Sunday, March 20, 2011

Revenants, Liaison, and the Path of Black Leaves

Reach's memories falsified. Never saw this coming.

Reach, Revenants absolutely cannot be a load of crap. I washed off a co-worker's brain in the shower after that Revenant attack on our HQ. They can't be fake, because we've fought and killed them before, on numerous occasions. At least ten by this point, albeit with heavy losses. That's how we know they exist for certain. The casualties. You can't take a look at the mess those things made, and then declare that they don't exist. There has to be some degree of truth to your false memories. Or maybe it's just the dimensional bleeding at work on levels we never thought of before, in which case, the problem's getting worse.

On the matter of the SMD(Slender Man Division)'s Irregular Liaison, it seems Scott is a better choice than Reach, contrary to my original expectations. Scott, you're near Indianapolis. We'll send a couple of teams to pick you up and run interference in the event of an Indoctrinated attack. I want you in safe hands here at the SMD's new HQ. To solidify the deal, I've been authorized to give you a small stipend as payment for your services in this capacity, although I doubt you needed the encouragement. You are not to have access to the labs here, but will be able to advise our Science Department on specific matters regarding the Slender Man.

On the subject of the science team, we're looking at the data now, and it's been confirmed. We have a chance at entering the Path of Black Leaves without any kind of assistance from the Slender Man himself.

The implications are either very unpleasant, or a good sign. We'll keep you updated. Scott, our teams will link up with you soon. I expect to meet you in person shortly.



  1. They're unpleasant, that's what they are. Unpleasantly good! Shut up, it's a bad idea. Scott? He's so smart! The dumbass. And Reach? Reach into insanity, that's what. What are you talking about? He's perfectly correct. No, he's not!

  2. Understood. Where do you want me to rendezvous?

  3. ...Oh shit.

    Specter, if your teams aren't moving, get them moving now; they're here. Moriarty/Greene (a Revenant), black ops, a fucking helicopter--they've arrived at the hotel. You should be able to recognize it; that's where the gunfire is coming from.


  4. Word's been sent, Scott. Keep it together, down there.


  5. I agree with Janus.


    but seriously. We need confirmation either way. Did you get recordings of the battles? If you did, perhaps we can get confirmation either way by showing someone who doesn't know about Revenants the battle.

  6. Meh. There are plenty of supernatural entities around that something like Slender Douche could use to his advantage. Put a demonspawn in a human, and he'll be about as tough as what these Revenants are supposed to be. Lord knows there were sorcerers and witches and werewolves and muscle-powered monsters long before Slender Douche showed up.

    On those grounds, I can believe what Reach is saying: Pretty up an existing creature or a human who's been modified by one, call him a "Revenant", slap his brain around and call a human with a weird talent a "Conduit" on the side.

    On the other hand, if that possibility is correct, it shows a frightening level of genre savvy on the part of this entity. A misinformation and propaganda campaign to make people look one way instead of seeing a wider array of options and difficulties...welcome to hell. It's called getting outmaneuvered. >_<

  7. Hey, Nightcrawler, I have a new target for you. He calls himself The Lone Hunter, but his real name is Bruce Smith. He hails from Boston, Mass. He's an Agent with military training, thirst for blood, and vendetta against the following Runners (myself, Pete, Ron, Slice, and IggdrasilCore).
    Feel free to end him for us, please.

    He stands at 6'2'', has matching brown eyes and hair, and a broad frame. He had a scar reaching from far above his hairline on the left down, across his entire face heading down to his right shoulders. Other facial markings include two claw marks above his left eye, and a Operator symbol carved into his left cheek.

  8. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm okay. I know I told you this already, but thanks for the help, sir.