Sunday, November 21, 2010


Seriously, Specter, you're killing me here.

Anyways, good to hear about the laser carbines.

Also, uh, slight complication on our end guys. Mr. Twiggy has shown up ahead of schedule. Right out front of the safehouse. Mr. Mohawk was spotted as well, only, he looked like he was gearing up to take a shot at him from some distance away. We're bugging out and heading for the other safehouse right now. Everything's packed. Specter, if you're reading this, organize to have the carbines dropped at the other safehouse, not our current location. It's not safe here.

B2 out.


  1. Nightcrawler, I *need* to talk to you privately.

    I'm begging you, contact me at

  2. Basroil 2, respond ASAP.
    Sages Zero and Amelia are planning something on the Solstice. Please assist.

    I don't want to lose them...

    A Keeper