but still fitting.

We've been trying to figure out how to proceed without B2. Nightcrawler may have handicapped our efforts to enter the Path of Black Leaves safely, here. We can't guarantee good results during our expedition, but we have to try. Anyone 'in the know' regarding the Path itself (expected resistance, environment?) should come forward with relevant data.

AmalgamationSage, your request for information regarding our 'Friend's' most recent contact point cannot be granted at this point. He's somehow managed to encrypt everything to the point where our own computer specialists can barely make out what state he's in, this time. This last contact was based out of somewhere in Indiana. I'd suggest searching there, but 'Indiana' is a bit vague. That's a lot of ground to cover.

Scott, keep the SitReps coming. Hopefully, our next field commander will be coming in shortly. We can't be without a head in that Department too long. It's never pretty.



  1. It's funny, since according to some theories, our enemy is in fact Níðhöggr.

    I think this might do a lot.

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  3. From the time I spent there I can tell you it is like a horrifying mirror world of our own. The only major difference being that everything has a slightly red and black tinge to it, and the air smells of rotting flesh. The most threatening thing other than Slender Man you can expect face there is your own mind; staying to long can seemingly cause your worst nightmares to come to life. If you plan on going there you will want to make your trip brief. I would advise high caution before proceeding with this course of action. Good Luck.

  4. Hello…

    It seems I have come late to the game. Please forgive me if I am covering anything that’s already been brought up by other commenters. For the sake of expedience, I only read through the archives and skipped most of the comments by other readers.

    First of all, I don’t understand the rationale of using a light based weapon, and maybe this is something which you covered and I missed. Light is both a particle and a wave, and it seems SM is able to bend both to His will. He may in fact be nothing more than a thought projection bending light to create a physical form we can see. That’s not my area of expertise however; I am not a science geek. Still, I would think sonic or microwave weapons would be more advantageous considering when he is caught on a recording device, it is usually as magnetic interference. Maybe some kind of counter-frequency weapon would work at least in keeping him away.

    Which brings me to my second point. I do not think the magnetic defenses on your safe houses worked the way you think they did. I think they made you highly visible to Him and therefore a threat He could take on at His leisure, which is why the safety period of a month did not hold true in the end. You almost came to this conclusion in one of the earliest posts when Nightcrawler mentioned SM looking at His blindspot to find the safe house, but it goes beyond the realm of oversight to imagine He wouldn’t have eventually caught on to what the safe houses were and simply worked around them. I mean, all He had to do was realize His enemies were there, and therefore not elsewhere, and do as He pleased anywhere you were not.

    As I said, science is not my profession. I am a folklorist and occultist, not by trade since it‘s not a paying gig, but by inclination. While I understand it’s the habit of modern man to dismiss magic as stuff and nonsense, I could offer you some alternative magic-based defenses to your magnetism and guns. My charms and sigils have done me alright over the years. (I haven’t been bothered by SM or his ilk since I was much younger).

    If my offer is not welcome, that’s fine. No harm, no foul. However, something I find troubling from more recent posts- your sleeping habits. You are falling into very SM-affected sleep patterns (ie not sleeping or sleeping like the dead), and that is worrisome. There are two ways He gets into your head. One is sleep deprivation, which in your profession, I am sure you know is a tactic of both torturers and cults as they brainwash potential converts. His second method is when you are so exhausted you can’t help but sleep deeply, He crawls in and begins rewiring the way you think so when He or His minions do come, you have no way of resisting. With the revelations from the Revenants that they might simply have been brainwashed into thinking they were powerful beings, have you considered the possibility that you might have been deluded into attacking one another on one or more occasions and the reason you can‘t catch whoever is messing around at your HQ is because whoever it is doesn‘t even remember?


  5. Candace the research has been done. Magnetism, and electricity do have an effect on Slender Man. And not to be rude but I have never ever seen magic harm or repulse Slender Man at all, and I do not know how useful magic is on proxies either. Are you sure you are not suffering a delusion caused by the Slender Man to make you think you can use Magic. He has done so before to both revenants, and conduits therfore it is highly likely you are suffering from a similar effect.

  6. Now if I was talking about magic where I throw lightening bolt or summon up djinn, I'd expect to be laughed at, but what I am talking about however is altering thought patterns via syllogism and specialized training, allowing the practitioner to be invisible (actually just to misdirect attention) among other things. While science deals with the material laws of the universe, magic deals with energy and the "science" of thought. The power of gurus, lamas, and shamans has been forgotten, where it was not forcibly suppressed, but even Christian saints have had access to a wide range of "holy" abilities that are nothing more than advancements in human psychology. This is a matter of history, not my "delusion."

    Why does SM work so hard at converting or killing certain people? Because they are a threat, yes, but not physically... Psychically. If He can't convert and harness the power of the humans He takes, He kills them so they can't be used against Him. So when Nightcrawler was off killing runners (which I am so glad he is not doing any more), he was actually helping SM's cause.

  7. I will agree with you that there is a vast untapped potential lying dormant in the human brain, however I have trouble believing without evidence that the untapped potential of the mind will give humans any sort of supernatural power. I am biased though my mind is weird to think using the scientific method. If it were possible to explore the effect which you cite in a scientific setting I would love to participate, but until then I will hold on to my skepticism.

  8. There is no such thing as supernatural. There is only the known and the unknown.

  9. Whatever resistance you're going to face on the Forest Paths will likely be psychological in nature - mind tricks and illusions built to break the human brain.

    Either that or you'll all just drop dead instantly. It's kind of hit-and-miss.

  10. I know that probably nobody will read this but if anyone does, this will at least be of use to them!
    "Magic", as you call it, is not only the advanced science of human thoughts, but also the science of the manipulation of the basic natural energies through willpower! This is the actual foundation of the tulpa effect! This means that the tulpa theorie, any revenant/conduit powers, magic and all other possibly thought based abilities actually work! It just depends on how well the people using them can manipulate energy through willpower and on how strong that willpower is! Of course, it also depends on how many people try to achieve the same thing and if they are working together to do so or not! As an example, even a child can fend of its worst nightmares by creating a mental protective barrier around itself! This barrier is not only made of thoughts but also the energy of the child's will to find safety/to repell the nightmare, its positive feelings when it thinks that it is safe after having created the barrier and the actual air movement energy surrounding it which gets strenghthened by the child's aura's energy! In the end the barrier becomes real and the child is safe! You can call that "magic", "tulpa effect", "shamanism" or anything you like because the basic principles always stay the same: you think it works, you (un-)consciously start to use willpower to make it real, energy gets manipulated by this thought-energy and the thought becomes real! The method you use to do that and how you call it is irrelevant because it all just is energy-manipulation!