Thursday, March 10, 2011

Relocation complete, and answering questions

We've successfully relocated, and replacements from Central Command have arrived. There aren't as many as I'd hoped, but we're at least back up to a combat-effective force, again.

Also, here are some responses to some of the comments on the post I put up on the 6th.

Will: We're actually already checking that angle out. Something might be up on that front, so we're doing what we can. Anyone who thinks this process is fast or brief has no idea what they're talking about.

Kay: Well, I suppose Nightcrawler and I could answer some questions. We're not really sure what to tell you. Everything of importance in the After Action Report on the Solstice was either redacted, or put out there as it was, but as long as you're aware we can't answer everything, we'll be glad to give you some answers.

Sage: OK, not going to go on a rant here, but how could you possibly know anything about interdimensional theory or quantum physics? That's not the kind of experiment that's easy to run. Now, granted, quite a bit of it is easy to grasp, at least conceptually. But we still don't even have confirmation that's what's happening. It's like I said before: It takes some serious shit to make any kind of dimensional bleeding happen. This might qualify, and we don't even know what this is. Father Paranoia or the Slender Man may be at work, or it could be something else entirely.

Kay, feel free to shoot me your questions whenever. I'll get together with Nightcrawler. The rest of Basroil Squad was killed in the attack on Slender Man HQ, and B2 is still at large. That leaves Nightcrawler as the sole PTC witness of the events on the Solstice. Between that, and his overall position as unit commander during that particular operation, he's the best person to answer any questions, but I'll be here, too.


  1. Long story short, I don't think Zero is dead. I have found some pretty convincing (in my opinion) evidence if you would like to see. Talking to you and Nightcrawler about the Solstice seems to be the current best way to try and start confirming whether or not I'm right.

    1. Did Nightcrawler actually witness Zero's death?

    2. If not him, then who did?

    3. What are the chances of that report being incorrect? It appears to have been posted by B2 whom I know you have been having varying issues with when it comes to his sanity and other things whichs to:

    4. Did B2 write it or just post it?

    5. Would B2 have had the opportunity to make any changes to it before posting?

    Again, I fully understand that you may not be able to answer everything. Depending on what the answers to these questions are, I may have more. For now, I'll thank you in advance for whatever information you're able to give me.

  2. Apologies from the peanut gallery. I can't prove anything other than that I might be completely bugnuts crazy. I'm also certainly not versed in quantum physics. I wish you luck in your investigations.

  3. well that's good that you got reinforcements. do you think they'll be able to stand up for themselves? or do you think they'll drag you down instead?

  4. Hopefully you guys found out whats going on. Even if it takes a while you are our best hope to figure this out. I've found an interesting lead, but I'll have to travel over seas to investigate it. Tensor said she wants to stay here and look for her past, and I can understand her reason why she'd want to do that. I'll be posting a blog entry later it should have more information about what I am planning on doing. Not to worry I won't be revealing any sort of major details that would send proxies after me. I just want to ask one thing can I use Tom to take me there? I don't have enough money to buy a plane ticket.