Monday, March 28, 2011

Awake During the Day

First time in almost a week.

Not much to report since last night. There's been a few complaints of loud noises near the barracks past midnight last night, but security footage doesn't show anything important on the feed and none of the night patrols or janitors saw anything. That's probably a bad sign.

Will keep you updated if anything else comes up.



  1. Hey, thanks for the heads up regarding "somewhere in Indiana." ...yeah. Not much to be done there. Good luck to you guys. You're in a bad spot, but you still look out for us. It's good to know.

  2. are you still going to try and take the path? cause' i wouldn't do that if i were you. :/

  3. Stay safe and cautious. Don't need anything happening to your new HQ so soon.
    You guys have been through enough craziness.

  4. Hey I was wondering what your guys military tech level was at. You don't have to give me any specifics a generalization will do. What I really want to know is if you guys had access to A.C.P.A. (Assault Class Powered Armor) more importantly how heavy would you classify the ones you guys have if you have them at all. I'm asking this because equipping just one well trained soldier with one of these bad boys, if he is given the proper weapons, and shielding should be able to take Slender Man down no problem. Also about your lightning hammer plan I would suggest making one end of it an ax because axes use the same swinging motion hammers do, and it will give a different verity of damage to do if blunt force trauma isn't enough to kill Slender Man. Plus it will give you the added advantage of being able to cut off any on coming combat tentacles slender man throws at you.

  5. I agree with Will in the hammer weapon theme...

    Axes cut air while swinging, making them quicker than hammers. And one thing Winged does when attacked by a contusion weapon is returning the damage to the attacker, like bouncing it.

    ...SO WELL, who is the lucky warrior who will rise the hammer?? [jk]

  6. The fuck is Assault Class Power Armor?

  7. Will, you so funny. "Take the Slender Man down, no problem." made my day :D You seem to really think he can be taken down by physical means only.

    Good luck with that.

    Specter, have you interviewed your personnel for memory blanks? Or contradicting memories? Have your men write hourly logs if they aren't already.

  8. power armor? please, please PLEASE tell me you are another offworlder... ive been stuck on this rock ofor months now....... that anrexic ....THINGs been after me the whole time.. i think i knows what i am....oh shit i think there he-

    shit.. Gantradies Valanderous Dracos, Dagallian Companion corps, 1st division. i was assigned as shipbord personell for a new drive... that... that THING appeared and killed everyone else.... identification number 22237891. if anyone reading this has a working omnispher connection, tell D.A.D.E.L.U.S CENTcom that the shit is about to hit the fan... dracos out.