Friday, March 11, 2011

Answers for Kay's questions

Alright, so, Nightcrawler and I took a look at the questions Kay was asking. Kay, if you have evidence Zero is alive, forward it to us ASAP.

As for your answers, here we go.

1. Nightcrawler didn't have a clear line of sight. The Slender Man was blocking his view. What actually happened to Zero wasn't clear from Nightcrawler's position, but he heard him yell. Likely in pain. Didn't sound especially coherent, he says.

2. It's possible one of the other members of Basroil Squad had a clear line of sight to Zero when the Slender Man attacked him, but, they never said a word in the debriefing. Any possible answers died with them, or are with B2 as we speak.

3. The answer is that the report is not incorrect. Everything that wasn't redacted is in there.

4. He just posted it. Central Command confirms that the After-Action Report is on file. Basroil Squad received a copy of the file, and Nightcrawler says he gave B2 orders to post it.

5. He possibly had the opportunity to edit something, but he was only given a copy, not the actual report. Nothing in there is doctored at all.



    Apolgies for just linking you rather then explaining it here, but it's a bit long. I've got my whole theory with a link to my evidence there. And if all we have is Zero screaming but no confirmation of someone actually seeing him die, I'm taking that as more evidence that I'm right on this. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to answer me.

  2. hmmm... good luck finding him, not many people have his iniciative...

  3. so he could be alive. this is interesting.